Nuclear waste on beach draws lawsuit

Coastal commission sued over San Onofre storage plan

San Onofre
  • San Onofre

At a press conference this afternoon (November 3), the firm of Aguirre & Severson will reveal its lawsuit against the California Coastal Commission.

The suit, to be filed in superior court, seeks to compel the commission to jettison its October 6 decision permitting Southern California Edison to store 3.6 million pounds of high level nuclear waste on a North County beach within 100 feet of the shoreline.

The plaintiff is Patricia Borchmann of the San Diego activist organization Citizens Oversight.

After steam generators failed only 11 months after their installation, Southern California Edison, majority owner, closed down the San Onofre nuclear plant in January of 2012. Then the utility and brass of the California Public Utilities Commission secretly and illegally plotted how to shift most of the decommissioning costs to ratepayers, instead of shareholders.

Then Edison applied to the Coastal Commission for a permit to store the nuclear waste — which will be highly radioactive for thousands of years — on the beach.

While in operation, San Onofre was the only North American nuclear plant to be located near a major freeway, Interstate 5. The area is subject to both earthquakes and tsunamis, according to the suit. A report by the Coastal Commission staff indicated that within 35 years, the coast near the storage installation will erode by one-third.

In connection with the issuance of the permit, Edison agreed to pay more than $5 million to the commission, according to the suit.

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Once more Aguirre and Severson are acting the part of pubic defenders while the authorities who should be looking out for us are pursuing a welfare for billionaires football stadium .....

MichaelValentine: You are 100% right in that observation. The U-T probably will not smear Aguirre this time because it is using so much of his material in coverage of the CPUC corruption. Best, Don Bauder

Mike Murphy: My guess is that it is very well guarded. Best, Don Bauder

Don — This CCC lawsuit is the next phase in exposing SCE's role in #SanOnofreGate*.

Now in Superior court, not the "rigged" CPUC "court" system, A&S will be able to make their case that SCE cannot be trusted to manage the decommissioning of San Onofre (aka SanO) since they want to spend decommissioning money on ☢ Waste storage casks that are substandard. This is just another example of how SCE has repeated taken advantage of the public in their operation of SanO. Already the phony SCE-CPUC settlement will cost every ratepayer in SoCal over $1,600 dollars (~ $13 per month every month spread over a 10 year period.)

Once ratepayers get a handle on that reoccurring bill, they will begin to understand just how rigged our Energy system is in CA, thanks to al the elected Leaders that are receiving "donations" to keep it that way.

Much more about how SCE caused this re3placement steam generator debacle will be in the news shortly as even the UT and KPBS are now starting to really cover the biggest rip off story in CA history, instead of just "reporting" on it with small articles now and then. Time will show that you and others at the San Diego Reader have led the MSM "pack" by keeping this multi-billion dollar issue in the NEWS.

* The new hashtag that will allow you to keep up to date on the ongoing investigation into the multi-billion $ SCE-CPUC ripoff.

CaptD: There is no question that Edison (whom you identify as SCE) has ripped off ratepayers. The failure at San Onofre was completely management's fault; the components were supposed to last 40 years and lasted a matter of months. A corrupt CPUC and Edison secretly and illegally found a way to make ratepayers pick up three-fourths of the decommissiioning tab, when ratepayers should have paid nothing.

Reform legislation would have permitted critics to file suit against the CPUC in superior court, instead of going straight to the appellate court, which can refuse to take the case. But Gov. Jerry Brown, proving that he is part of the conspiracy against ratepayers, vetoed the legislation.

It is time for citizens to revolt. Best, Don Bauder

Right on Don "It is time for citizens to revolt." I voted for Jerry every time he ran for office, acts that I would now deeply regret if the republicans hadn't run even worse candidates every time.

Jerry and his SCE/CPUC/Cal best buddy should be sent to prison for creating the worst threats to public safety and ratepayers in California history.

Anon92197: The ones you allude to should get prison time, but won't. Since Brown vetoed the reform legislation, I have been wondering if reform is possible.

I can remember the days when utilities looked out for the public interest. They weren't grubbing for profits and ridiculously high CEO salaries as those in industry were. No longer. The utilities, at least in California, are now the worst examples of private sector greed and corruption. Best, Don Bauder

Don, we are losing the battle against global warming because of greed and corruption in all social, political and economic sectors, and our newest generations are starting pay an increasingly horrible price for the failures of our generations that had the best opportunities in history.

Jerry Brown, a democrat of all things, is making it worse, and our academics are watching and doing nothing while they protect their own right to be greedy as their highest priority.

And the worst thing is that we have absolutely no FDRs and Churchills in the world today to lead us to protect the future for our newest generations.

Anon92107: Blame the greed that is deeply inculcated in our culture. When companies in the late 1970s and in the 1980s began thinking that the only constituency of the corporate board is the shareholder, business schools at major universities took up the cause, thus polluting our young people. They are still polluted. Best, Don Bauder

Very true Don, but I have also found far too many "Me First" professors throughout the social sciences who should really know better if anyone does, even they haven't learned from the lessons of history.

And the most incredible fact of life is that university academics have become a culture of greed that refuses to unite even to save the human race from out of control global warming, inequalities and violence we are experiencing today throughout the world. They are producing no true leaders at all.

We got fat, dumb and happy after the progress we made in the civil rights era of the 60s and 70s and developed a "look the other way" culture that dominates academia and society today, so we are losing civil rights again.

