Assessing the three farces

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It'll be a head-to-head presidential race come November
  • It'll be a head-to-head presidential race come November
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Product of Affirmative Action

Stealing jobs from qualified white men is part of the system. H-1B is only a small addition (City Lights, March 31, “Engineers Get Axed, Then Train Foreign Replacements”)

In 1959, the Rockefellers instituted affirmative action, or the quota system, at their giant new building in New York. Then it became bureaucratic law when Alfred Blumrosen of the Gestapo agency, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, simply decreed racial, ethnic, and gender quotas and nobody stopped him.

What was the result? The product of affirmative action: Barack Obama became president of the United States.

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Who is the least terrible?

Who is the least terrible?

The Three Farces

I don’t always agree with what I find on or in the Reader, but I have to say your cover for the March 24 issue — “Trump Is a Farce, Bernie Is a Farce, Hillary Is a Farce” — will go down in history as one of your most honest and accurate. The three farces. Spot on.

  • Greg Harris
  • Clairemont
Reader poll

Who are you voting for?

  • Donald Trump 13%
  • Hillary Clinton 20%
  • Bernie Sanders 44%
  • Ted Cruz 5%
  • John Kasich 0%
  • Undecided 9%
  • I'm not going to vote 9%

55 total votes.

We the People

Re: “Trump Is a Farce, Bernie Is a Farce, Hillary Is a Farce,” March 24 cover story

It seems that voting and understanding the American political process is just not important to most Americans these days. Most do not care enough to understand the issues, and certainty do not understand the intricacies of geopolitics.

If you do not care to get involved, you should have no complaints. If you are frustrated with government, then understand this: We the people are the government! Vote!

  • Mike Myers
  • Vista

Assessing the Candidates

As an old fellow in his mid-90s, I read with interest in the Reader of March 24, the comments of some of my younger, fellow citizens on the candidates running for president, and am tempted to toss in my two cents’ worth just for the heck of it.

  1. Bernie Sanders: A good-hearted guy with wonderful ideas. But where is he going to get the money to pay for them? Tax the wealthy? By “wealthy” he’s probably talking about you and me. Those of us who pick up the Reader are not rich enough to pay for other people’s health care or their kids’ college education.
  2. Hillary Clinton: She has been in the White House as First Lady and all over the world as Secretary of State. But what has she actually accomplished? The main thing that comes to mind is the botched job at Benghazi where we lost four good men.
  3. Ted Cruz: A fine education and a great debater. He has gotten himself elected as a senator from Texas but what has he accomplished there? More debating. In the current presidential campaign, he has used some questionable tactics and succeeded in bringing out the worst in his opponents and, incidentally, himself.
  4. Donald Trump: An abrasive personality but an extremely successful businessman who has employed thousands of men and women. He has to be highly intelligent and good at politicking to have done so well at his business. He has conducted business all over the world and knows how to get things done, and probably has had contact with more world leaders than any of the other candidates.
  5. John Kasich: As governor of Ohio he speaks of accomplishment that no one has disputed but has been overshadowed by more charismatic candidates as have a number of others who have dropped out of the race.
  • Old Dad
  • San Marcos

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