Sweetwater district sued from Texas

Former Castle Park principal Robert Bleisch claims discrimination

U.S. secretary of education Arne Duncan and principal Robert Bleisch at Castle Park Middle School
  • U.S. secretary of education Arne Duncan and principal Robert Bleisch at Castle Park Middle School

Robert Bleisch, a former principal at Castle Park Middle School, is suing his former employee, Sweetwater Union High School District. Bleisch claims he was discriminated against and subjected to retaliation for blowing the whistle on a politically connected colleague; Bleisch’s support of then-superintendent Ed Brand’s controversial programs, such as the district's partnership with for-profit college Alliant University, also worked against him, according to the lawsuit.

Bleisch, who has since moved to Texas, filed the lawsuit in San Diego County Superior Court on September 8.

The Allegations

After three years on the job, Bleisch states that he was demoted from his post as principal at Castle Park Middle in February 2014 as a result of filing a complaint one year earlier against a counselor at the school

Bleisch then alleges that Cristina Barcelo’s friend and trustee for Sweetwater Unified School District, Bertha Lopez (who had recently pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for allegedly misappropriating school funds), turned the tables, launching her own investigation into claims that it was Bleisch who had misused funds. And, according to the complaint, when the investigation hit a dead end, Lopez neglected to notify her fellow board members of the findings.

Not only did Lopez decide not to inform her colleagues on the board, she turned to her friends in the media to report on the investigation against Bleisch.

According to the complaint that friend was former Reader contributor Susan Luzarro.

"...Lopez continued further by disseminating false information, which Lopez knew was false by her own illegal investigations, by having her good friend and political ally, Susan Luzzaro, write several articles about Plaintiff in the San Diego Reader for the purpose to circulate these articles to teachers, staff, and board in Sweetwater for misinformation."

The district launched additional investigations into Bleisch.

"At the commencement of the investigation [Sweetwater Union] knew there was an adherence to a pro-Hispanic/anti-Caucasian method of operation of school district business. [Bleisch] is one-half Caucasian and one-half Mexican and did not fit in with their pro-Hispanic profile.... [Bleisch] did not fit in with their pro-Hispanic profile and, as a result, the handling of the investigation and the acts of the superintendent in reassignment and demotion, and allowing intolerable work conditions and environment and racial tensions and conditions to be so onerous and to exist over a long period of time were contrary to defendant Sweetwater's own rules, policies, practices, customs, due process rights of teachers, and procedures and were racially motivated against [Bleisch].”

Emotional Emails :)

But throughout it all, as reported by Luzarro in the Reader, Bleisch did not sit idly by.

On September 4, 2013 Luzarro wrote an article on Bleisch spending, according to Luzarro, approximately $40,000 to spruce up Castle Park Middle in preparation for U.S. secretary of education Arne Duncan's visit to the school.

In the days following the article, according to emails obtained by Luzarro in a public records request, Bleisch countered, trying to dig up support for Duncan's visit and to rally against the negative press.

This from a February 2014 Reader article:

After the article, it appears Bleisch spearheaded a counterattack.

At 6:00 on September 4, Bleisch wrote to Kevin Bieser about “Sec. Duncan Story in SD Reader.” Beiser is a teacher at Castle Park Middle and also a trustee on the San Diego Unified School District board.

Bleisch asks Beiser: “Please help set the record straight.”

At 6:04 he wrote to Richard Grove, a teacher at Castle Park Middle — again with “Subject: Fwd: Sec. Duncan Story in SD Reader.”

Bleisch tells Grove, “Enough is enough!! Time to punch back!! Please get as many people as possible set [sic] the Record straight.”

Whether or not these two responded to Bleisch’s appeal for help is unknown; however, there are a number of supportive comments under the story.

On September 5, Bleisch wrote from his district email to Granger teacher Maria Galleher. (Bleisch transferred to Castle Park from Granger.)

“FYI-could use a little support right now :)”

Galleher responds from her private email at 7:05. “Who is this Susan luzzaro bitch?!”

Bleisch texts back: “SD Reader, friend of the white elite negative extremists in CV.”

Forced Leave

In July 2014, after being transferred and then demoted, Bleisch handed in his resignation.

Reads the lawsuit, "Ultimately, in the end on July 30, 2014, but only after defendant Sweetwater created the work and employment and racial environment and conditions so intolerable, abusive, and insufferable forcing Plaintiff to leave, the investigation revealed no wrong-doing whatsoever by Plaintiff, and the district took no further disciplinary or other action against Plaintiff."

