Famed architect unveils design for new Chargers venue


Meis declined to specify whether he was referring to the team's chances of staying in San Diego, or winning a Super Bowl, or both.
  • Meis declined to specify whether he was referring to the team's chances of staying in San Diego, or winning a Super Bowl, or both.

Statement from Dan Meis, FAIA, founder of MEIS Stadium Planning, Construction, and Renovation, Inc.:

"San Diego is not a ponderous monument to America's industrial glory days, like Cincinatti. There, I build a stadium solid enough to withstand my own renovation efforts, just 15 years after it opened. Nor is San Diego a glorious supercity like Los Angeles, where I built the Staples Center as a monument to the idea that sports are essentially show business. No, San Diego is a fragile collection of largely unrelated segments, held together by only the flimsiest threads of geographical proximity and fondness for tacos and sunshine. I needed a design that reflected that fragile, almost gossamer sense of connection. I found it in the support system for the stadium's roof canopy: a network of cables that work together almost invisibly to keep everyone in relative comfort. It's not a masterpiece or anything, but then, this is San Diego. Who would know if it was?"

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Seem like a very high maintenance and costly structure to maintain...sort of like the "sails" at our Convention Center. Just Wondering who's going to be in the hook for those costs in a few years???

You ever been in a meeting where action items were assigned to the person not in attendance? That's who we call "taxpayers" around here.

I thought at first that was a new cell tower downtown! ;-)

Here's an idea, the Chargers take this guy with them wherever they go. (sucked in by the QT headline. They do however capture the tone of negotiations.)

You DO realize QT is satire, right?

"sucked in by the QT headline" Really.?? It's a continuous source of amazement, and wonder, that so many people don't get that the column is satire. Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but isn't "Almost Factual News" the ONLY thing Walter Mencken authors for the Reader?? I guess some people will believe just about anything. Oh well, at least that might explain some of the decisions made by SD voters in recent years.

Factual news is way too mainstream....

This column, the editorial mirror image of "native advertising," squanders Reader credibility. Read on a mobile device or glanced at in a busy day, the satirical intent does not prevail, demonstrably. The editors should decide if this satire feature is worth the ongoing misunderstanding. Snarky writing and diffusion on one hand, the only widely distributed serious journalism on the other. Both doesn't happen.

ALMOST FACTUAL NEWS has been around for years, so why would anyone have such trouble understanding what it is? If you don't "get it," don't read it!

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