Dog park controversial in Normal Heights

Parks and Recreation Department finds $22,000 to fund project

An August 26 email from District 3 councilman Todd Gloria's office to the Normal Heights Community Association provided an update on the plans for an interim off-leash dog park at Ward Canyon Neighborhood Park.

A “Project Notification Bulletin” has been sent to neighboring properties and there will be an official "Public Meeting to Discuss the Proposed Improvements for [Ward Canyon Neighborhood Park],” according to Adriana Martinez, Gloria's Normal Heights liaison. The meeting will be held on September 22 at 7:00 p.m. at the Adams Recreation Center (3491 Adams Avenue), and a precise diagram of the proposed off-leash area will be available at that time.

As noted in the Reader of May 16, 2015, an off-leash dog park — even an interim one — is somewhat controversial, but the Parks and Recreation Department has identified $22,000 to fund this project, which could begin construction this fall and open to the public, and their dogs, by year's end.

The Normal Heights Community Planning Group, at their September 1 meeting, unanimously approved the proposed interim dog park but added that it shouldn’t be located next to residences unless there is sound buffering, bench seating should be provided, a water source is crucial, and fencing should be at a height of four feet.

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Proof that NIMBY's are alive and well and that with government nothing is ever easy.

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Wow Ponzi! You must have stepped on some big toes. Did you hit a nerve or what?

I would like to clarify that the Normal Heights Community Planning Group (NHCPG) has not yet voted on whether to approve the plans for the interim dog park. The draft plans for the interim dog park are on land directly adjacent to homes and originally planned to be a community garden. The original planned and previously approved official dog park is slated to go where the asphalt currently is, located next to I-15 further away from residences. The vote at the Sept 1st NHCPG meeting was whether to send a representative to the Adams Rec Council meeting on Sept 22nd to voice some of our concerns and ideas about this interim dog park plan. The concerns presented were the proximity to residences, the height of the fence (42" is proposed, a minimum of 48" is requested), the addition of a watering station for humans and canines, trash receptacles, benches for seating, and the possibility of some shade. The NHCPG is also requesting additional information about the budget and whether we can use the remaining funds for other park improvements or additional improvements in our community. The projected $22K is an early estimate based on the preliminary draft plans presented but we were originally told that the city has budgeted up to $100K for this interim dog park. All of these issues will be discussed with City reps and Parks and Rec at the Adams Rec Council meeting on Sept 22nd at 7pm. Any interested community members are welcome to attend.

Far more is spent daily on two-legged vermin that are far less deserving than dogs. If we REALLY need to scrimp over the $22,000 involved, then we should start by cutting the billions that go to unions, special interests, illegal aliens, welfare bums, etc. We'll have solved all of our problems long before we get to dog parks.

Tax money does not go to unions. Unions are funded by dues paid by their members. The government only regulates unions. There are more rules, laws and regulations on union elections than any government elected office. Union members have a contract with their employer which they vote on. Union members have a voice in the workplace and they have protections from being fired "just because" but can and are fired for just cause. The rest of what you said is right on.

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