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Trumpbo frees an American job from a foreigner.
  • Trumpbo frees an American job from a foreigner.

Just Don’t Print ’em

Okay, friends, it’s getting plain ugly. You’re printing letters from hate-trolls. Trump did not legitimize use of words like “jigaboo.”

You just should not print letters from “name withheld.” That’s usually a cover for someone who’s ashamed to show his/her face. Don’t add to the poison.

  • Don Ridgway
  • El Cajon


When I read your letters last week — “Commie Propoganda” and “Jug-Eared What?!” — I said to myself, What?! Those people are so devolved they don’t even know how to evolve. Talk like that is not only ridiculous, it’s offensive. And, you know what? I think Republicans are offensive. I really do.

But “Underground Humor” ­— that letter was right on. That was evolved. But “Jug-Eared What?!” — that guy is a chicken shit. This guy doesn’t even put his name. Well, I’ll put my name and I’ll stand by what I say. Whoever wrote that needs to evolve.

I normally don’t call in, but when I read that, I didn’t realize I live around a bunch of bigots. But then I saw where they were from and I’m like, Yeah, figures.

I didn’t vote for Trump; I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. I’m a Libertarian. I voted for my party. Even though he’s dumb as a rock, I feel good about voting for him. I knew he wouldn’t get it. My vote didn’t really count, but I didn’t vote for Trump and I didn’t vote for Hillary. I voted for my candidate.

  • W.R. House
  • via voicemail

We Got a Builder

I just got your Thanksgiving Day Reader, “Happy Trumpsgiving!” If this is a slam against Trump, you guys need to wise up. Trump is the best thing to happen to this country, if you want a country.

If you don’t want a country, well then, just forget everything and let ’em in your front door. We gotta have the wall or we won’t have a country. We can’t have an open border where people can just come and go as they please. We’ve got enough enemies out there already. They want to kill us.

You gotta know who people are. And if they come from other countries, they may not like us because of what past administrations have done. This is a chance to get away from what has been to something new.

We don’t have a lawyer and we don’t have a politician — we got a builder, someone who puts things together without killing people and destroying stuff and then needing stuff to be rebuilt. He takes stuff that needs to be rebuilt, and rebuilds it without killing anybody, and makes it better for everybody. That’s what he’s going to do for our country. But it takes some rules and regulations, which a lot of these lefties don’t like following.

I feel so sorry for these people. They don’t know what it’s like to work for a living. I’ve worked almost all my life for minimum wage. Didn’t bother me. Because it’s up to me to improve my life, not for somebody else to give to me.

People need to grow up. I’m 69 years old and I’m still working. I get a retirement from Social Security, so I get a little extra money that way. It’s nice, but it’s not enough to live on. I’ll probably be working until the day I die. I don’t know how much longer I’ve got. I’m pretty healthy. Maybe I’ll get another 20 years.

You gotta work for what you want in life. If it’s given to you, you lose your initiative. Just like what’s happening in Venezuela right now. They don’t have enough food to eat because nobody wants to work because they can’t get paid. The farmers don’t have the money to put in seed, so they can’t grow the crops. It’s a total failure.

Socialism is that way. It’s a total failure. It looks good on paper, because everybody’s equal. But equality is not a good thing. You have to strive for equality. And that doesn’t mean destroying other people’s property, or fighting in the streets, or beating people up. It means coming together. Going to school, educating yourself, being a valuable member of society. These are the people who Americans are like, not the freeloaders and the people who want something for nothing. Grow up, people!

I volunteered for a year for a Hispanic woman who couldn’t take care of her home and had weeds growing for ten years. I worked for a whole year for her for nothing. I never asked for a penny. I volunteered. I was getting my Social Security money but it wasn’t enough to pay for a place to live. But I helped her out, while she was living in a house. She didn’t give me a place to shower, she didn’t give me a place to lay down. It didn’t matter. She needed help, and I helped her.

I wish you well.

  • MJ Pearce
  • North Park

Needed That

Great article by Walter Mencken on November 24, “Happy Trumpsgiving!” We really needed something like that, given the recent election.

For those two writers who wrote in (Letters, November 30, “Commie Propoganda” and “Jug-Eared What?!"), they obviously need to see psychiatrists as soon as possible.

  • Rico G.
  • Mission Hills

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