Bleisch is asking that a jury award him punitive, special, statutory damages as well as attorney's fees.

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What is is with Texas and these Sweetwater administrators? The district got two crooked supes from that same area near El Paso, and didn't Pearl come from there? So now this one goes there when he's unhappy with his treatment here. It is impossible to make up some of this stuff. Bleisch, who claims equal Anglo and Mexican parentage, says that he wasn't "Mexican enough" in a district that favored Hispanics. (Funny, I was taught that Hispanics/Latinos were Caucasians.) As I've said before, sometimes the real news is nuttier than a Mencken satire piece.

Visduh, you don't really have a clue do you :) Stay tuned for some great info shortly :)))))))

Says "Elevation" who just signed on and made his/her first posted comment.

I called out that this would happen a long long time ago.

Not bad Ms. Hargrove, not bad at all. It's great to see an unbiased reporter without an agenda. Let me help you by supporting your story with some facts. To get more information, see the Star news and the UT articles over the last year and a half. They wrote excellent stories about this issue.

First, let's play a little game. Connect the real life internet bullys who hide behind anonymous posts on the reader that are on the lawsuit. Ensenadamaria, wfted, knowthetruth, margaretmead/justateacher, doingtherightthing, blackwidow01/livetoknit01, and advocate/westsideworker. I did a long long time ago, and so has the attorney. Wait, it gets better, or is it worse. How about the facebook posts on the SEA page and on the Bring back Bleisch page. How about voicemails. Yep, it's all saved, and it's very ugly, implicating people on the suit as well as others who may be thrown into this. False allegations posted can even get anonymous posters sued, although they're not so anonymous now.

More info. The judge on this case is a african-american woman. A close friend of mine who was a former District Attorney in San Diego has worked with her. Was told she despises people who work in education that make decisions for their own personal political gain. Also was told most african-american judges are the same way.

Bottom line, most of the defendants are in deep deep crap. They made this mistake and got involved without realizing how the damning biased articles Luzzaro wrote over a year ago angered friends and family of those people she wrote about . Now, they need to take responsibility.

Lastly, If Luzzaro gets subpoeneaded, she will have to give up her sources.

Uh! ... so where are the facts?

"A close friend of mine" says...

"First, let's play a little game."

"Bottom line, most of the defendants are in deep deep crap."

Nope! I don't see any facts there. Hmmm... maybe under this rock. Nope, none there either.

Let me explain something to ya Hoss. Innuendo ain't facts. Neither is hearsay. And lastly, news peeps never have to give up their sources.

Lastly, got any extra of whatever it is yer smoking? Cuz you are seriously high on something.

JMBrickley - Well, you hit that nail in the head!!!!!!

The only thing I can add is that Elevation is also confused. According to the Reader, calling Dorian "Ms. Hargrove" would be incorrect.

I guess Elevation is generally confused.

The above post by Elevation is completely confusing. I have no idea what he/she is talking about and it did not enlighten me on the story, facts or situation. I have noticed this for a long time on Comments re South Bay education stories, but never read far enough to figure out who's who. I enjoy reading comments but not when it confuses instead of contributing to the discussion.

What? you mean you didn't read that post and know instantly that this Elevation was a very in the know kind of guy...And he has friends in high places! A former DA wooooohooo. and an African American judge. It gets hot next to the fire!

I'm skeered!

Wabbitsd - well, if the commenters here are indicative of jurors I smell a LOSS!

Hope this is what they need to look into the Superintendent Brand business dealings; pretty sure they funneled money into real estate or accounts other than the district's.

Well now, what have we here. Does anyone think that some of the comments here could be construed as threatening? Or is this just heightened emotion talking? Whatever it is, it doesn't seem particularly healthy to me.

Rational thought is highly regarded by most, unless there is a concerted effort to rewrite history or cast blame on others.

Visduh, as you said, "What is it with Texas?" Who was it who called Monte Carlo "the last refuge of scoundrels"? I guess Monte Carlo might have become the second to last...

Elevation - interesting name - to elevate means to rise to a higher level. In this case we continue to be told of all of the big news that is about to drop any second - yet there is a failure to launch.

No doubt the African American judge you 'claim' to know might not take too kindly to the insinuation.

Regarding Mr. Bleisch - my personal opinion perhaps it is time for him to come to the realization it is time to move on.

