PG&E gets big break in San Bruno disaster fine

Prosecutors no longer seeking $562 million

Mysteriously, prosecutors who were seeking a $562 million fine against Pacific Gas & Electric for its role in the 2010 San Bruno explosion, yesterday (August 2) backed away while the jury was still deliberating. Hours later, the judge cut nearly all of the potential fine, and the utility now faces a maximum fine of $6 million, according to the Associated Press.

The prosecutors' decision came without explanation. Earlier in the day, the judge had ruled that a presentation by prosecutors could not be shown to jurors, who had requested to see it.

The 2010 blast killed eight people and leveled 38 homes. Stock of Pacific Gas & Electric is up half a percentage point today (Aug. 3).

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This is a complete scam! Follow the money. It is shockingly similar to what has happened at San Onofre Nuclear Power plant by Camp Pendelton. AG, Kamala Harris, is running for the US Senate. She is apparently making all kinds of "Sell Out" deals to advance her career. First, Harris makes a deal selling out millions of California Homeowners in favor of the Big Wall St. Banks and Hedge Funds who received sweet heart deals to foreclose on large numbers of California homeowners and turn their homes over to Wall St Hedge Funds at wholesale costs to make huge profits off the stiffed homeowners. Big Banks got paid and "made whole" through the back door since the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac home loans were covered by Federal Insurance. (taxpayer bailout). Harris and other AGs made deals with Big Banks...they saved a small percentage of homeowners and hung the majority of them out to dry because that is what Wall St Banks and the Hedge Funds wanted. Wall St. created the housing crisis and crashed the market, then they profited off the crash created by Wall St. (Of course, later as a PR move, Wall St and its partners in the right wing media tried to blame Main St. for the Sins of Wall St.) Second, Harris Sided with Southern California Utilities and sold out Southern California rate payers in the closing of San Onofe causing rate payers to pay billions and not shareholders/Big S. Cal Utilities as should have been the case. Third, Harris is selling out the victims of the San Bruno explosion and siding with the Utility SDGE. As I have read here and elsewhere, it appears that some side political deals may have been made or something very suspicious has gone on maybe involving Governor Jerry Brown, his Sister, Kathleen Brown, at least 2, and 3....and maybe 1...It is hard to tell. I am hoping Don Bauder and others can get to the bottom of these deals and shed more light on these questionable political machinations..

SportsFan0000: Your criticisms of Kamala Harris are, unfortunately, right on the money. This is another example of investor-owned utilities getting away with murder. After the PG&E ripoff came the San Onofre scam and the Sempra gas leak.

Wall Street does not have to worry that PG&E, Edison International, and Sempra will be justly punished for shocking negligence. Best, Don Bauder

Also, you may want to google Harris's relationship with Willie Brown. I read some stuff in the San Francisco Media about that. Harris was an unknown mid 20's lawyer until she started sharing her living spaces with WB..Then, presto! Suddenly all the big doors to power opened up for her.

SportsFan0000: Yes. Harris's tight relationship with Willie Brown is another example of California politics in action. Best, Don Bauder

Murphyjunk: Generally, I think that is true. Best, Don Bauder

The foregoing comments all express anger at the current political landscape in the state. Yet nobody mentions the pernicious effect of the de facto one-party system that now exists. If there were an effective opposition to the Dem dominance of statewide offices, there might be a means to defeat Harris other than to elect another Dem with much the same baggage. But the ethnic bloc voting that has been going on in the state for the past twenty-or-so years means that this sort of institutionalized corruption will just continue. If you wanna complain, vote for the other party once in a while, and who knows what might be the result.

Visduh: But the other party keeps putting up candidates that have the same stench as the incumbents. Best, Don Bauder

they all bathe in the same polluted hot water

Murphyjunk: That's one way to put it. Best, Don Bauder

If the "other party" would put up a candidate that would appeal to the majority of the State's voters, with ideas, qualifications and experience to implement it , then that candidate would get elected...The "other party" has fielded extremist candidates out of the mainsteam and just flat out clueless including Carly Fiorina who repeatedly and falsely stated in the last presidential election cycle that there 1) there is no drought in California, 2) If there is a water shortage in California , then it was caused by environmentalists?! Fiorina was rated "Pants on Fire Liar" for many statements she made that were just rehashed right wing talking points. She ran the same kind of whacky campaign for US Senate in California and that is why she lost. How can "the other Party and its candidates repeatedly make completely idiotic statements and then expect to be taken seriously?!

SportsFan0000: Carly seems out of the way now. But the Republican running for president of the United States, Donald Trump, has reportedly called global warming "bullshit." And he has said many dumber things. Best, Don Bauder

global warming seems real, but some of the supporting antecedal evidence qualifies as b.s.

Murphyjunk: There has to be some reason that almost all climatological scientists accept global warming, and put much of the blame on human activities. Best, Don Bauder

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