Get a Costco foam board

And don't go to Windansea

Nick Manverg: “I have seen more fights in O.B.”
  • Nick Manverg: “I have seen more fights in O.B.”

Name: Nick Manverg

Age: 23

Occupation: Bartender/Student at the University of St. Augustine

Location: Crystal Pier

Board: Firewire 5’6

Nick Manverg grew up in Temecula, an excruciating 40-minute drive to the beach. As a kid he logged countless weekends surfing in Oceanside.

“I moved out here [Pacific Beach] to be closer to the beach. I try to surf three to four times a week. My first surfing memory is going to Oceanside with my dad at, like, seven or eight years old.”

Favorite spot: Windansea. “Surfing at Windansea is almost more stressful than school or work. It’s a little hectic. On a good day it is really crowded and kind of insane. I have seen guys get into it out there but never any fights. I have seen more fights in O.B. I’ve seen guys get out of the water there and take it to the beach.”

Injuries: Manverg has been lucky so far and hasn’t suffered any surf injuries. “I have been held down [underwater] for awhile. You feel like you are gonna drown, but you just have to remain calm and learn how to breathe. It helps if you practice holding your breath in pools.

Advice to new surfers: “Get a Costco foam board and get out there no matter if the waves are good or bad because a day in the water is never a bad day... and don’t go to Windansea.”

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