Bonnie’s leadership camp

Bonnie Dumanis
  • Bonnie Dumanis

San Diego district attorney Bonnie Dumanis, hit by critics for lack of leadership and disorganization in her office, is sending for reinforcements. “The District Attorney’s Office is committed to developing all employees to become leaders within the organization in order to create highly effective teams,” says a May 14 “request for quotation” to furnish “leadership training services” to her office.

The request goes on to note that the DA’s “Staff Development Coordinator is certified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality assessment tool and the Center for Creative Learning suite of assessments. On occasion, assistance from an individual with the same certifications is necessary to facilitate these activities based on group size and/or level of organizational acumen.”

A psychological testing system based on the theories of Carl Gustav Jung and first devised during the 1940s, the Myers-Briggs system has come under fire by some critics for lacking reliability.

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RE: "developing all employees to become leaders" Huh? Not all employees can (or should) become leaders. That makes NO sense at all. Is someone smoking crack in the DA's office? ALL organizations have leaders plus followers. As U.S Marines say: "Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way." They DON'T say: OK, everyone here needs to become a leader. The DA's office obviously needs a leader who can select the correct leadership training plan for its RFQ, rather than dwelling on outdated Jungian concepts. Perhaps they can talk to top Navy and Marine officers here in town, since THEY are experts in leadership training.

Leadership in the DA's office is fine as long as one of the "leaders" does not challenge DA Dumass.

No matter what she does she will go down as the worst DA in the last 50 years. She should just retire so the office can heal, take her $250,000 and run. I say this having worked for the last 4 DAs, including her.

If she goes down as "the worst DA in the last 50 years" so will the stupid voters that kept reelecting her over and over again.

Leadership takes grit, not psycho-babble. If Dumanis were a dictator, the coup d'état would have occurred years ago. I agree with dwbat, some of the best public servants hail from military backgrounds where true leaders are nurtured, groomed and tested. Dumanis reminds me of J. Edgar Hoover and all of his pathologies.

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