And we still haven't ratified the 1972 ERA, a worst case scenario perpetuated by the culture of greed.

Anon92107: Yes, greed is omnipresent on university campuses. In part, it has been a reaction against the civil rights era that swept the 1960s. Best, Don Bauder

Anon92107: I believe we are in agreement. University professors, particularly in business schools, have accepted and adopted the culture of greed and are passing it on to our young people.

Big companies and big moneybags are showering gifts on universities. Example: the Koch brothers gave $1.5 million on Florida State University. In exchange, the brothers got to choose professors in the business school. People should boycott Florida State. Best, Don Bauder

Don, amazing what the Kochs are doing to control America, and now the future of the human race. I wonder if they would have been tolerated by Plato's academy, bad enough that the oligarchs kept overthrowing Athenian Democracy so the Koch Oligarchy would have role models.

I guess control of universities by oligarchs has been a way of life that has now made UC damn near useless for fighting back against Global Warming v.21C Oligarchs.

Again, we really never learn from the lessons of history, and now we are paying the highest price in history for universities that look the other way because they have been indenturing themselves to oligarchs as a way of life for far too long. It is now obvious that the oligarchs even paid their universities to marginalize Ike's warning, along with UCSD's marginalization of Linus Pauling because he wanted Peace, etc.

Even Ike got fed up of this when he gravely warned us about power of money over scholars in his 1961 Farewell Address.

Anon92107: It is refreshing that the University of Missouri -- students and faculty alike -- refused to put up with imperious and allegedly bigoted leadership, forcing the top two executives to resign. This should happen at more schools. Best, Don Bauder

Don, interesting thought, there is a 1996 book review on the life of Linus Pauling in the LATimes that I shall never forget about the culture of forced silence that still dominates UC professors and scholars today: "The Price of Doing Things His Own Way" http://articles.latimes.com/1996-02-08/news/ls-33798_1_pauling-s-four-children-ted-goertzel-linus-pauling

One quote summarizes this hideous culture, in this case at UCSD: "Pauling's life demonstrates yet again that anyone who does not see things in an essentially establishment way will be marginalized, regardless of whatever else he or she has done."

Pauling was marginalized because he "crusaded for liberal causes when it was very dangerous to do so, won two Nobel Prizes (in chemistry and peace)--the only person ever to win two unshared Nobels--and wound up as an embarrassment to the scientific establishment ---"

This culture of tyranny is why we still fail to deal with global warming today, a consequence that is destroying quality of life for future generations, another reason Ike expressed his grave "power of money over scholars" concern in his 1961 Farewell address. It is hideously ironic that even Ike's grave concern was marginalized even though he was one of the leaders who saved the world from Nazi tryranny during WWII.

P.S. By coincidence, in the LATimes this morning Hiltzik's column mentions his new book "Big Science: Ernest Lawrence and the Invention That Launched the Military-Industrial Complex." NYT Book Review: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/19/books/review/big-science-by-michael-hiltzik.html?_r=0 Just more reason for Ike's grave concern.

We really need another Manhattan Project to deal with Global Warming ASAP, maybe, just maybe Janet Napolitano's UC call on scientists to embrace the role of public intellectual can make the right things happen to right the wrongs at last to overcome their failures with a sense of urgency. http://universityofcalifornia.edu/news/napolitano-calls-scientists-advocate-science

Don — A REAL Threat to the rigged CPUC system we now have:

California ballot initiative would eliminate IOUs, establish statewide public utility


By Herman K. Trabish | November 3, 2015 Dive Brief:

The California Secretary of State last week approved a ballot proposal for signature gathering that would replace the state's three investor-owned utilities with a single, statewide public power district, City News Service reports. The proposed measure to establish the California Electrical Utility District (CEUD) was approved by the Secretary of State on Friday, allowing backers to begin gathering the 365,880 signatures needed by April 26, 2016 to qualify the measure for the November ballot. The CEUD would replace Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, and the state’s other investor owned electric utilities (IOUs). It would replace the IOUs’ corporate structures with an elected Board of Directors from 11 wards made up of the current IOU service territories.

CaptD: It is imperative that enough people sign to qualify this initiative. Best, Don Bauder

Don — The ratepayers (aka voters) that sign will also stand to save themselves ~$1,600. That will be a great inducement to sign it and get all their friends to do the same!

I can just imagine what A&S will write in the Official Voters guide :-)

CaptD: The investor-owned utilities will throw millions of dollars into advertising against the initiative. Best, Don Bauder

Jeannie Presler: One wonders how so many nuclear plants got built when the industry and the government knew that there was no satisfactory way to dispose of the waste. Best, Don Bauder

"They" always have known, but had faith that technology would arrive in time to save their asses. The original sinners are now mostly dead anyway. Kinda funny, ain't it, that nobody really gives a damn about their children and grandchildren. "They" just keep on truckin', so to speak (to dodge the Reader censors).

Twister: In the 1960s, I had a friend who continued to smoke cigarettes, figuring that by the time his health was at risk, science would have invented something to eradicate lung cancer. It didn't work. He died in his mid-40s. Best, Don Bauder

When I worked for the City, one morning I came to work and a guy was spraying chlorodane around the building (for ants!). No respirator--for anybody.

When I asked the man's boss, he said, "Hell, I been sprayin' that stuff all my life and I ain't dead yet. Two years later he was.


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