Faulconer's trickle-down turkey freebies

Pre-Thanksgiving block party paid for by host of special interests

Mayor Faulconer handing out turkeys at Webster block party
  • Mayor Faulconer handing out turkeys at Webster block party
  • One San Diego photo

Kevin Faulconer's One San Diego, the nonprofit that boosts the Republican mayor's anti-poverty agenda — in the process yielding glowing media accounts benefiting his political profile — has picked up some cash from two San Diego corporate icons.

Peter Farrell

Peter Farrell

ResMed founder Peter Farrell's nonprofit, the Farrell Family Foundation, kicked in $5000 on October 26, according to a disclosure statement filed with the city clerk November 25.

Controversial in some quarters, Farrell is famously noted for his December 2012 threat to move ResMed to Texas or other parts unknown because Democrats controlled the California statehouse.

“California just doesn’t have a business-friendly environment,” he pronounced.

Then, in October 2013, he rooted for congressional Republicans threatening to shut down the federal government.

"Any time you can stop any government spending money, it's got to be a plus for the taxpayer," Farrell told the Australian Financial Review.

The sleep-machine magnate is also a major backer of local GOP causes, including last year's failed Board of Equalization drive of Shirley Horton and the city-council campaign of Dwayne Crenshaw, who, although a registered Democrat, was heavily backed by the GOP Lincoln Club (to which Farrell gave) against endorsed Democrat Myrtle Cole, winner of the contest.

When Farrell puts his money into anything, he make clear on the family foundation website, a payoff is expected.

"We see our gift giving as an investment upon which we look for a return; a return that is a quantifiable improvement in society," says the nonprofit's mission statement.

"In other words, we don't give based on needs; we invest in expected outcomes."

In Faulconer's case, one sure outcome has been friendly news coverage, including that of the latest One San Diego outing, a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway at a Webster neighborhood block party by the mayor, his wife, and cell-phone giant AT&T, another Faulconer favorite that gave $22,500 to the nonprofit.

"Admission, food and entertainment were provided for free," noted the Times of San Diego.

Another recent giver to the Faulconer freebies, according to the November 25 disclosure, is Jack in the Box's Qdoba Mexican Grill, with $5000 on November 12.

Jack's Mexican food operation has been struggling, with 62 underperforming locations closed in 2013, followed by last month's name change to Qdoba Mexican Eats, accompanied with a new logo and staff uniforms, according to Nation's Restaurant News.

Parent Jack in the Box has clashed repeatedly with neighbors over city permit and development issues, using the downtown law and influence-peddling firm of Sheppard Mullin.

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ATT gave Falconer's slush fund for the poor $22,500? They must be wanting to pave the way for unsightly cell towers here, there and everywhere. Better ATT should improve its "U-Verse" mess which, in the two weeks I have been a subscriber for home phone and internet, has cut off my email connection twice and phone service for one-half of Thanksgiving Day. And thanks, ATT, for those "service" hotshots based in the Philippines who try to communicate technicalities in opaque second-language English to Luddities in the lower 48.

“California just doesn’t have a business-friendly environment,” Translation: California has too many worker protections and a higher minimum wage.

No, California has too many taxes, regulations, fees, paperwork, red tape, and bureaucracy.

What good is a non-existent "high-paying" job to anyone? Isn't a real job that pays real wages preferable to a fantasy?

So let Farrell and ResMed move to Texas. We'll help you pack. Outside of Austin, Texas is not such a pleasant place to live and work.

Far too many businesses have already taken you up on your generous offer. Why are you in favor of fewer jobs and less opportunity here? Millions of people live quite happily in Texas with lower taxes, houses half the price here, and cheap electricity to keep them comfortable in the awful weather.

So why haven't YOU moved to Texas? [I wouldn't move there if I was provided with free rent and free utilities and free food! There are a lot more negatives about Texas besides the bad weather.]

You all miss the point. This is San Diego's new populist mayor in action. He actually hands out turkeys to po' folks with a smile.

Why, with his successes in those 'hoods, he could soon be So Cal's answer to Huey Long.

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