Hating San Diego (or not), and more letters on pit bulls

Merciless Sun

After a few words of “Is There Anything to Hate about San Diego?," my blood pressure went up. The perfect city?

Like Julie, I'm a person who calls Chicago her home, and I’d rather have a cold winter than this merciless sun all year-round. What is the myth and mania with calling this the perfect weather? You have no water! That just may become your slogan soon.

I concede, I'm biased. I moved here for two years with my husband and our little twins because of his job. I’m homesick every single day. I'm not the apparent majority of people who gravitate towards a hot climate. I love four seasons. I love our unparalleled skyline in Chicago, our clean lake free of sharks, cuisine from almost everywhere in the world, great public transportation. The list is endless, but I won’t jab. I shouldn’t make this a competition between two cities.

It’s good that San Diego residents love their city as I love mine. Your friend, Julie, should take a second and proper look at Chicago. Right now.

  • Daisy Levi
  • Rancho Bernardo

Some I Liked

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your magazine. I’m an avid reader. I’m really glad it’s free, but you really ought to charge something for it.

I read “Is There Anything to Hate about San Diego?." I gotta tell you, I’m an old bugger; born in ’29. I’m 86 years old. I didn’t really like what a lot of those people said. They’re all from different places. I resented a lot of their remarks. Some I liked.

  • Jim
  • Clairemont

Biggest Problem

This is about your article about people complaining about San Diego. In response to what Katherine Lopez said — and, of course, she didn’t give her age, occupation, or what neighborhood she lives in — she was talking about how things would be better if we had real leadership. She said, “Bob Filner was definitely on track to be the greatest mayor this city ever had, by virtue of his actions and decisions, and look what they did to him.”

I cannot believe some people are that ignorant, that they don’t know exactly what was going on with Bob Filner. I don’t know what “what they did to him” means, but he did it to himself. It’s ignorance like this, especially by someone who is old enough to vote, that is the biggest problem with this city.

  • Erik Brantly
  • via voicemail

Far from Surf Nazis

San Diego has the best surf in the United States. That’s why I was surprised to read the piece "Douchey Surfers” in the April 30 Reader.

The South Mission jetty locals are some of the nicest, friendliest guys in the water. When someone they don’t know paddles into their spot they are always supercool, and are happy to let the new guy catch a wave in. They would never drop in behind a guy that caught a wave from the outside and yell at him to get out.

Why, just the other day I was surfing the jetty and caught a few lefts and rights. Next thing you know, a big guy on a longboard said, “OK, you’re going in on the next wave.” He then helped me by saying, “No, not that one,” and “No, not that one,” and then, finally, “OK, that’s your wave.” Thanks to his help, I caught a wave in from the outside, but some other local decided to drop in behind me, and started yelling, “Hey, you’re going in!” I explained to him that the other guy already helped me to catch a wave in, and thanked him for his help.

Thanks to their help, I was able to catch a wave in and not rely on my years of surfing experience to guide me. So, calling these friendly guys “douchey” is way off-base. They're actually helping people to catch waves into the beach by telling them where they can surf, and when they can surf. Far from being surf Nazis, they are more like surf traffic policemen.

Everyone knows the rules of surf etiquette, except for the guys at the South Mission jetty — they have their own set of rules. Karma is king, and the South Mission jetty locals have a lot of karma — and they know which kind.

  • Ron P.
  • Oceanside

Bros of the Douche Variety

I'm not surprised to hear the account of the 16-year-old “grom” and his experience with the 30-year-old “bro” at South Mission jetty in the article, “Is There Anything to Hate about San Diego?” I, too, have had encounters with bros of the douche variety at that very same locale.

You have to know that no matter where you place a douche, it is still sour like vinegar. He probably just wanted to intimidate you, knowing you were only 16, and all his fellow douche bros were out there to back him up, he felt secure in his masculinity.

I wonder what great things this fine human being has contributed to our society? Oh yeah, he knows how to ride a wave. Wow, bro, you are really special! Hopefully, the “grom” took note and realizes this sea cucumber of a human being doesn’t represent all the fine people that live in South Mission and/or all of his fellow surf explorers. Let him be an example of all that is wrong with society, the human race, and surfing. His mom is probably very proud. Let’s all make it a point to go surf the SM jetty and tell him how much we like him!

  • Name Withheld
  • via email

Please, Go Outside

Re: News Ticker, “Fresh Water from Nuke Plant, Sure,

I’m calling from Tijuana, Mexico, where I’ve lived for 30 years. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed that, for the last three mornings, there has been a significant difference in the ecological environment. San Onofre has not been shut down! They have been filtering the radiation into our environment.

