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  • Pina

As with many great artists, Paul Taylor has a lovely eccentricity. Dancemaker (USA, 1998, Artistic License) follows his company through one season from creation of a new dance to performance. Behind-the-scenes clips show Taylor as ruthless dictatorial leader, dismissing dancers for not being “interesting.” Yet in interviews he’s shown to be a tender and troubled man, continually building a family of beautiful dancers. This film captures the American spirit of struggles and success in one of the most cutthroat businesses.

Available on Xfinity and on DVD

Pina (Germany/France/England, 2011, IFC Films) is a visually stunning film showcasing the power of humans as dancers. Created just after her death, this film captures some of German choreographer Pina Basuch’s most exciting and emotional works. The dancers are set in graphic, urban locations that heighten their passion, loneliness, athleticism, tenderness, and talent. The incredible artistry of the camera work and direction frames the beautiful dancers and brings out the authenticity of their performance.

Available on Google Play and Sundance Now

— Blythe Barton, Dancer, choreographer, director,

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