Your demons are a bore

You’re under a curse? So what?

Post Title: Chutzpah

Post Date: October 18, 2015

In The Joys of Yiddish, Leo Rosten defines the term Chutzpah as: “that quality enshrined in a man who, having killed his mother and father, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan”.

I see that Chutzpah amounts to a total denial of personal responsibility, one that renders others speechless and incredulous…one cannot quite believe that another person totally lacks common human traits like remorse, regret, guilt, sympathy, and insight. The implication is at least some degree of psychopathy exists in the subject, but there is also the awestruck amazement of the observer at the display.

Post Title: No More Space in Space

Post Date: August 7, 2015

We joke with naivete since we believe we can make it (as in making a living). The fusillade of neural activity triggered by a new experience adjusts the brain’s connections—neurons are strengthened if those cells communicate frequently. The notoriety of fame eventually corrodes our/the sense of humor.

Let me give it to you straight whether you’re six feet underground or enclosed in a womb: your “demons” turn out to be a giant bore. You propose you’re under a curse? So what? Everybody is! Everybody is lost in the shuffle.

My company and I are now fused into a single entity. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln. “A house divided among itself will not stand. I need you, Never Repeat Jokes sponsors & supporters.”

Do you think you have limited capability as a single entity? GOD! You write your life story to strangers online: nurturing an addiction: What more can I do? More being the key word. The fabrication spools & soon you’re enclosed within a cocoon. You’re drowning in the ocean while describing the water to yourself!

My comedic style is Andy Kaufman or my mom. I shock; go global; always trending; viral as “crabs.” A shark with a killer spark! Go through my 200 short films. Each one embeds popular brands in the title. If liked, the brands are automatically notified from your very own Twitter account. I.E. Like my @Spiderman @Batman roast and they’re both notified!

I started stand-up comedy late at 28, as I assumed it required a college degree; that I had to learn to speak publicly; whether an audience laughs at me or with me or to themselves; it’s safe to say I was school’d by school.

My ultimatum is to tour around the clock even when the big hand touches the little hand and the pendulum screams midnight. My success goes hand in hand with your success, so revolt against the 1%. Don’t say “F*ck the free world.” All the $ in the world cannot buy love ~ all the love in the world will make you rich.

Post Title: Calliope Buried Under a 1-Ton Fart

Post Date: May 24, 2015

The Chief of all Muses, Calliope (Ancient Greek: Καλλιόπη, “beautiful voice” or “of good face”) is the muse who presides over eloquence. So called for her ecstatic harmony of voice, she was the wisest of Muses, the one who defeated the daughters of the king of Thessaly in a singing match and then, to punish their presumption, turned them into magpies.

Calliope is usually seen with a writing tablet in her hand, crowned in gold. At times, she is depicted with a scroll that says, “Here rise to life again, dead voice! Charm the stubborn rocks upon the mountains, the course of rivers, and the wild oak-trees of this day.”

A millennia later...Calliope has gone haywire under a 2,000 lb. fart. The clown is a ubiquitous, powerful variant in storytelling. The silly costume, wig, and big nose are an invention of the circus, so the audience can see the expression of the physical comedy from far away. However, the costume does not represent the clown. Many amazing clowns in our recent history did not don a costume, and are loved to this day: Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, the Marx brothers, Sasha Baron Cohen, Jim Carrey, Monty Python, and Little Britten chose to wear different costumes for each story. Not every clown performs and lives in a circus.

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