The story fails to tell of the ELEMENTARY Charter school that Ed Brand ( big white guy ) put on the then Bleisch campus - and what happened to the then MIDDLE school Special Ed students whose Facilties were taken from them? The Special Ed students called CPM home, yet they mattered little in the world of Mr. Brand and those who sought to please him.

When all else fails why not throw the 'race' card. Correct me if I am wrong but the then Superintendent Ed Brand appeared to support Mr. Bleisch, like a fair hair child, that is until the alleged investigation. Correct me if I am wrong but I could have sworn Bertha Lopez, as in 'LOPEZ' was Latina - hmmm, and it was Lopez who was the only Board member who listened to and then stood with the antagonists (yes she did plead guilty) - when you know better, you do better, AND SHE DID JUST THAT). Your case is crumbling,,,,,,

Your allegation of Lopez failing to tell her fellow Board members - well, let just say that is the case - can you blame her? When did they ever listen to her? - please review Board docs audio.

Now onto Susan Luzzaro - NEVER HAS INVESTIGATION REPORTING RESULTED IN SO MANY CONVICTIONS - and yet here you are claiming all Bleisch's problems were Luzzaro related. WOW!!!! Luzzaro, via her fact driven reporting, was instrumental in educating the taxpaying community - hey, she laid the facts out there. I guess the 'largest corruption case in San Diego history' being centered around Bond dollars in our local school districts matters little to you.

Now onto Ms. Luzzaro being forced to 'give up her sources' - well it is obvious you are not an educator - EVER HEARD OF FREEDOM OF THE PRESS? Her 'sources' are legally protected.

The monies spent on tshirts, stages and paint - reprehensible!!!!!! THE CPM STUDENTS DESERVED THOSE TAX DOLLARS BE SPENT IN THE CLASSROOM - NOT TO IMPRESS SOME DC BEUROCRAT!!!!!!!!!!

Those commenters you listed, hey, I thought you were the one who claimed you had broken the code, you knew who they were?

You speak of 'what the attorney knows' - might you be Mr. Bleisch himself? Regardless one thing about attorneys - one of the first things they tell clients 'loose lips sink ships' and 'in my opinion' elevation you may have just begun to scuddle the Bleish law suit ship.

** as always the comments above are JUST my personal opinions AND we all know what they say about opinion - right 'elevation'?

All I can say is bull. Elevation or should I say Bleisch supporter. You must have forgotten about the investigation done by the district for a number of employees that came forward with very specific charges against Bleisch. Won't it be great to see the pictures that were not funny that Bleisch did as a sick joke against one of his teachers in court if it ever reaches there. Talk about smoke and mirrors. I want a front row seat to listen to the Castle Park teachers tell the real reason why Bleisch was investigated. Even Brand couldn't get him out of the mess he made for himself. You point fingers at people that can't respond to your allegations,but the truth will prevail. Elevation, how did Dear Bobby get his job in Texas? Do you know? We all will if this really goes anywhere. Can't wait! Your description of the possible judge is truly a reach. Bertha did support the teachers that reached out to her because the other board members wanted the mess to go away like Brand. We wouldn't have a new board if it were not for Susan Luzzaro and Ashly McGlone. Peddle your erroneous information elsewhere.

Just another disgruntled ex-employee looking for his 15 minutes.

However, some of what is written here makes for good comedy. Trustee launches personal investigation, then doesn't share with the Board, but when it hits a dead end, it becomes an illegal investigation. Somewhere in this he gets demoted, so that had to be a pretty small dead end. I'm so confused.

Or this one, a reporter is a personal friend of Bertha Lopez. Followed by an exchange by BB and a district employee using District resources (email) to call the reporter a "bitch." Yeah, that's gonna play well in court.

One last thing. District sources said that ASB monies were used in the sprucing up of CPMS, “Some of the purchases are general fund, some are ASB funds….In any event, all of the expenditures are legal expenditures.” On the face of it, all seems ok, until you read the California State ASB Manual, and find out that ASB monies are specifically prohibited from being spend on items that are District responsibilities.

Robert Bleisch was demoted for whatever District Staff deemed appropriate. But, if this is all Bleisch has as his case against the District, he's in for a big disappointment

All this talk about Susan L. Lord knows she was one of the best the Reader had and she is missed. Looks like elevation has a personal vendetta against her. Facts are facts there buddy. If Bobby Bleisch had a case why did he wait so long?

