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Hard-rock Canada band Black Mountain returns with IV

Why IV after four years? According to Black Mountain’s McBean, “Our moms needed something to brag about at the hairdressers.”
  • Why IV after four years? According to Black Mountain’s McBean, “Our moms needed something to brag about at the hairdressers.”

Black Mountain is back in action with a new record, IV, after a relatively quiet four years. The group was last heard from in 2012 on their soundtrack to the post-apocalyptic surf film Year Zero. That album featured a grab-bag of vintage Black Mountain cuts alongside five fresh tracks. So, five new Black Mountain tracks have seen the light of day in the six years since their last full-length of original material (Wilderness Heart) was released. Perhaps the Black Mountain Army was getting restless?

"Florian Saucer Attack"

...off of Black Mountain's <em>IV</em>

...off of Black Mountain's IV

When asked about what served as the catalyst for the new album, band mastermind Stephen McBean had a surprising response.

“Our moms needed a new album to brag about at the hairdressers,” he said.

An interesting motivation, but one that makes perfect sense, as mothers worldwide are known for proudly talking up the accomplishments of their kiddos. And how many mothers have birthed a collection of individuals as unique and talented as the players that make up Black Mountain? Besides playing in this group, members moonlight in other bands such as Lightning Dust, Blood Meridian, and, of course, Pink Mountaintops. None of these bands make a ton of money, but mothers at hairdressers are all about artistic integrity.

McBean elaborated on how the break gave the band “lots of extra time for nacho eating,” which is clutch when you’re priming a new platter full of psychedelic Blue Öyster Cult/Floyd/Sabbath-y ’70s guitar rock. It isn’t tough to imagine the epic stoner odyssey “Florian Saucer Attack” as having been cultivated over four years spent devouring Mission Tortilla Rounds garnished with Pace salsa and some sort of nuclear cheese.

Past Event

Black Mountain and Marissa Nadler

  • Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 8 p.m.
  • Casbah, 2501 Kettner Boulevard, San Diego
  • 21+

Before they arrive in San Diego for their gig at the Casbah on Saturday, Black Mountain will be wrapping up a European Tour. McBean describes the European Black Mountain Army as being “huge” and featuring “more bling” and “less facial hair.” For McBean, touring Europe differs from touring the United States in that there are shorter drives, no borders, and “less staring at Trump’s dumbass face.”

Black Mountain is based out of Vancouver, but McBean has been a Los Angeles transplant for some time now. He says he used to go to Ché Café and Pokez when he visited San Diego, so maybe you’ll spot him chowing down a big plate full of nachos at the latter before they hit the stage at the Casbah. Check the local dispensaries a couple hours before dinnertime as well.

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