Beat up in La Jolla? Or posturing for money?

Accused lawyer claims wife is attempting end-around for lack of pre-nup

Martin Chitwood has been cleared by a jury on charges brought by Carol Chitwood.


Carol Chitwood sued Martin Chitwood in San Diego Superior Court for allegedly pulling her hair, punching her in the face, butting her head, attempting to strangle her with a tank top in an incident in which he kicked her head, anally raping her, and abusing her in other instances. A jury found Martin Chitwood not liable on all her charges. On August 31, 2017, a judgment was entered in favor of defendant Martin Chitwood, who was deemed entitled to be reimbursed for costs.

The San Diego County district attorney's office is "reviewing" possible criminal charges against prominent Atlanta class-action lawyer Martin Chitwood, according to Tanya Sierra, public affairs officer of the local D.A.'s office.

He and his wife, Carol Swanson Chitwood, have homes in Atlanta and La Jolla. On August 13 of last year, Martin Chitwood was arrested by San Diego police for alleged battery on a spouse, according to Sierra. The case went to the city attorney's office as a possible misdemeanor "and it was not prosecuted," according to Gerry Braun, spokesman for the office. Later, Carol Chitwood's attorney sent additional information, says Braun. The case then became a possible felony that would be handled by the D.A.

Carol Swanson Chitwood

Carol Swanson Chitwood

Photos from the Daily Report

The Daily Report, an Atlanta legal publication, has reported that in her divorce papers against him in Fulton County, Georgia, as well as in an assault and battery suit in San Diego, "She contended that her husband has knocked her unconscious, shoved her down flights of stairs, strangled her until she passed out, pulled a knife on her and forcibly sodomized her. Her injuries — noted in medical records included with her court papers — have required trips to the emergency room, stitches and surgery, she said."

Martin Chitwood’s San Diego attorney, Paul Pfingst (also San Diego's former district attorney), could not be immediately reached for comment.

Screenshot from

Screenshot from

Martin Chitwood’s Atlanta attorney, Marvin Solomiany, told the Daily Report that her actions are "an attempt to extort a settlement in the divorce case…. In her failed attempts to set aside the prenuptial agreement that she voluntarily negotiated with the assistance of her own counsel, Ms. Chitwood's fraudulent claims of domestic violence are an insult to those who wrote the laws protecting the legitimate victims of domestic violence and to the victims themselves."

The Daily Report also noted that "A supervisor at the San Diego police unit [said] Carol Swanson Chitwood's 911 call 'looked to us like part of their divorce' and that Carol Chitwood may have been 'posturing for money.'"

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They use that same old line "insult to legit victims" but this is legitimate as it gets, physical battery over and over.

shirleyberan: It seems to me that important bits of information are hospital records of her alleged trips to the emergency rooms. Best, Don Bauder

That abuse is wrong. But she should have left him and stayed away for good the first time it got nasty. Returning is looking for trouble. BTW, they married about 6 years ago. What did she do for a living before that? She should have left him and resumed her career..

Ponzi: I would be interested in her past, and also his.

One of the problems with battered spouse cases is that the woman often doesn't want her husband prosecuted. He may be her only means of support. Or there could be other reasons. Best, Don Bauder

"Born and raised in Canada, Carol Swanson Chitwood was a rhythmic gymnastics champion and a member of Canada's 1980 Olympic team. She went on to a career as a senior recruiter for GE Energy in Canada and was working for Pitney Bowes when she met Martin Chitwood through a high-end international professional matchmaking service. She is currently the technical director of USA Aesthetic Group Gymnastics and judges its competitions."

Read more:

Ponzi: Dumb me. That article from the Daily Report was one of my sources for this item. But when I was asked her history, I said I didn't know. I guess I didn't remember that I had read it. Best, Don Bauder

Many women want to help a deuchbag, whatever it takes for love.

shirleyberan: True. Many women feel they can reform a man. Less often, it is the other way around. Best, Don Bauder

He has told her what obviously goes with complaint, no sharing any children and cut off from all money she has.

shirleyberan: Money could be a factor. They are obviously enjoying affluence. Best, Don Bauder

Damn it Don - evidence and statistics dude.

shirleyberan: We have to study the evidence. We don't have it in front of us. Best, Don Bauder

Here's a bit of advise, family or not, never trust an abusive AHole.

shirleyberan:I think that is very good advice.Best, Don Bauder

What about Mrs Sterling v Vstiviano? Good work on her part.

shirleyberan: I am not familiar with that case. Best, Don Bauder

What's with all the ads on top of the blog text? I will boycott the "advertisers."

Twister: Don't boycott our advertisers. That would just hand a victory to the U-T. Best, Don Bauder

I didn't threaten to boycott ALL your advertisers--just those that intrude upon the text of this blog, preventing me from reading it. Perhaps you're not seeing what I'm seeing. Maybe it's the result of a hack?

Twister: Again: please don't drop any advertisers, even if their ads are intrusive. Best, Don Bauder

Clippers owner Sterling acting like an idiot for a hooker. Hope wives win.

shirleyberan: Enlightenment! It's part of the Donald Sterling melodrama. Best, Don Bauder

Don - in case you didn't see she sued the little bitch and is supposed to get millions back her husband gave to his whore friend.

shirleyberan: I don't know whether yours is an accurate depiction of what is happening -- or an accurate depiction of her -- because, again, I am not familiar with this case. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi - simple fact - women are Not as Violent as men.

Shirleyberan: That is an easily provable thesis. Men commit more than 90 percent of violent crimes. It is just an evolutionary truth: through time, men have been the hunters and warriors, women the nurturers. Best, Don Bauder

Murphyjunk: Yes. One who is vindictive is very likely to be mean. Best, Don Bauder

Don - Think about it, what would Mrs. Nixon do, or Mrs. Clinton about their husband's crazy?

shirleyberan: Both stuck by their husbands. In the case of Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill -- no matter what a philanderer he was (is?) -- was her ticket to political power. I don't know why Pat Nixon stayed with Richard. As a column of mine pointed out, Pat and Dick had a joint account in a mobbed-up Swiss bank. That may have had something to do with it. Best, Don Bauder

Kevin Sisterson: I'm afraid you are right. The big crooks have the most expensive lawyers. Those big crooks are likely to win in court; they have more money to spend than their penny-pinching opponents.

The largest white shoe law firms have some of the smelliest clients around. That is because the smelly crooks are able to pay the biggest bucks for legal representation. Best, Don Bauder

The buck before the work--prostituting the law.

Twister: A good description of what's happening today. Best, Don Bauder

But for the money would she have married him?

AlexCarke: Good question. Only she knows that answer -- and perhaps she herself doesn't understand what her motivations were. Best, Don Bauder

No. If the shoe salesman at Nordstrom or the clerk at Home Depot had caught her eye, she would have married one of them. She just found this random lawyer to be a nice "Southern Gent." Maybe next time she'll marry the manager at Target.

Ponzi: Better yet, the largest non-institutional shareholder of Target. Best, Don Bauder

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