Fabiani splits with Lehane

The man San Diego fans love to hate

Chris Lehane, Mark Fabiani’s former business partner
  • Chris Lehane, Mark Fabiani’s former business partner

Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani has finally split the business with his longtime Bill Clinton–era sidekick Chris Lehane, the similarly combative political and PR consultant whose 2013 movie Knife Fight about the rough-and-tumble business of professional politics tanked at the box office. Lehane is now head of policy for Airbnb, where he racked up a big victory earlier this month by defeating San Francisco’s Proposition F, spending $8.5 million to defeat the hotel-union-backed measure.

Now, reports the Los Angeles Times, the company has turned its big-money sights on Los Angeles, where labor and self-styled affordable housing advocates are working on a law to rein in so-called home-sharing services including Airbnb, which promises to fight back with its enormous cash stash. “If you just look at the numbers — the size, depth and breadth of our community — it’s 100,000-plus in L.A. and growing, growing very quickly,” Lehane told the Times. “It’s a real constituency. There is a real Airbnb/homesharing voter bloc.”

With so much on their separate plates, the 18-year partnership of Fabiani & Lehane is no more, according to Fabiani’s latest revision to his LinkedIn profile. Henceforth, the man San Diego fans love to hate is doing business as Mark Fabiani, LLC.

Assembly Democrat Shirley Weber, once a member of the San Diego Unified school board, has been feted by Jonathan Dean, superintendent of the O’Farrell Charter Schools, and Charter School Advocates for San Diego. An invitation for the November 17 campaign fundraiser at Felix’s BBQ with Soul lists donation levels ranging from $25 for teachers to $4200 to hosts.

The San Diego Police Officers Association’s political action committee coughed up $1500 for the San Diego County Democratic Party on November 10.

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Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but that shot of Lehane, prominently showing off his crooked teeth and five-o'clock shadow and insincere leer, doesn't appeal to me. Then the revelation that he's the attack dog for AirBnB makes him look even worse. That he and Fabiani have split isn't real news, is it? They both sell their dismal services to the highest bidder. And so it is that Fabiani is doing it for the odious Spanos gang, and Lehane is doing it for AirBnB. Anything really revealing here about either one of them? I don' theenk zo.

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