No longer involved in the district but I still know a good reporter when I read one. Susan is dearly missed how the Reader let her go is a real puzzle. Looks like most posting here agree.

Mr. Hargrove, my bad, apologize for the Ms. Nothing intentional. Moving on,

Laughing at a lot of these posts, but what the heck, I'll respond to this foolishness to keep you guys stirring.

JMBrickley-The facts are in the lawsuit. I'll elaborate on that a little later, but first, I thought I'd like to post something that you might like to read :) http://laprensa-sandiego.org/editorial-and-commentary/editorial/we-ask-the-question-why-are-jim-cartmill-and-bertha-lopez-running-for-office/ You think the editor in La Presna is high also?

Eruption-The investigation is over. Your points are irrelevant. If the respective lawyer thought the claims were valid, then the investigation would have revealed a different result. Perhaps it's because of the lack of facts of the people in the anti-Bleisch camp. It also might have a little to do with the dirt in some of their files, but that's just an opinion.

AnnieJ-Competent judges could care less about opinions like mine. If fact, my source and good friend was a former African-American San Diego district attorney, Judges in general despise people in education who make decisions for their own personal political gain. That's what 2 of the main defendants have done in this case. And no, AnnieJ, I am not Bleisch

Photo921-Would advise you to read the past articles

It appears a lot of posters dodging the subject. Bleisch's lawyers took this case pro bono. A lawyer isn't going to take a case they don't think they can win. Obviously the defendants and their supporters aren't aware of the mounts of evidence that they have on this case. Bleisch was targeted by a hispanic politically motivated board member with help from a district office employee, who is also a defendant. It was retaliation for crashing the billingual ed program at Castle Middle and taking disciplinary action against her friend that was a counselor there. Bleisch was then targeted by teachers at Castle Middle for taking a social equity position at the school and not allowing practices like sorting kids into lower level classes to continue. After that, the board member got the union to wage a smear campaign against him when one of the defendants and the union president coordinated a meeting at Castle Middle, instigating teachers to submit a false letter of complaint. And yes, there are recordings of this meeting. The board member continued to make false allegations conducting secret illegal investigations, and leaking false information to Luzzaro. Again, the investigation by the district found no wrong doing.

Posts on the reader and posts on the SEA facebook page from August 2013 to March 2014 about this issue are in the hands of the lawyers. The defendants will have to deal with all this.

I understand that an attorney from the district will have to represent the defendants. Not one that would take this case on their own pro bono.

As a legal tactic, these posts by "Elevation" are not likely to be welcomed by Bleisch's legal team--unless they are so desperate that they are using this as a trolling opportunity.

Trolling. Looks like trolling was done by the defendants in their posts in the articles by Luzzaro below. It's all there. Again, another poster deferring from the allegations at hand. Getting distracted by me instead of the real issue. Good job. Eastlaker, there are pages of trolling by the defendants, probably 50-100 times more.

A legal team can also look at you and your friends comments as desperation to defend your friends. Keep it up.

Mr. Hargrove -- can you give us the names of all the people named in the lawsuit? While this information is not as tittalating as your reporting that a certain SUHSD teacher, and I think, a relative of Bobby Bleisch called Ms. Luzzaro a"bitch," it does not do much to inform people. You are no 'Susan Luzzaro!"

VigilantinCV, SUHSD was named. The lawsuit indicated that other people will be named at a later date. As for including the emails, it was relevant because Mr. Bleisch mentioned Luzarro's articles about him in his complaint. I'm not sure you are aware but Ms. Luzzaro was the one to report on Bleisch's emails and the responses to him. As for me not being Ms. Luzzaro, you are correct. Great observation.-dH

Chiming in here. But the many years of 'good old boy days' and 'corruption' that Ms. Luzzaro blazed the trail of uncovering via here fact driven reporting long before the Bleisch story, has the ENTIRE So Bay much be holding to her. She, a member of our community, I am told, was able to expose the news (backed up by data and facts) and present - leaving it up to the reader not The Reader to form their own opinions. Not so sure including 'the bitch' line was news or sensationalism. While it was not 'your comment' it still rubbed the masses the wrong way - AND QUITE FRANKLY TO BOIL IT DOWN WE MISS HER REPORTING ON OUR COMMUNITY - and I am NOT just speaking of SUHSD.

