Hillary's big fat San Diego payday

Billionaire Democrat's Qualcomm forks over $335,000 for a single speech

Hillary Clinton and the Jacobses
  • Hillary Clinton and the Jacobses

With the purchase of the city's daily newspaper by Chicago-based Tribune Publishing — owner of the Los Angeles Times — San Diego may be fast on its way to becoming a frequent campaign stop for big-money Democrats.

Now comes word that former first lady, senator, and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton picked up some of her biggest paid speaking checks of the past year in San Diego, including $335,000 for a single appearance last October 14 from Qualcomm, the giant mobile technology company co-founded by La Jolla billionaire Democrat Irwin Jacobs.

In addition, last June the Washington DC-based Biotechnology Industry Organization, a big-pharma advocacy group, paid her $235,000 to speak at its convention downtown on June 25.

As previously reported, the BIO group threw a mammoth private party in the Gaslamp Quarter, with closed streets arranged by the convention planning firm run by Katherine Stuart, wife of Republican San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer.

BIO party in the Gaslamp

A heavy contingent of San Diego police was deployed to patrol the perimeter, at one point emerging from behind the fence to question a reporter who was photographing the event.

Qualcomm and BIO are both major proponents of the Trade Promotion Authority legislation being pushed by president Barack Obama. Of late, Clinton has been criticized by bill proponents, including the Washington Post, for dodging the controversial issue.

"In refusing to take a stand, Ms. Clinton is not only abandoning the president she once served but also missing an opportunity to help define the values of the party she would lead in November 2016," says a May 12 editorial.

Bill Lerach

Bill Lerach

Besides those two San Diego gigs, the former secretary of state got $225,500 last September 4 from Robbins, Geller, Rudman & Dowd, the downtown San Diego law firm descended from the one that once housed La Jolla's Bill Lerach, a Democrat and former plaintiffs’ attorney who copped a plea to kickback-related charges brought by the Bush administration’s justice department.

Another San Diego payday for Clinton came for a speech via satellite to the California Medical Association convention on April 11 of last year, for which she took $100,000, according to the disclosure document.

Hillary's husband Bill also received more than a few dollars from putting in a local appearance, getting $225,000 for a speech at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad this past January 9 paid by William Morris Endeavor, the talent agency.

In all, the couple received $25.3 million from making 104 paid speeches since January of last year.

Austin Beutner

Austin Beutner

With the approaching takeover of U-T San Diego by publisher Austin Beutner — a major Democratic donor who once teamed with L.A. Democratic billionaires Eli Broad and Ron Burkle in an unsuccessful bid to take over the Los Angeles Times — the city's role as a high-dollar destination of choice for more Democratic speakers and fundraisers could grow further.

Qualcomm's Jacobs, a Broad ally in anti-teachers’-union school-reform efforts, is a longtime backer of Hillary Clinton, having with wife Joan given his first $50,000 to Ready for Hillary, a political action committee used to advance the candidate's early campaign, back in August 2013.

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No doubt Hillary will feel the pain of the poor if elected.

No amount of money from super-rich Friends of Bill & Hill will get Hillary Clinton elected President of the United States. The couple's obscenely astronomical speaking fees will go into their private bank accounts, just as big foreign gifts go into their Clinton Foundation. Even so, Hillary is too cagey for openness (think about her avoiding comment on the NAFTA-clone Trans-Pacific-Partnership now under consideration); too hawkish on present conflicts in the Middle East (she voted for war in Iraq, to her everlasting discredit); too old and cosseted after all these soft years to enjoy the rough and tumble of populist campaigning. She cannot hear what matters to ordinary people in this country at this moment in time. She is little different from the many rich candidates on the Right -- ambitious, with influential supporters and fortunes of money, but profoundly out of touch with ordinary Americans. And her slick husband ultimately will prove to be an albatross around her neck.

Too old? Reagan was first inaugurated at the age of 69, and many people claimed he was too old for the office. If elected she'll be even older than that. Oh, I forgot that 70 is now the new 50.

And did you say her husband was "slick" or "sick?"

Slick Willy had a number of affairs that if made into a movie would garner an X rating and got away with it. (Funny I wonder if the Democrats who called for Filner's removal also called for the removal of Slick Willy?) Wagged his finger in our faces and said, "I did not have sex with that woman." until the blue dress was revealed.

And no amount of Kissing the Backsides of "FAUX" HATE News, FLUSH Limbaugh, the Koch Bros, Foster Fries, Sheldon Adelson or the NRA. Is gonna get a Republican CLOWN ! Elected !

Count me among those who thought Ronald Reagan was a disaster. He was the affable concierge for venal special interests, sponsor of increased militarization, official governmental double-dealing and outright lying. Reagan himself amiably ushered in the gilded age of income inequality, union-busting and corrosive anti-government rhetoric which continues to divide the nation to this day.

Hillary Clinton is jaded, utterly co-opted by wealth, privilege, comfort and the perks and liabilities of extreme insider-ness. Mostly, she is diminished by years of damaging personal compromise required to keep herself alive politically. She is a woman, but that will not be enough to get her elected, because some old-fashioned Democrats want a candidate with principles and can't stand her husband Bill who sponsored NAFTA and the disastrous de-regulation of banks. Plus there is no Republican of any stripe who would ever cross over to vote for a Clinton. This adds up to Hill's being a loser, even if Daddy Warbucks Irwin Jacobs does pay to promote her candidacy in what is expected to be a record-setting costly campaign season.

Electing a person because they issued a child yet in every other respect is just like every other war mongering corporatist political person is hardly a reason to elect them.

This is not the woman we should be touting as different.

A pox on both parties. Warren/Sanders.

Go Bernie! Kick ass and take names.

Nowhere in this Article. Does it mention the Kissing of Billionaire Rings and their Backsides, that EVERY, SINGLE Clown in the Gop Clown car, has been doing BLATANTLY out in the open since Obama came into office. And since the 5 RW "Extreme" Court Devils handed them our DEMOCRACY, with the TOXIC Citizens United They care only for the 1%. And its Articles like this. That proves the PROPAGANDA our info outlets are willing to Sell & Gloss over for these people (even free magazines). I'm a born & raised San Diegan. And the Reader gets Worse & Worse by the year. Wake up San Diego. If you take your Politics & your very Livelihood SERIOUS. Stay away from Articles that assume that you as the reader, are CLUELESS. We see & hear everyday. The disgusting Behavior and LACK of any Decent Policies, coming from the Republican Party. They have done NOTHING for the American people. As they live only to get MONEY. And they dont care. So if we have Rich people who use their money for the GOOD OF ALL US. No problem. But when we have Millionaires & Billionaires BUYING Elected Officials to get the laws THEY WANT. Then they need to be called out on a Daily Basis . These evil people literally Interfere in Women Issues, Labor Unions, Regulations, War ,ALEC, Gun Laws, Laws & Bills in states they dont even RESIDE IN. YOU NAME IT. They do not deserve an ounce of RESPECT ! And this Article doesn't either.

It's VERY useful information to know who is getting paid off, whether it's Hillary (and Bill), or some GOP swine. Obviously Hillary is NOT being paid outrageous $ amounts for her speech-giving ability. The whole thing smells rotten.

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