Mass rescue at Tower 13

Surfer KO’d, airlifted at Pappy’s Point

Tower 13 in Mission Beach
  • Tower 13 in Mission Beach

July 23

— HP responded to the mooring balls off of Shelter Island to investigate some damage that was done to the interior of a vessel. It was found that the damage occurred the night before by a subject that was taken from the vessel and transported to County Mental Health for an evaluation.

— VHF call reporting a vessel in a slip at the Dana Inn possibly taking on water. A lifeguard fireboat responds. Owner on board states everything is Ok, bilge is just pumping out water from the AC.

— 911 call reporting a surfer on the beach at Scripps with a large laceration to his calf. U33 responds from the Shores, patient treated at scene and is privately transported.

— Mass rescue at tower 13. Lifeguard rescue vessel is requested. All victims accounted for and on the beach the lifeguard rescue vessel is cleared.

— 911 call for an unconscious surfer in the water at Pappy’s Point. A southern area cliff response is sent. Surfer is assisted out of the water by citizens and CPR is started. Copter 2 extricates and transports to UCSD.

— Walk up patient to the La Jolla Shores tower with a laceration to his face. Patient elopes.

— Vessel in the surf off tower 18, a lifeguard rescue vessel responds as well as Jet 2. J2 clears vessel and cancels the lifeguard rescue vessel.

— Female with seizures at the La Jolla Shores Boat Launch. M21 transports to Scripps La Jolla.

— 30 year old female with a foot laceration from a surfboard at Tourmaline. U25 responds and patient refuses treatment.

— Drunk person on the beach at Santa Cruz. SDPD responds and issues citation.

— A lifeguard rescue vessel finds 2 stranded PWC’s off York Ct. Commercial assistance requested and they are towed back to Mission Bay.

— 22 year old male with dehydration walk up to Mission Beach Lifeguard Station. Patient AMA’s with E21.

— 43 year old female sea sick ½ mile off the Casa on the New Seaforth. A lifeguard rescue vessel responds and transports the patient to the Seaforth dock.

— U300 with a 36 year old female with a possible leg fracture at Bonaire/Neptune. M9 transports to Scripps La Jolla.

— Biker ran into RV, fire and medics handle.

— 55 year old female difficulty breathing at the Hyatt dock, lifeguards respond as well as fire. M24 transports to UCSD.

— Lifeguards respond to swimmers in distress at No Surf Beach. 3 water rescues made.

— Lifeguards at Blacks Beach request medics for a 29 year old female possible heat exhaustion. MR9 transports to Scripps La Jolla.

— Dog locked in car the La Jolla Shores parking lot. Owner is cited by SDPD.

— 911 call reporting a missing person in the water from a PWC in Fiesta Bay. Lifeguard rescue vessels respond and the RP has located the child/clear.

— Medics requested by the La Jolla Shores lifeguards for a 9 year old male with a head injury. Patient’s guardians AMA with E9.

— MDC report of a 40 year old male with seizures at San Fernando. Lifeguards respond and beach area checks clear, fire handles.

— Station A advises over D-1 of a male on the beach at Blacks Beach that had just extricated himself from a rip current. 3-King responds person is in no need of medical attention and is being helped by another beach patron. SDPD cancels lifeguard response.

July 22

— 22y/o Female fell from stairs at 1137 Coast Blvd. LG Cove and Medic 10 respond. Medic 10 transports patient to Scripps La Jolla.

— 39 y/o male at Scripps stung by a stingray. LG’s and Medic 9 responds. Medic 9 transports patient to Balboa.

— 24 y/o male allergic reaction to a stingray sting at Marine Room. LG’s, Fire, and medics respond. Patient AMA with Medic 12.

— Vessel with engine problems at the Sewage treatment plant. Rescue west responds, Jet 1 and tow boat US. Tow boat to handle will tow vessel to San Diego Bay.

— 19y/o male with an ankle injury at 5000 Santa Cruz St. LG’s, Fire, and medics respond. Medics transport the patient to UCSD.

— Distress call, vessel in Fiesta Bay. Guardian II responds and Boat US in-route. Vessel cleared of danger by operator.

— Mission Beach requests a rescue boat code 3 for a mass rescue off towers 12 and 13. Rescue 5 responds and Mission states all clear, all victims accounted for.

— 21y/o female possible heat exhaustion at Black gold rd. LG’s, Fire and Medics respond. Unit 35 transports patient to the top; patient ended up having a panic attack.

— Walk up report of a 21y/o female having a medical problem ¼ the way up the citizen’s trail.U34 responds and walks the patient to the beach for treatment.

— Medical, 7y/o female with a laceration to foot at Bonita Cove by unknown mechanism. LG’s, Fire and Medics respond. Patient AMA with Engine 20 and bay east transports patient to MB for stingray treatment.

— Code 1145, threat at leisure lagoon. LG 24Sam and Bay east, Unit 124 SDPD responds. Subject is a 16y/o female. SDPD released minor with her guardian.

— Vessel taking on water at Crown Point. Vessel is an 18ft. sloop taking on water as the tide comes in. Vessel is anchored and owner will pump out the vessel and tow it off the beach. Owner information taken and Owner will take care of the situation by the morning.

July 21

— HP towed and impounded a 37’sailboat that was moored illegally at the Harbor Police

Guest Docks.

— Fainting aboard “Privateer” vessel. 3K, E21 and Medic 1 respond. Patient AMA

— 3141 Oceanfront Walk 52 year old female. MB, E21 and M20 respond. Medics to Scripps LJ.

— 2211 Pacific Beach Dr. and Campland Dock, slip and fall injury. Marine 1, T21 and M51 respond. Patient transported to Scripps LJ.