Thanks, AnnieJ. Ms. Luzzaro did a fine job and no one, including myself, is taking away from her reporting on South Bay. The sentence was included to show that Bleisch had issues with Luzzaro's reporting. It also showed the inner-turmoil at SUHSD and the manner in which Bleisch handled it. Luzzaro found it newsworthy, as did I. No other reason. I cover a lot of topics for the Reader, lawsuits such as these are among them. It is not just you, and the masses you speak of, that misses her reporting on these issues. As a journalist I do as well. Thanks for your comment. -dH

dH - Thank You for taking the time to answer and clarification.

Attempts to threaten the community with veiled threats of legal action simply for using the their legal freedom of speech - NOW THAT IS GOING TO SET REAL WELL WITH THE JUDGE - i believe we are all of the popular consensus a certain person is like our recent weather - full of hot air.

Sending a special hello to shirleyberan!

Reporting has protection too. Remember truth is a defense. Let us uncover it for the families who have been ripped off and struggling because of secrets.

That's the Luzzaro philosophy. Anything else is a clueless gibberish attempt at rhetoric.

A counter-suit is an option I suggest be explored.

Elevation - nothing is a slam dunk, especially when it is brought to a court's attention. Thanks.

Unprofessional Bleisch exemplified an end to Brand frat boy friends spending community funding, without proper oversight.

The clearest message I got from the whole Bleisch Incident was that Ed Brand loved hobnobbing with the Big Guys, so that when Bleisch went all Rah-rah for the Secretary of Education's visit, I am sure Brand encouraged him.

And when Bleisch was caught cutting corners with his financials (and a few other things), Brand, ever looking out for number one, was no longer in Bleisch's corner.

I am sure there are some big anger issues here--but let's take a good look. When wrong-doing gets reported, we don't "shoot the messenger". Facts are facts.

Crazily enough, those in this part of San Diego County have been facing veiled threats for some time (from previous school board members to Brand to whomever sent private investigators out). People here still spoke for and lobbied for The Truth. I do not think that will change.

I hope that Mr. Bleisch really does find the truth and can reconcile with it. There is no cause for anger to be directed at the reading public, who are really interested in an honest public school system.

Don't forget Pearl said she had "friends" in Mexico who didn't take to kindly to what we did.

Brand used private investigators on his ditracors using school money, ie tell me her/your name again, sorry.

My memory is short except that I recall everything I know about EdBrand's illegal conduct. So when it''s show time again I'll be there, again.

It was Matty Adato (sp) tolerating a use when the climate was insufferably Ed-Made.

Not a use, abuse. Aparently Bleisch was part of the problem, not any kind of solution.

Eastlaker-Taking a step back eh? Interesting.

Annie J-Uh yeaah.....like a judge will have any interest looking at this dribble, which has nothing to do with the case, at least what you're posting. I mean..cmon annie J. Wonder why none of those reader posters I named are posting anymore? It's because they're in the lawsuit and they are the defendants, which is what the judge will only be interested in.

Shirley-Counter suit. Ooookaaay? Find a lawyer that will take on a counter suit pro bono after an investigation done by a credible law firm that ruled no disciplinary action be taken against Bleisch. So your saying a lawyer will believe that the law firm and Bleisch's attorney are not credible? I'd parlay a bet with that and the defendants posting on this article. Of course the bet would probably only be worth -5000, if not lower. The only reason the defendants have an attorney is because the lawsuit is against the district and the school district attorney has to represent them. He/She doesn't have a choice. It's their job. Also, why keep bringing up Ed Brand and the past? This has nothing to do with either.

Mr Hargrove-Of course, these gadflies will criticize you and compare you unfavorably to Luzzaro because they are all on the same team. Luzzaro gets her ideas from the reader posters, then they praise her for it. Look at all of Luzzaros past articles. The same reader posters agree with each other and take turns giving each other thumbs up as well as praising Luzzaros greatness. They have the same talking points and yell at them loudly, especially if they disagree with you. Don't you dare disagree with them, or they'll call you corrupt and disgusting.

Elev - you sound like a bully-child. Evidence goes into documented attention to a judge. Can't wait because even I know how to print that on legal paper and have it accepted.

Sounds like we need to set up a legal defense fund for Susan.

Ms. G., I mean elevation - dribble, dribble dribble

No, I am not Elevation or a supporter of Bleisch. I'm serious about this. Susan is no longer on the Reader staff. Why? What's up?

