It is now practical to get rid of the VCR

Vinyl has a certain "warmth" but the concept is not transferrable

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Dear Hipster:

I’m trying to part ways with some of the old things around the house that I don’t use, including a substantial collection of movies on VHS. I’ve got about 300 titles, mostly from the late ’80s and early ’90s. I have to wonder if there is a hipster market for VHS tapes. After all, vinyl records have made a comeback, largely thanks to hipster kids looking for that indefinable “warmth” of sound. Why not VHS?

— Pat

It’s true. We hipsters do love retro stuff. We can’t help it. Typewriters. Phones with cords. Vinyl records. These things elate us. So, why not VHS?

Well, some people will say that VHS offers no advantage over DVD, Blu-ray, or streaming media. Vinyl records are arguably superior to digital music formats in certain ways (see: Pitchfork, the entire internet, or any random hipster for more on the matter). The only advantage of a VHS tape is that when it breaks, kids can have a blast by cracking it open and flinging the spool of magnetic tape around...which is admittedly a huge advantage in the eyes of a ten-year-old.

But, the real trouble IMHO (In My Hipster Opinion) is that saying, “I mostly listen to vinyl at home” makes you sound like a broody hipster vampire from a Jim Jarmusch movie, whereas saying, “I mostly watch VHS at home” makes you sound like the “TV Is, We Are” guy from Slacker.

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