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Tony Young eyes supervisors seat

Tony Young
  • Tony Young

Ex–San Diego city councilman Tony Young, said to be interested in running for the county board of supervisors seat held by termed-out Ron Roberts, has been pulling in lots of cash as a city hall lobbyist. According to an August 8 filing, the Democrat’s Civic Link Strategies got $12,000 from Consortium Holdings during that firm’s successful battle to open a restaurant in Little Italy over the objections of the regional airport authority. Evangelist Morris Cerullo’s planned Legacy Center in Mission Valley came up with $15,000.

Democratic congressman Scott Peters, facing off against ex–Karl Rove aide Denise Gitsham in November, is staging a big-money August 19 fundraiser at the residence of physician Ashish Agrawal and lawyer Bryan Wildenthal. Guest of honor is Arizona House Democrat Kyrsten Sinema. “Congresswoman Sinema is the first openly bisexual member of Congress and co-chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus,” notes the invite.

Meanwhile, Peters wants to tweet his picks for the nation’s military academies. “Congressman Peters enjoys highlighting the accomplishments of Service Academy Candidates,” says a request for a privacy waiver on the application form he sends to would-be nominees.

“If nominated and selected for appointment by one of the Service Academies, our office would like to use the information provided on this application for social media and/or media releases. All parties will be notified prior to the release of any media. By signing this page, you are giving Congressman Peters and his staff permission to use your information. There is no penalty for not signing this page and your application will still be accepted.”

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Well, we were wondering how Morris Cerullo slipped his monster vanity project past all the community groups and planners. Wonder no more.

Considering that Tony Young is also president of the board of Faulconer's personal and delinquent charity/alleged money laundering scheme, One San Diego, I guess hiring him as a lobbyist can be considered the same as paying the mayor to do what you want.

Morris Cerullo finally got me to pray: Please God, do something about the corrupt politics in this city!

Tony Young is no Ron Roberts. Roberts, a Republican, has served his community in elective office his entire life. But Tony Young, A Democrat in name only, has disqualified himself by past actions to run for anything, including dog catcher.

The idea of wolf-in-sheep's clothing Young on the County Board of Supervisors is, well, disturbing. Young left his own inner-city 4th District Council in the lurch for a private-sector-style appointment to a cushy Red Cross job -- a sinecure for politicians like ex-mayor Jerry Sanders and ex-Admiral Ronne Froman who also had done the bidding of downtown developers and GOP influentials. And then he jumped that ship to become a high-paid lobbyist.

Like Young, I'm a registered Democrat, but I think we've had enough of disgraceful opportunists like him running for taxpayer-financed public office. The San Diego County Democratic Central Committee needs to do better than offer this re-tread for election to Supervisor.

We can only hope that whoever runs for Ron Robert's seat understands the opportunity to change the priorities, visions and tone of regional governance, and bring it into the 21st century. A leader everyone can depend upon, someone who really understands what it means to serve the people of San Diego County, not just the supervisors ego's. District 4 is a very diverse district with many many varied neighborhoods and issues. We must elect someone who cares about what happens with the children breathing in crap air in Barrio Logan, seniors in downtown who live in shoddy SRO's, homeless families living in cars and tents throughout the region, mental illness, addiction, foster care, adoptions, HIV/Aids monies, farms, clean water, clean air...from La Jolla to Encanto we must have someone who can connect the dots of city, state and federal agencies and resources and bring it back to the county.

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