I am in too friends of Luzzaro, and I'll contact the press.

Just for clarification, Luzzaro is not named in the lawsuit. The lawsuit is against SUHSD and others to be named at a later date. My guess is that might include Lopez as well as Jose Brosz, and Ramon Leyba. Those were the only names mentioned. The lawsuit is public record. Feel free to email me using the website (http://www.sandiegoreader.com/staff/dorian-hargrove/) and I can send it to anyone that would like it. -dH

Greenville - Ms. G post was not meant for you. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you dH. We fiercely protect our Susan.

Curious that anyone would say I am taking a step "backward". I am merely attempting to try and figure out some of the dysfunctional wheeling and dealing that entered into the sideshow that is being discussed here.

Because, we know that the main event is what Brand managed to get away with, who helped him, and why there seems to be no further data on all the real estate ventures.

Surely the files would be able to provide more background now--unless those files have been purged.

Greenville - I think what happened to ReaderSusan was a sexist issue rather than political but she'd have to disclose if/ when.

I'm not sure the details of the case. I vaguely remember some sort of harassment complaint on Bleisch by a teacher or staff, around the time the district was denying spending extra money sprucing up CPM for the visit by Duncan. I don't have any opinion one way or the other on this. Not until I can read more on the lawsuit.

As for Elevation and his posts here, I do remember a post by him on The Star News site a while back stating something big was going to break soon. I guess this was it.

I do find his posts here along the lines of a playground taunt. "I know something you don't know" Not much details, a lot of hot air.

Regarding the "investigation by a credible law firm", that really doesn't mean much. Lawyers would argue whether a glass is half-full or half-empty. We've seen "recommendations" in the past that have gone in two directions. The second law opinion, withheld by McCann years back, that suggested the district could terminate Gandara with cause is one that comes to mind. And lawyers don't have to work pro bono on cases. It just seems more impressive. Does not necessarily mean it is a winning case.

The only thing now is to wait and see the outcome of this, keeping an open mind. Let me get my popcorn and drink ready. This might get interesting.

I agree. Wouldn't be surprised if Bleisch's lawyers went after employees who went on record and provided false information during the investigation, spending hours with that attorney doing so. Isn't 3-4 hours a long time to spend with an attorney doing so?

Would not necessarily say false information was provided.

An event may have happened to which the employee may have perceived there was harassment where none existed.

Or, harassment may have actually happened, but not enough evidence was found to support the allegations. (He said / she said)

I don't know. I wasn't there.

Well, I read the La Prensa piece, and whatever "I'm so HIGH, I'm Elevated" thought was so damning in it I never could find. It must be in the form of a subliminal message. However, maybe because it's AN OPINION PIECE it doesn't need to have facts in it. Opinions are like as... er... noses, and even La Prensa can opine with the best of them.

"Elevated to a new HIGH," can sling his stuff around in here all he wants. Doesn't change the fact that Blish is suing the District for terminating him. If Susan Luzzaro made up facts he'd be suing the Reader for libel. All the other stuff is just so much chaff.

BTW Mr. Elevated, why not do as I do. Use your real name when you post. If you have nothing to hide, you don't! Kinda reminds me of a crank caller.

You couldn't find info in that article? But wrote opinion piece in all caps. Something in that article got that much of your attention, eh? When one writes in caps and uses explanation points, it usually demonstrates how sensitive they are about something....hold on JM....remember it's just my OPINION, not a fact, so I could be mistaken. Suing the reader for libel? Interesting angle there. Bringing this up cause I wouldn't be surprised if the defendants turn on each other in this case. Adding to dbdrivers point, it would be foreseeable for attorneys to take on this case for the defendants if some choose to go this route. And why don't I do as you do? Because it's so much fun! Ok, now for some serious somber points.

Luzzaro may have reported mostly facts in the past. Perhaps she trusted her sources and believed she was reporting facts. My takes are about this story and stories involved with it, not her other stories about other district issues. Sometimes the people that are trusted burn their media sources though, whether it's intentional or unintentional. It's happened to a lot of highly respected news reporters in the national media.

Secondly, two union bosses encouraged staff members to make accusations against Bleisch. Now they're getting sued for false allegations. The union hurt their own teachers and the teachers hard earned union dues went to the lawyers in the spring of 2014.

Third, another post i see deferring from the story, like most of the others. So JM, why not do as I do. Contribute information to the story written by Hargrove. If you have nothing to hide, you don't!

