Avoid foreclosure! Go see the Archbishop

San Diegans involved in $8 million mortgage fraud

People fearful of losing their homes through foreclosure were told they should consult the Archbishop of Shon-Te-East-A, Walks with Spirit, a group claiming to be a spiritual organization dedicated to helping people dodge foreclosure. A federal grand jury in Sacramento indicted seven people on charges of conspiracy, bank fraud, false making of documents, and money laundering.

The indictment was unsealed Thursday (September 24). One of the seven was Ramus Kirkpatrick, formerly of Oceanside. Two San Diegans, Tisha Trites and Todd Smith, pleaded guilty earlier this month and agreed to help the prosecution. Oh, yes: the Archbishop, John Michael DiChiara, was from Nevada City.

The indictment charges that once homeowners were enrolled in the program, fictitious deeds of trust and reconveyance were created. The defendants allegedly obtained profits of $8 million through the program, attempting to extinguish more than $60 million in mortgage loans.

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Karen Lang: I can't disagree. Both civil and criminal government agencies let the big crooks off and go after the small-timers, like the Archbishop and his gang. Just as in the Robber Baron era, the big banks and companies, and the richest individuals, control the regulatory agencies and criminal authorities. Best, Don Bauder

Its all about the money. The small fish are easy and grease the wheels.

AlexClarke: Yes, greed has gone berserk in this era. Best, Don Bauder

Karen Lang:

You are right. Now you need evidence. Post some links someplace or organize fellow victims and people of good conscience.

As I have long maintained, laws are signposts of the failure of social mores.

The history of this phenomenon goes 'way, 'way back. When humans started cooperating less and competing more. Cooperation has largely given way to coercion. This is a cultural phenomenon, and there is plenty of history to illustrate just how stupid it is--in the LONG run.

The problem is, the rewards are high in the short run and people who are seduced by baubles big and small will "win." Then, there will be a mega-bust when the feeback snake comes around to bite us all in the ass. Survival instincts will kick in, but there will be no options. Survival will be short-term, ESPECIALLY for the so-called "survivalists." Law will go out the window. An apocalypse of our own making. Real survivors will see that Homo sap. is a SOCIAL species, and cooperation is necessary, no, CRITICAL for survival.

I would invest in dried beans and water. Beans go good with bugs . . .


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