Earth movement broadcasts at Fault Line Park

Listen to shifting tectonic plates in the shadow of 46-story structures

Playground at Fault Line Park (yellow-accented Pinnacle at the Park building in background)
  • Playground at Fault Line Park (yellow-accented Pinnacle at the Park building in background)

On Friday, August 28, Fault Line Park officially opened on Island Avenue in East Village.

One of the chrome markers

One of the chrome markers

The park spreads over 1.3 acres between 14th and 15th streets. It is the first public park to be established in the East Village neighborhood since Park at the Park — the 2.7-acre grassy haven just outside Petco’s outfield fence — opened in 2004.

Rose Canyon fault line

Rose Canyon fault line

Fault Line Park was named for its location above the Rose Canyon earthquake fault line. Despite the fault running so close, it is not thought to be much of a threat.

Explanation of Fault Whisper installation

The park has an installation by Hong Kong-born artist Po Shu Wang of Living Lenses. Titled Fault Whisper, the sculpture that includes two chromed spheres will function as fault-movement markers as the Pacific Plate moves against the North American Plate. A modified seismometer embedded in the fault itself will "broadcast" the sound of the movement, according to a YouTube video.

Adjacent to the park are the Pinnacle Towers, two 46-story mixed-use apartment buildings that will provide 950 new homes, including 72 affordable-housing units.

While the city owns the park, developers will reportedly maintain and operate the property.

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I hate to ask how much the artist charged for the installation, and who paid for it.

Apparently there were no home grown artists up to the challenge. Free trade at work.

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