-Elevated to a new HIGH

Dude! You are seriously delusional! I'm not the one making accusations... You are. I wrote in caps so you might get the point of what I was saying. Since you didn't, or couldn't (probably the later), I will refrain from engaging in an intellectual duel with an unarmed man. Cya!

Jmbrickley - elevation/Ms. G.

Without signs to take down one has chosen to play spin doctor.

Your comments once again right on target!

So you're calling me Ms G and your pal JM is calling me a Mr? So what are you two saying? That im a Mux? That's bullying/harassment!

Here's another thought regarding the "investigation" by the attorney(s) who, according to "Elevation" determined that a worthy lawsuit exists for Mr. Bleisch.

We don't know the credentials or background of the attorney(s) in question. We don't know on what criteria their decisions were based.

We do know that historically, Sweetwater has been known to have lawsuits that could go on for a decade (for some reason, there has been an unwillingness to settle/finish up). However, maybe that will change with new people on the board and in the administration. Maybe legal advice the school district gets will actually assist the school district's position, and not just the bottom line of the law firm.

What I am saying is that Sweetwater just might be fortunate enough to have legal representation that benefits Sweetwater--so things just might not be quite the honey pot for litigants that they once were.

Mr. Bleisch was riding high one day and out of the saddle the next. I am sure that hurt. Mr. Bleisch might well ask himself what role Ed Brand played in all this. One possibility is that the concept of expendability is something that bully leaders have a sixth sense for, almost like a sell-by date on a steak.

Mr.or Ms Hargrove, if you were half the reporter that Susan Luzzaro is you would know a lot more about this bogus lawsuit that you put forward. You would already know how Bleisch got his new job in Texas. You would know about the Castle Park teachers. You would have copies of the pictures that Bleisch did of a staff member from Granger. You would know why Leyba and Brosz were named and what they will be saying on the stand(if it really goes to court) You would have mentioned Ms Hueso as doing the investigation for the district and where it went from there. You would know about the County Office of Education's involvement or at least mentioned it because of their legal standing. You put forth some sensational material without any elementary back up information. This article should have been done by Susan Luzzaro the South Bays best. Or maybe you should have asked for information from her. I'd like to know what she has to say.

Oh no, Eruption has erupted. First off, it's mister but feel free to call me Dorian. You could have gone on to the staff page to see my bio and the hundreds of articles I've written to find that out, but never mind. Not a big deal.

There's no contest here. I cover, and have covered, cities throughout San Diego County for the Reader. I don't, and never have, suggested that I am some authority on South Bay. So, before freaking out, and before hurling insults my way, maybe you should do some fact checking of your own. Ms. Luzzaro did a great job. She has her critics as well as her supporters. Best of luck to her.

Now, onto the lawsuit. I write for the website as well as the paper edition. For the website, throughout the week, I write brief news articles. Because Ms. Luzzaro no longer contributes to the Reader - for reasons I am not aware of - I decided to write about a new lawsuit from a former SUHSD principal against the district. I found this lawsuit as I was looking at recent court filings, which I do nearly everyday (see the list of stories I have written and you will see what I am referring to).

Because of the past controversy with South Bay school districts and because Ms. Luzzaro did such an excellent job reporting on those topics, I wrote about the lawsuit and included the backstory, which Ms. Luzzaro wrote. This article, as all of my others, are meant to inform. I have no objective other than that. I have no stake in South Bay's school districts. So, please, spew whatever comments you might have but try to avoid the insults. -dH

Intentionally androgynous bloggers - I feel left out of this year's current loop. Need Susan.

Mr Hargrove-Called it out that they would attack you. Erupting took the bait, and others admit supporting Luzzaro.

Reminds me of that game I played as a little kid, Mouse Trap. "Just turn the crank, and snap the plank, and boot the marble right down the chute, now watch it roll and hit the pole, and knock the ball in the rub-a-dub tub, which hits the man into the pan. The trap is set, here comes the net! Mouse trap, I guarantee, it's the craziest trap you'll ever see.". Erupting says "you would know why ----- and ----- were named and what they will be saying on the stand(if it really goes to court) You would have mentioned ------ as doing the investigation for the district and where it went from there. " Nice Erupting. You further implicated the defendants relationship with Luzzaro. It could be they're a source of Luzzaros. It could also be that another defendant that you didn't mention is feeding you and Luzzaro this info (the more likely possibility). Or both. Actually, all one would have to do is go to her twitter page and see a pic of one of the defendants on it.