— 32’ white Luhrs yacht stuck on buoy at Sail Bay. R3 and R7 respond. Vessel clears itself with buoy damaged.

— 800 San Fernando Pl and Bayside Walk 8 year old aspiration. 42S, T21 and M13 respond. Fire handles, unknown outcome.

— Report of chest pain at San Jose Pl and Oceanfront Walk. U24, 21S, U23, M36 and E21 respond. Medic 39 transports to Scripps LJ.

— Disabled vessel by weir in Channel reported by Sea Tow. Vessel could not afford tow charge. Guardian II responds and tows to Dana.

July 20

— HP Impounded a small sailboat that was left at the Shelter Island Launch Ramp for several days.

— HP towed and impounded (another) vessel that was moored illegally at the Harbor Police Guest


— U25x request Medics for a 47 year old male with a dislocated right shoulder from contact with ocean bottom while body boarding, foot of Law Street. U25x on scene, E21, M21 respond. M21 transport to Scripps LJ. LG’s clear.

— Bay East request Medics for a 4 year old female, possible aspiration at Leisure Lagoon. Bay East on scene, 42 Sam, E20, M27 respond. PT AMA with M27. LG’s clear.

— Mission Beach reports all guards in, requesting Surfboat Code 3. 2 Sam, Rescue 7 respond. Mission Beach clear, units staffed. Rescue 7 clear.

— 911 call. RP advise 28 year old male, stingray wound. Blacks beach, ¼ mile north of Citizens Trail. U33, M41, MR9 respond. MR9 reassigned. M41 cancelled by U33. PT transported to their personal vehicle by U33. LG’s clear.

July 19

— HP were dispatched to a vessel in the A-2 Anchorage San Diego Bay. Upon arriving, they located a female who was swimming in the water attempting to board her vessel. HP assisted the female and found her to be severely intoxicated. She was taken to Los Colinas Jail to sober up after she was treated at the hospital.

— Medical aid at 700 Hornblend St. U24, E16 and M28 respond. Patient elopes and all units cancelled.

— Report of groin pain in Saratoga Park. U12, 1S, E22 and M20 respond. Patient transported to Sharp Memorial.

— Report of reckless PWC renter from Action Sports Rentals. GII responds and meets RP and negligent operator. GII warns the renter and educates on rules.

— 911 call of drowning woman off Del Monte St. 1S, 42S, 24S, R5, M18 and E15 respond. Lifeguards perform water rescue and then cliff rescue extrication. Medics transport patient to UCSD.

July 18

— 911 call. Foot of Loring on the beach. RP advises surfer with 3-4” laceration to calf from surfboard. 23 year old male, alert and oriented, bleeding reported as controlled. 24 King, E21, M21 respond. 24 King takes patient to Law for Fire/Medics. M21 AMA patient, friend transports. LG’s clear.

— 911 call. Vessel DIW. Kayaker advises 21’ Aluminum center console with dead battery, approximately one mile west of LJ Cove. RW responds. Vessel safely anchored. RW transports one person to beach so they can purchase a battery and bring it back out to the boat.

— 911 call, loose Pit Bull on beach at NPB, Felspar. 21 Sam, U25 respond. Dog left beach. LG’s clear.

— Pacific Beach tower 28 requests Medics for a 28 year old male, laceration on foot from surfboard. U25, 21 Sam, E21, M21 respond. Initially a Level 3 response, changed to a Level 1 by U 25, patient in shock. M21 transport to Balboa, LG’s clear.

— 18 year old male, irregular heart rate, 2801 Oceanfront Blvd. U22, 2 Sam, E20, M10 respond. Medic 10 with patient, unknown disposition. LG’s clear.

— E22 on scene at Ladera Park, advises 40’ sloop, near the surf line. U100, Jet 1 and Rescue West respond. Jet 1 makes contact and advises vessel to stay farther off shore. LG’s clear.

— Person down/Unknown problem, mid 20’s male, Cable and Orchard. Santa Cruz LG, E15, M20 respond. Victim GOA, LG’s clear.

— PWC’s with multiple violations (no PFD, direction of travel, jumping, spraying) in Fiesta Bay, off Ski Beach dock. Guardian II respond. Guardian II finds PWC and terminates one PWC.

— 911 call. RP from Sea World, by Sky Tram, advises concerned for swimmer in the middle of the channel. Rescue 7 respond. No distress from swimmer. Rescue 7 transports individual back to Fiesta Island/Hidden Anchorage.

— MDC.18 year old female, difficulty breathing.2211 PB Drive at Campland on the Bay. 41 Sam, Rescue 7, E21, M21 respond. Rescue 7 checks beach and marina area, nothing found. UTL, Fire/Medics handle.

— MB, U23x requests Medics for a 17 year old male, dislocated shoulder. Foot of Santa Barbara at Ocean Front Walk. U23x on scene, U23, E20, M1 respond. Medics transport to Scripps LJ.

— VHF call. RP at Dana states his friend is overdue/missing. Vessel last known anchored off LJ Cove with a dead battery. RP had gone to shore earlier to retrieve a new battery at 1100. RP returned to beach and could not find boat or friend. RP now at Dana and truck and trailer still at Dana. Rescue West responds, assists jumping dead battery. Vessel now running under own power, declining any further LG assistance. LG’s clear.

July 17

— HP responded to a multiple vessel accident in the Marriott Marina where a subject who was unfamiliar with the operations of his vessel struck several others as he attempted to maneuver out of his slip. Damage was caused to all vessels involved.

— HP were dispatched to investigate someone making phone threats and sending texts to a subject in the Sunroad Marina.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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