Mary's Donuts closes...but reopened down the street

New landlord allegedly aims to open a "Maryz"

Fifty years ago, "There was the bar, the donut shop, and not much else on the far end of Santee.”
  • Fifty years ago, "There was the bar, the donut shop, and not much else on the far end of Santee.”
  • courtesy of Cabray Scott Photography

Terry Thompson remembers going to the dump with his father and brothers in the early 1970s. He fondly recalls what they did afterward.

“The dump and donuts — it doesn't get much better than that as a kid,” said Thompson on April 27. “It was crazy when you looked at that place, Zona’s [Donuts] was in the middle of nowhere. My uncle and aunt opened up a bar, Kelley’s Bar, down the street in the 1950s/1960s. My uncle said he sat out front one day and counted six cars drive by in one day. It was just a different time: there was the bar, the donut shop, and not much else on the far end of Santee.”

Thompson continued to visit when Zona’s Donuts turned into Mary’s Donuts in 1984. He made sure he was at Mary’s on April 24.

“I dropped by the old place around 9:00 a.m. with my brother Tad and they were busy with a line going out the door. Though they were always busy.”

On April 25, for the first time in more than 50 years, no donuts were being sold at 9031 Mission Gorge Road.

On April 28, I spoke with Mary Hennessy’s right-hand man, Joel Scalzitti. When asked how his last day went at the old location, he said, “There were so many donuts left at 7:00 a.m. and when I came back to lock up at 9:00 a.m., there was a flood of people going out the door. By the time we closed, we only had a couple of donuts left.”

Scalzitti filled me in on the reason for the move.

“The guy that owns the gas station next door just came up to us one day and said he was the owner now. Zona [of Zona’s Donuts] left the place to her sister when she died in 2008. I don’t know how this guy got her to sell. It sold when we had about three years left on our lease. He wasn’t willing to give us any kind of a new lease. We tried to negotiate another year but he almost doubled or tripled our rent.”

Scalzitti said that the landlord had big plans to open up the shop and sell donuts the day after Mary’s moved out. “He even purchased a fictitious business license for ‘Maryz’. He thought the fryers, customer photos, and everything else inside was his property,” said Scalzitti.

“So many people show their kids photos of themselves when they were kids at Mary’s."

“So many people show their kids photos of themselves when they were kids at Mary’s."

Mary’s has thousands of customer photos on the walls. Scalzitti said, “So many people show their kids photos of themselves when they were kids at Mary’s. There are photos of my own kids as Girl Scouts.”

The new Mary's Donuts that opened in February

The new Mary's Donuts that opened in February

Mary’s opened their new location minutes away at 8959 Carlton Hills Boulevard in late February to help with the transition. The donut shop is still going to be open 24/7 at the new location.

Scalzitti says Mary is still at the shop at 4:00 a.m. every morning and even after about 50 years in the donut game, she’s still very hands-on. Originally from Minnesota, Mary paid her dues working for Winchell’s Donuts for about 20 years. Scalzitti said that everything sells well, but Mary’s apple fritters have been their signature treat for decades. The cream puffs are also to die for, said both Scalzitti and Thompson.

Scalzitti has fond memories of both Zona’s and Mary’s. His father used to take him to Zona’s before heading to the swap meet. “I then brought my kids to Mary’s and now my kids bring their kids into Mary’s,” he said.

Any chance of more locations?

“I would like to have my own Mary’s someday, ”Scalzitti said. “All of Mary’s kids and grandkids have worked in the donut shop over the years but not one has wanted to stay in the business. Though, Mary just got a call yesterday that her youngest grandchild wants to learn the business. This is the last one.”

I called the new landlord for comment but did not receive a call back.

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Hope everyone boycotts all the businesses on the corner. Please publish the name of this slime ball.

According to public records, The ABC shows the gas station (9035 Mission Gorge Road) is known as Qwik Korner 2, with the primary owner of the liquor license as Lemon Grove Ultra Mart Inc. The California Secretary of State lists "Sam L Charry" of Jamul as the agent of service for the corporation.

The County Clerk records show a fictitious name filing for "Maryz Donuts" was filed on 12/17/2015 by Ideal Market Inc. The California Secretary of State as lists "Sam L Charry" the agent of service for the corporation.

So the principal is Sam Charry. In a San Diego Union Tribune story, he is identified as a member of the Chaldean-American Association in El Cajon. According to public records, Ideal Market Inc. also operates a liquor store in National City with other shareholders.

Raising the rent or not extending a lease is business. But filing of a similar sounding name and scheming to inherit the good will of that location to sell donuts after pushing the long time operator out is disgusting. I've heard of similar things happening to owners of laundromats. A new buyer of the building kicks out the owner of the laundromat and gets to keep all the property improvements that make it a laundromat, and then the building owner continue to operate the laundry (without having had to invest in all the improvements and permits).

Not only should people boycott "Maryz" they should boycott the Qwik Korner as well. And steer clear of doing business with these sleazy type of landlords.

Court records show that the Chaldean-American Association sued Sam Charry for fraud. Anyway, I have a problem with people who were born in Iraq calling themselves "Chaldean-Americans." That is just plain ignorant. First of all if you were born in Iraq, even if you have U.S. citizenship, you are still an Iraqi with U.S. citizenship. You are not "American.." your children might claim that title.

But that is also stupid as hell because that is like calling someone a "Buddhist-American" or "Muslim-American." How can your religion be hyphenated with a nationality? These Chaldeans are some of the most ignorant immigrants we have ever admitted. And The Donald gets points for complaining about Mexicans who actually work and assimilate. SMH

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