Vessel too high to safely recover

A week of 911 calls


— Report of a submerged vehicle on the north end of Fiesta Island. 24Sam, Rescue vessel, Medic 3, Engine 25 and SDPD respond. 24Sam first on scene reports nobody in vehicle and vehicle not submerged, but stuck in sand. Fire and Lifeguards clear. SDPD handles the call.


— 911 call reporting a vessel on the rocks at Dana Landing. Lifeguard rescue vessel responds, determines the vessel is too high and dry to safely recover.

— 911 call reporting a vessel coming loose at the Seaforth Rental Dock. Lifeguard rescue vessel responds and it is secured.

— South Pacific Beach lifeguards report a downed kite surfer off Crystal Pier in need of assistance. 21Sam and Jet 20 respond, Jet 20 makes a water rescue.


— Person reports a person fishing on a tube float in possible distress near Vacation Island. Rescue vessel and 4L respond. No assistance needed victim clear.

— Vessel dragging anchor in Mariners cove. Rescue 1 responds. Vessel impounded.


— Vessel adrift in Mariners. 19 foot center console from mooring 719. Owner called and spoken to, re-anchored with one anchor only.

— Harbor Police were contacted at their Shelter Island Station by a subject wanting to report a theft for a piece of equipment that was taken from his vessel. Investigation in progress.

— Capsized vessel with 2 persons on board at Sunset Cliffs ¼ mile north of the sewage treatment plant. SDLG was notified via Federal Fire. Jet 1 on scene. All persons accounted for, but there is a dog under the vessel in the cab. Rescue 5 on scene with the fire vessel. Lifeguards dive on the boat to try and rescue the dog, determined it was deceased. The victims were taken to LG dispatch and vessel assist was contacted for salvage.


— Surfboard washed to beach with no owner at Ladera St. at Sunset Cliffs. 1Sam, Rescue 5 and Jet 2 respond. Jet 2 locates surfer in water,10-34.

— Injured surfer at Tourmaline Beach. Jet 20 makes water rescue on victim and brings to beach where patient in transported via Medic 21.

— Person injured from fall on OB pier. 1Sam treats patient AMA’s with medic 20.

— Surfboard washed to beach with no owner at South Garbage at Sunset cliffs. Rescue 1, Jet 1 and 1 Sam respond. Persons on cliff report person was last seen struggling to exit beach. Person found on beach, clear.

— Vessel on the rocks in Mariners basin. Rescue 5 responds and vessel is on beach unable to tow off.

— Harbor Police were called to a sailboat adrift near buoy 19. It was found that the locked unmanned sailboat broke free from its mooring due to the windy conditions. The boat was towed to South Bay and the owner was later contacted.

— Person injured on OB Pier due to surf. 1Sam treats and patient is transported to UCSD via medic 3.

— Person falls from cliff with ankle injury at Osprey Cove OB. Southern area cliff response. 1 Sam cancels cliff response, treats patient and Medic 4 transports to Kaiser.

— Surfer struggling in the water off Ladera St. at Sunset Cliffs. Jet 1 and 1Sam respond. Person makes it to shore with assistance from other surfers.

— Report of person stuck on cliff at Valentines slides, Blacks beach. Unit 34 and 31Sam respond and victim walks out on own.

— Check the welfare of stand up paddler off Point La Jolla. Unit 300 responds and monitors until determined no assistance needed.


— Harbor Police responded to the Shelter Cove Marina to a fire aboard a sailboat. SDFD was on scene and assisted with putting out the fire.

— Harbor Police responded to the Shelter Cove Marina to investigate a theft aboard a vessel.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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