DbDriver-I never asked if you were around the situation. Just asked you if 3-4 hours was a long time to spend with an attorney to give a statement. That's like getting busted for possession of weed and instead stating that you didn't commit a robbery or burglary when the cops didn't ask you that question. Thanks. Another question. Debating on where to send my kids to middle school. Should I send them to Hi Tech Middle and wait on a list, or send them to Alpine? What do you think?

Elevation- my apologies. I was offering my point of view on the "false information" part of your statement, keeping an open mind as to the possible reasons it may have been given. I had not realize you asked me a direct question, and not a rhetorical one.

I suppose spending 3-4 hours with a lawyer giving a statement could be considered a long time. It would depend on whether the lawyer was merely getting the details from me as I could best remember them, or if he was hounding me until he got the desired results he wanted to twist them into.

As for the choice of schools for your kids, I don't know those schools well enough to make a good recommendation. If your kids have an aptitude for science, math and technology, I would probably lean towards High Tech Middle and High, if they could get in.

I'm not sure on the Alpine schools. Charter or public? Public may be limited. From what I recall, there is no public high school as Grossmont District hasn't built the campus in Alpine as promised with bond money that was voted on. The public middle school may dead end, sending kids back west to another Grossmont school.


I do believe I have seen someone post under the name Erupting in the past, on stories posted by Luzzaro.

However, we seem to have someone posting on this story as Eruption. Appears to have signed up this week, and has only posted twice on the Reader, here in this story.

It appears to be that someone has created the similar name to troll the site and harass Mr. Hargrove, as someone has called it. ( I may be wrong, but that is what it looks like.)

Not bad Dbdriver, not a bad job at connecting the dots.

JM Brickley-You seem like a guy I might have fun partying with. saying this right now maybe it's because I'm so high I'm elevated. Not taking the Mux reference personal, although was rather hurt your friend Annie J kept calling me Ms. after you addressed me as Mr.

Speaking of connecting the dots, surprised Greenville posted. Mentioned a couple days ago that 2 union bosses encouraged members to make libelous and misleading attacks. Wasn't cool to put other teachers in danger for the purpose of stopping a charter school. The charter idea didn't put those teachers in danger. The libelous attacks have. Let's see....what teacher in the Sweetwater District is from Greenville? That might have been the easiest one yet. Another one who admits an association with Luzzaro and has threatened another union member in a previous reader post-just read her messages. It just.....doesn't....look.....very......good. Evidence piece, after evidence piece after evidence piece.....

Actually hoping the defendants entourage shows up to court (if it goes there) hooting and hollering like they do in the reader articles and apparently at board meetings. The jurors and the judge will make a connection rather easily.

well,,,,, as I predicted none of the major news we were promised came to fruition.

an 'elevated' balloon is full of what?............................. a lot of hot air.

peace, love, dove and keep the faith!

AnnieJ - he's full of shit and sadness. We will keep revealing truth about the thefts and lies.

JM-Crank caller eh? Speaking of calling, are you still calling members of the media and leaving anonymous messages to them on stories you disagree with? Yep....I know :)

Shirley-Insults and and an aggressive tone! Didn't Mr Hargrove respectfully ask reader bloggers to refrain from those? Does it eat you up that you know squat about this story :) Evidence that you haven't posted anything about the story.

Annie are you OK? Are you OK, are you OK Annie? Back to the story at hand. Patience Annie, patience ;-))))))

Let's play another game....shoot...let's just brainstorm. The characteristics of Luzzaro's bloggers.

-They're big fans of Bertha Lopez -They agree with everything Luzzaro says -They are always right and always know the truth, self-righteous -If you don't know (OR CAN"T HANDLE) the truth, they CALL YOU CORRUPT AND YELL AT YOU USING ALL CAPS -They don't just dislike or disapprove of Gandara and Brand, they hate then with a passion. Actually, they hate most men in general -They're soooooo extreme pro-union that they will support anyone in education that is horrible for kids but wage war on any admin that attempts to get them to actually work -Most are retired but get the inside scoop from elected union leaders or Bertha Lopez, see eruptings last post who further implicated her with Luzzaro -They are board meeting gadflies and like hooting and hollering at board meetings -They act like community members but are actually the mouthpiece for the union talking points

And last but not least,

-They are the Tea Party of the Sweetwater District

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