Joy sounds insane

San Diego psych-rock trio talks about their new record release

Joy thanks “folks that let us crash on their floors” on this year’s Ride Along!
  • Joy thanks “folks that let us crash on their floors” on this year’s Ride Along!

Heavier, and, I must say, humbler than ever, San Diego’s own Joy comes fulminating back with their latest platter, Ride Along! Originator Zachary Oakley took some queries via email.

The new album’s out on 4/29. Did you really want to make it 4/20?

“Yeah, but we got too high and turned it in nine days late. :-)”

How has the San Diego scene grown and changed since you’ve joined it?

"Confusion" Joy Joy

“The SD psych or stoner (or whatever you call it) is the best. It’s grown so much since we started in 2009–2010. Back then, we weren’t playing with too many bands that played as loud or as wild as we did, but now we’re struggling to keep up! Ocelot, Loom, Pharlee, Petyr, Monarch, and Sacri Monti come to mind. Look out!”

Who are your band members this time out, and what does each bring in?

“Thomas DiBenedetto and Mario Rubalcalba are the two live drummers on this record. It was an honor to have Mario play drums on a couple songs. I’ve looked up to him and all the dudes in Earthless forever. He injected the tune ‘Red, White and Blues’ with a punk/Motörhead-style groove that we otherwise may have never tried out, and it sounds insane!

“Nasty [Hulson] plays bass on all the live tracks and he’s always on his shit. Thomas and I hardly ever have to queue him into the changes we’re doing because he’s just that darn intuitive about jamming. Thomas, Nasty, and I have grown tight as a live trio, and I think that shows on the record.”

You thank “folks that let us crash on their floors” in your liner notes. Got any great/awful/weird crashing stories?

“Craziest one is the sleepwalking knife dude. Our buddy’s roommate had started sleepwalking and waving a knife around at me and Nasty while we were trying to snooze on their couch. We totally figured if we stayed really still this dude wouldn’t catch one of us! Best part was when we woke up in the morning he was already awake and making breakfast for everyone. Fuck, that was a trip.”

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