Bare on the wrong beach

Uncooperative man taken to hospital


— Vessel in Mariners Basin Dragging anchor 36 ft Vessel KILI was relocated in Mariners Basin by lifeguard rescue boat.

— Three simmers not making any headway off La Jolla Cove. Lifeguard Jet 3 on scene and executes rescues. PT transported to LJ Cove.


— Rescue boat responds to a citizen complaint of a speeding vessel at Bonita Cove. UTL

— 911 caller reports nude male on the beach off Dunemere Dr. 3 Sam, Jet 5 E13, Medic 4 and SDPD respond. Subject uncooperative and SDPD takes prisoner, patient transported to Scripps La Jolla.


— Harbor Police were dispatched to a domestic violence call in a San Diego North Bay marina. Harbor Police assisted the victim off of the vessel and transported them to shore where they received medical attention. HPD then returned to the vessel and were in a standoff with the suspect for nearly an hour. The suspect was eventually talked out of the vessel and complied with police. The suspect was then transported to jail.

— Vessel adrift with no persons on board against the rocks in Quivira Basin. Lifeguard rescue boat secures and impounds.

— Strong fuel smell coming from the Hyatt area. Lifeguard rescue boat investigates and is unable to locate.

— Pedistrian vs bicycle on Santa Barbara Pl. 50 year old female with unspecific injuries due to collisions. Medic 21 to Scripps LJ.

— Body recovery at 2450 Admiral Baker Rd. SDPD requests help in recovering a floating body in the SD River. River Rescue Team responds and recovers the body. Male 50s. Medical Examiner transports.

— Blacks Beach medical aid north of Indian Canyon on a 34 year old female. Stingray to foot bleeding controlled. Unit 34 handles.

— Vessel near shoreline. 1 Sam reports vessel near the shoreline with the sails down. Rescue vessel makes contact and all is clear.

— 65 year old male with a head injury near the entrance to Crystal Pier. Fire and medics on scene and will handle.

— Stingray wound near the north end of Blacks beach. 50 year old female with a stingray wound. Unit 34 treats at scene.

— Vessel capsized 100 yards off the tip of PT. Loma. VHF call of vessel capsized in the surf with 2 people aboard. Rescue boat and Fire boat respond and make rescues, right the vessel and pump out. Clear, private tow to SD Bay.

— Missing Person 9 year old male at Blacks Beach. Male is wearing a black hat shorts and 75 lbs. 31Sam meets with PD and the RP at Scripps parking lot. Child found at La Jolla Shores by SDPD.


— Possible vessel in distress off of Campland in Fiesta Bay. 2 Persons on board a demisted 15—20’ white hulled sail boat. Lifeguard rescue boat on scene and no further assistance needed.

— Torn calf muscle at 700 Grand on a 41 year old female. Medics requested by lifeguards. Patient refuses treatment. Self transport.


— Harbor Police responded to a San Diego North Bay marina to investigate a domestic violence report. A subject was arrested for an assault and was taken to jail.

— Harbor Police were dispatched to a vessel fire near the entrance to the bay. Upon HPD arriving, they found the vessel’s motor was smoking due to mechanical issues. HPD assisted the five passengers off their boat and transported them to land since the vessel was beginning to take on water. Vessel Assist was then called in to tow the vessel.

— Sting ray patient NPB tower 27, U—25 responds, patient is treated at lifeguard facility.

— Heart problems in the parking lot south of the Hilton. Lifeguard rescue vessel responds, fire arrives on scene first and handles the call.

— Boat on the rocks in the Turning Basin. Lifeguard rescue vessel responds tows from the rocks and assists with setting an anchor, owner to contract with Vessel Assist.

— Reporting party states the vessel Eclipse is adrift. Lifeguard fire boat responds and finds Eclipse secure to the dock, crew checks mooring lines and re adjusts.


— Vessel adrift from mooring #205. Lifeguard rescue vessel responds and secures vessel. Message left for owner to put more scope out on his anchor.

— Possible broken leg 200 yards up Box Canyon, 41 year old male. Northern area cliff response with injuries dispatched. Copter 1 extricates victim and transports to Scripps La Jolla.


— Lifeguards request medics to the OB Tower for a 41 year old male with a skin allergy. Lifeguards cancel medics/clear.

— 911 call for a kite surfer in distress at sail bay. Lifeguard rescue vessel responds and makes one water rescue.

— Fire reports a sick person, 25 year old male at the public restrooms at Santa Monica cross Abbott. 1—Sam, E—15 and M—3 respond, M—3 transports to UCSD.


— Harbor Police responded to the Laurel Street Anchorage for a person that was in the water. Upon Harbor Police arriving, the subject was out of the water with no injuries. HPD assisted the boater with righting his capsized dinghy and retrieving most of his belongings.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24-hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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