Cruise ship hijinks, another whale rescued

Pleasure jumpers waste almost 12 hours of first responders’ time

Jumping in the water can be hard to resist.
  • Jumping in the water can be hard to resist.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.


— Medical aid at Ski beach boat ramp on a 25 year old male. Lifeguard vessel Rescue 1 responds. Victim is with SDFD lifeguards clear.

— Divers waving for help off the vessel Teresa Anne. Lifeguard rescue vessel responds. Good Samaritan helps the Teresa Anne and Rescue 1 makes contact and clears.

— Woman sleeping in a parking spot on the ground at 404 SeaWorld Dr. SDPD notified and handles the call.


— Harbor Police responded to a couple of subjects who (for fun) jumped from a harbor excursion cruise ship, into the bay. Due to their actions there were several agencies who responded in an attempt to conduct a rescue as their exact location was unknown. After a multi-agency search and use of a police and federal helicopters, the subjects were located on land. They were both issued citations for interfering with the 900 passengers on cruise ship and wasting almost 12 hours of the first responders’ time.

— Whale entangled off Scripps Pier. Rescue 3, Jet 3, Sea world vessel respond. Whale is eventually cleared by Sea World.

— Lifeguards respond to a sinking PWC off Campland. Rescue 3 responds. RP calls and reports all clear. .

— La Jolla Cove LG’s report an overdue swimmer. 3Sam, Jet 3, Rescue 5 respond. Swimmer is located at the quarter mile buoy.


— Harbor Police stored a partially submerged kayak found at the Shelter Island launch ramp.

— Harbor Police responded to a possible boating accident near the entrance to SD Bay. They found that a small inflatable dinghy capsized in the surf, ejecting its occupants. There were no injuries. HPD towed the capsized vessel to a safe location and righted it.

— Lifeguards respond to a PWC adrift in Mariners. PWC was impounded

— Lifeguards respond to a report of a vessel fire in East Bay on the West side of Fiesta Island. Fire and SDPD also respond. Vessel fire out before lifeguards arrive and are cancelled.

— Lifeguards respond to a report of a kite surfer in distress off NPB. Lifeguards assist kite surfer.

— Lifeguards respond to Tourmaline Call for a head injury from surfing. Patient refuses treatment and gets private transport.

— Lifeguards respond to a report of a vessel adrift near the O.B. Pier. Vessel over a mile out and request vessel assist to help. Lifeguards cancel.


— Possible pier jumper rescue on N. side of the OB Pier. Guards jump off the pier and the rescue boat gets on scene to pull the victim into the vessel. SDPD to the dock to evaluate. 1Sam transports back to OB.


— Harbor Police responded to a call of a partially submerged dinghy near Seaport Village. HPD recovered the dinghy and stored it.

— Harbor Police issued a citation to a boater that was illegally anchored in central San Diego Bay.

— Medics requested to the Mission Beach Lifeguard Station for a 35 year old male with a possible fractured jaw from an assault. E-21 and M-20 respond and M-20 transports to UCSD.

— 20 year old female with a C-spine injury from a surfing accident/impact with ocean floor. 2-Sam on scene, 21-Sam, E-21 and M-20 respond. M-20 transports to Scripps La Jolla.

— U-33 request medics to La Jolla Shores for a 19 year old female with a possible concussion from hitting her head on the ocean floor. E-9 and MR-9 respond. E-9 AMA with patient.


— Female with a facial laceration from a surfboard. Call originated at Tourmaline Call Box. Unit 25 advised that injury is a small laceration (minor medical aid) to the nose. U25 treated and released the patient.


— Harbor Police issued a citation to a boater for illegally mooring at the Harbor Police dock.

— Unit 33 reports a 65 year old female with a possible fractured right ankle at the La Jolla Shores Boat Launch. Medics requested and then cancelled, patient going to private transport. Medics re-requested and the patient is transported by Medic 41.

— 911 call for 40 year old male with seizures inside Shades Bar and Grill. 1-Sam E-15 and M-20 respond, M-20 transports to Mercy.

— Tourmaline Call Box for a medical aid 200 yards north of the Call Box. U-25 handles.

— Reporting party calls and states her husband is stuck in a rip current at Windansea yelling for help. 3-Sam, U-32, Jet-3 and a lifeguard rescue vessel respond. Clear with one water rescue by 3-Sam.

— Call on VHF 16 of an aluminum skiff with two persons on board ¾ of the way out the Mission Bay Channel dead in the water. A lifeguard rescue vessel responds and a private citizen helps out with a tow.

— Report of seven people stuck on the beach due to the high tide South of Yong Hall/Sunset Cliffs. 1-Sam, 2-Sam, Rescue-44, 4-Lincoln, E-22, M-46, Copter-2 and two lifeguard rescue vessels respond. Two females and one male are located on the beach. A lifeguard from one of the rescue vessels paddles into the beach and escorts the three north on the beach to a safe location where they can be paddled out to the lifeguard rescue vessel. Copter-2 provides light all three are loaded onto a lifeguard rescue vessel and transported back to the reception dock where they are evaluated by Medics/no aid needed. 24-Sam transports the three victims back to their vehicle at Ladera.

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Were the jumpers handed an enormous bill? If not, why not?

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