¡Rape Trump!

Border mural depicts presidential contender with ball gag

Donald Trump's defiled image
  • Donald Trump's defiled image

A mile west of the Tijuana airport, where the road ends and dirt road begins, a mural that reads “¡Rape Trump!” has been painted on the old border wall. The presidential candidate's face is depicted with a red ball gag in his mouth. The mural also includes instructions in Spanish (with grammatical errors) on how to get to Trump Tower in New York City. They also painted a door the reads "USA/Now Hiring/Keep out" and a McDonald’s logo that reads: "MEXICO — Billions of acres stolen."

The border wall is just a couple feet north of the international border line

The border wall is just a couple feet north of the international border line

The making of Indecline's Trump mural

The making of Indecline's Trump mural

The making of Indecline's Trump mural

"The group is comprised of anonymous political activists, filmmakers, and graffiti artists," I was told via email when I contacted the group responsible. "The artists behind this project are from a collective called Indecline. The collective was formed in 2001. Indecline isn't based out of one city, but has collaborators and crews in various states in the USA and a handful of countries around the world." The email response did not give a name and was signed “Indecline.”

"This is the first project Indecline has executed in Tijuana," the anonymous email said about their work. "Earlier in the year, the collective broke the world record for the largest illegal graffiti mural in the world."

The video of the mural can be found on Indecline's website. The video starts with a standard Mexican song by Los Tigres del Norte ("La Puerta Negra"), with views of Tijuana as they make their way to the mural location. The first person depicted spray-painting is white, preserving his anonymity with a black bandana. By the end of the video, they use kids as a prop for their ideologies, teaching them how to spray-paint their tag and destroying a Trump piñata.

That it's their first mural and that it is a bit hidden explains why local news hasn’t mentioned it. The old border wall is on U.S. property, outside of Mexico's jurisdiction. An old poem by Acción Poética is next to Trump's mural, followed by white crosses with the names of those who have died attempting to cross the border. More murals are found along the wall, though most of it remains an ugly rusted brown color.

"La policia made their presence known almost immediately and continued their surveillance through the completion of the project," the anonymous email continued. The video also shows cops approaching them, but no altercation occurs. "They didn't harass the artists too much, but checked in periodically and did express extreme support of the message being created on their side of the border."

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In Spanish, the word "rape" means to cut or crop. So a Spanish speaker would understand the mural to say "Cut off Trump's hair." It is a Spanish-English pun which the author of this article failed to appreciate.

"rape" might be a double entendre on the part of the artist, but in proper Spanish that would be "rape a Trump". I think the ball-gag (from a rape scene in "Pulp Fiction") makes it obvious that the artist meant "rape" as an Anglicism for "violar". If he had meant "trim Donald Trump" I think there would have been scissors instead of the ball gag. Interesting double entendre, though!

Why would Mexican citizens be so worried about US politics? How happy would they be to have the US inundating Mexico with our opinions of their politicians?

The mural that reads 1,000,000,000 Acres Stolen tells the real motivation here--to retake the US Southwest. This has been the goal of La Raza and Meccha(?) for decades, which would help to explain the endless invasion of our country. Don't get me wrong. I like Mexican people, too. I grew up in San Diego County. In fact, for the first two years, I lived with my relocated Minnesota family in Chula Vista, less than 10 miles from the US/Mexican border. I understand that Mexicans want a better life in the USA. But pro immigration activists are quick to point out America's sins, while conveniently ignoring the carnage going on south of the border--the drug cartels, government and police corruption, the imprisonment of Central and South American people who often cross illegally into Mexico, trying to get the same better life that Mexicans are trying to get. Don't see too many protestors in Mexico City, Guadalajara, or Tijuana, protesting against the atrocities being perpetrated by the state against their own people. Instead, they blame the US. We're sick of it being a one way street.

Indecline - as in the guys who brought you the Bumfights videos in the early 2000s? The logo seems to be the same...

OK the rest of the 7 billion people on the planet, COME ON IN! (to Mexico, I mean - there, they'll take care of you (i.e pay for you) from birth until death. "VIVA PINCHE MEXICO!"

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