Port Commissioner rents yacht berth from Marriot while voting on hotel’s lease

Conflict of interest? Not at all.

Bob Nelson has a yacht at the Marriott and the lease is up for review by the Port District, where he’s a commissioner — no conflct of interest, says the state Fair Political Practices Commission.
  • Bob Nelson has a yacht at the Marriott and the lease is up for review by the Port District, where he’s a commissioner — no conflct of interest, says the state Fair Political Practices Commission.

Does a San Diego port commissioner’s rental of a luxury yacht berth at the downtown Marriott marina pose a conflict of interest for him when voting on extending the giant hotel’s lease with the port? Not at all, according to a September 22 advice letter from the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission.

The port’s Bob Nelson, a wealthy public relations man, “has a month-to-month Boat Slip Agreement with Marriott that requires him to pay a wharfage fee of $1,000 per month for exclusive use of a boat slip at the marina,” says the letter from agency counsel Hyla P. Wagner. Pacific Gateway, Ltd., “leases approximately 1,608,463 square feet of tidelands and water area in the City of San Diego. That tidelands and water area includes two hotel towers, buildings, a lobby, a convention center, restaurants, meeting rooms, administrative offices, parking, and a 435 slip marina. Marriott manages the hotel on behalf of Pacific pursuant to a management agreement between Pacific and Marriott.”

The lease on the property between the port and Pacific is up for approval by the commission. Since “there is no indication of a potential for profit or loss with respect to the Boat Slip Agreement between Marriott and the Commissioner as a result of the approval or denial of the renewal or extension of the lease between the District and Pacific,” Nelson is in the clear, the opinion says. The sailing commissioner pushed hard last year to hold the next America’s Cup in San Diego, but the effort lost out to Bermuda.

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Oh please, it is the most expensive marina in San Diego. Now if he is getting a deal, than and only than it would be a conflict. Are the commissioners not supposed to have boats?

What is it with the Reader and having to be so PC today?

peter45 et. al. as I do not have a yacht, or even a rowboat, I do not have a clue what the moorage rate is. If Bob Nelson is getting a "Deal" or somehow got priority to access a slip in the "most expensive marina" ie. "most exclusive" than there might be a quid pro quo conflict of interest. Also not knowing Commissioner Nelson or his public relations firm. I would bet the Yacht belongs to his "Company" and it's a major expense written off his taxes.
I have an issue with the Power Brokers and their access to the decision makers in our region. Too many decision makers giving funding, jobs and special consideration to each other. "Conflict of Interest" What has happened to government "of the people, by the people and for the people"? BBQ

bbq:The government "of the people, by the people" has been sold to those with the most money. You and the rest of the "people" only get to vote for the chosen bought and paid for politicians. No one, not even "we" give money to someone (except charitable giving) and expect nothing in return. While some money backed politicos may not win other money backed politicos will. "We the people" have been sold out. Elections are all about money and "the people" are nothing and have no real voice.

Alex, I fully understand and was really being sarcastic about "we the People", especially here in this wonderful little corner of the world, San Diego. While I agree with your analysis, I find it an incredibly sad and negative opinion. I am not a mover and shaker, I believe in community and charitable service and speaking my mind. Again your response, while true, it is just so frustrating to watch the "Takers and Users" of our society (Rich, Powerful and politically connected) keep covering their own and each others Butts (A--ES).

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