Navy commander gets 78 months in prison

Misiewicz gets longest term in ongoing scam

Leonard Glenn Francis (aka "Fat Leonard")
  • Leonard Glenn Francis (aka "Fat Leonard")

U.S. Navy commander Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz of San Diego was sentenced to six and a half years in prison today (April 29) for giving classified ship schedules to a foreign contractor in exchange for cash, gifts, travel expenses, entertainment, and the services of prostitutes.

His 78-month sentence is the longest in the ongoing international bribery case.

From January 2011 to September 2013, Misiewicz provided classified U.S. Navy ship schedules and other critical Navy information to Leonard Glenn Francis, owner of Singapore-based Glenn Defense Marine Asia. That company provided services such as tugboats, fuel, and trash removal services to United States Navy ships and submarines, and it took advantage of the information provided by Misiewicz and his conspirators.

Ten individuals have now been charged in connection with the scheme, and nine, including Misiewicz, have pleaded guilty.

In March, captain Daniel Dusek, the highest-ranking official charged in the Navy scandal, was sentenced to 46 months in prison.

Over two years ago, Alex Wisidagama, a former executive of Glenn Defense Marine Asia, confessed to the scheme and pleaded guilty.

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Correct me if I'm mistaken, but these cases are being treated as financial crimes, i.e. bribery. What about the security aspect of handing out "classified" ship itineraries to crooks? USS Cole-style attacks on our ships would be greatly enabled if terrorists knew just when and where a certain ship or class of ship was visiting a port that offered them opportunity.

In addition to these convictions in federal court, they should have to be dealt with by the Navy for their violation of secrecy laws and regulations. And those could be handled as far more serious offenses than bribery. In fact, they could be viewed as treason, and the perps sent up for life ("real" life with no parole, ever.)

even when a port stop is unplanned ( repair a ship problem) the local bars already have banners out welcoming the ship by name

Murphyjunk: It would appear that this scam featured rapid ship to shore communications. Best, Don Bauder

They used a personal email server, so everything is cool. No problems. Nothing was "marked" classified.

Sjtorres: According to the U.S. Attorney's office, the conspirators took steps to avoid detection by, among other things, using clandestine email accounts, which they periodically deleted. Best, Don Bauder

Visduh: One would think the Navy would have its own cases against these people. Sorry, I don't know whether that is true. Best, Don Bauder

Cuda, Shouda. This guy is charged for giving out inside information to an outfit that provides, tugboats, fuel, and trash removal? I can understand how that would be considered dirty pool for getting a jump on the competition, but these are defense-related contractors--what else is new? You would be hard pressed to find a defense contractor who hasn't gotten the job as a result of an inside connections, old boys network, and what have you. 78 months for being first in line to take out the garbage? Unreal.

Javajoe25: I disagree.The Navy said he put fellow service members "at risk." The information he passed along was "sensitive" and "classified," according to the U.S. Attorney's office. Best, Don Bauder

for sure a new set of crooks are already running the system in S.E. Asia

Murphyjunk: The last thing we want is more trouble in S.E. Asia. We have more than we can handle in the Middle East. Best, Don Bauder

there is trouble there ongoing, it just rarely makes the western media,

Over 5000 killed in the south of Thailand my muslim extremists in recent years

Murphyjunk: Why do people think we journalists, who decide what is news and what isn't, have good judgment? Best, Don Bauder

Should be tried for treason.

And, these two should be convicted of treason and giving the maximum sentence(execution) for selling nuclear secrets to China. Maximum sentences are the only way these acts of selling out America to its enemies and potential enemies for a few bucks will be deterred and stopped. SEE BELOW

US Discloses Senior Official Sold Nuclear Secrets to China http://www.voanews.com/content/former-us-employee-selling-nuclear-secrets-china/3309559.html

SportsFan0000: These are very serious charges and the nation has admissions. Still, I am not sure of the death penalty. Best, Don Bauder

Amazing how whistleblowers are charged under the espionage act for exposing wrong and illegal behavior and these people are charged with bribery.

Polemicist: You are right. Whistleblowers often get treated miserably. That's why it is so difficult to get honest people to report wrongdoing. Best, Don Bauder

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