The highest grossing indie film of the year

Woman in Gold
  • Woman in Gold

Jane Eyre was brought to screen by three masters of their crafts: incomparable director Orson Welles; legendary cinematographer George S. Barnes; and co-screenwriter Aldous Huxley. Bronte’s gothic novel has never had a cinematic incarnation like this one. The performances from Joan Fontaine and Welles captivate me every time I watch. Fun fact: This is one of Elizabeth Taylor’s first films.

  • Jane Eyre (USA) 1943, Twentieth Century Fox
  • Available on YouTube and Netflix

Woman in Gold was the highest grossing indie film of the year, and it deserves every cent. Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds are perfectly cast as Maria Altman and Randy Schoenberg. Altman seeks restitution of her aunt’s portrait, stolen from her family by Nazis after she fled with her husband to the U.S. With impeccable storytelling, this film’s foremost achievement is an adrenaline-inducing chase that made my heart beat so fast, I was sure there’d be visible bruising. The cinematography is clever and stunning. The story is true and important.

  • Woman In Gold (England) 2015
  • Available on Google Play and Amazon Video

— Rin Ehlers Sheldon
Bright Half Life, Diversionary Theatre

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