I’ve dealt with radiation poisoning every day for the last 39 years. This white trash corruption is killing us, slowly. Radiation poisoning is an issue that has to be dealt with.

Please, go outside, and just see how sweet the air is between 5 and 8, as opposed to what it was last week. The damn plant has not been shut down! We must get rid of this white trash corruption and these Southern California politics, or we’re all going to be buried alive.

  • Nancy Cuskaden
  • Tijuana, Mexico

Which Are the Facts?

I enjoyed the article in SD on the QT: Almost Factual News (“Skin Wasn’t the Sin,” April 26); I’m just trying to understand if, in fact, this person was sentenced to 18 years in prison. And I’m wondering if the other things that were added, that I was laughing at — well, which are the facts and which are the other? I think I kind of get it, but I need some help.

  • Dorothy S.
  • Chula Vista

It's Not About You

For crying out loud, Stephanie O’Brien Letters, “Clarifying Her Stance," get over yourself!

That was a well-written story about pit bulls, and my hat goes off to Mr. Bill Manson. Just because he didn’t use everything you said word for word, you say he chopped your story up. It makes me wonder if it’s about the dogs or you? He asked for an article, not a book!

  • Diane Roe
  • Linda Vista


Regarding the Neal Obermeyer cartoon about SeaWorld in the April 30 issue: Kudos!

And regarding Don Bauder’s article on yoga (City Lights, April 20, “Is Yoga a Religion?”) — the fact that Deepak Chopra is associated with the yoga people ... OMG! Mr. Word Babble, Mr. Woo-Woo.

  • Teddy Rodosovich
  • via voicemail

For Love of Crowe

It was surprising to see such a lukewarm description of The Water Diviner, which is filled with plenty of passion and filmed in a some super-hot locations — especially as it offers undeniable proof that Russell Crowe is master and commander of multitasking, acting artfully both before and behind the camera, gifting us with breathtaking shots of the inside of Blue Mosque in Istanbul and many others.

The merit for creating a magnificent magic mosaic made of superb photo images, some veiled in a dreamy mysticism, others pulsating with dramatic suspense, providing a perfect setting for the story, goes to Andrew Lesnie (Lord of the Rings), who sadly just passed away. So, this is his very last masterful farewell.

I feel that the scenes are very memorable, especially by the viewers who are open and sensitive to connect their soul to Jashua’s — the lead character whose love for his children, fed by his intuition, takes him on a fascinating yet risky journey.

What a privilege and honor to become a witness to the multiple tragedies of the battle of Gallipoli, and be offered the opportunity to extend our hearts and compassion to the victims. How very lucky we are to get a glimpse of the historic event and the adventures of the loving fathers from the safe and comfy chair.

Russell Crowe is really convincing. Is it because he has been rehearsing the parenting role for over 10 years in real life?

One can hope that after seeing this movie, perhaps all the generations , old and young, and maybe even the appropriate authorities, will awaken to a greater responsibility when faced with the choices shaping personal and national destiny, and value peace and harmony between people, countries and within ourselves.

What the Reader calls “Australian tweak” is, in my humble opinion, an absolutely unique piece of cinematography; rightfully receiving standing ovations all over the world (including the Smithsonian in D.C.), and multiple awards including a best film award from AACTA! It was the highest grossing Australian movie in 2014, and is currently the #1 movie in Spain!

So, perhaps somebody needs to hire Jashua Connor to find a few drops of water to clear the lens of perception? The Reader’s reviewers surely have the right to eclipse the sunshine in my heart with only two stars — or maybe that was a typo? — yet use the precious newspaper space by labeling Crow as having a “shaky grip” (which makes it very clear the writer never had a chance to shake the hand of the Cinderella man who, in spite of age, can firmly grip a bike for 50 km/30+miles.)


Water Diviner 2.0

Find showtimes

Why remain silent on a sophisticated performance by a splendid leading lady (Olga Kurylenko)? Or the captivating cast of children, adults and animals delivering tour de force performances under Crowe’s fine direction, uttering deeply symbolic lines which by now are famous; and sweeping the occasionally weeping audience off its feet?

In spite of the seriousness of the main theme: a courageous anti-war message of global importance, there are several hilariously funny moments too, such as the cricket lesson. Bravo to the director for knowing how to make our spirit both heavy and light using all the tools, including music. There is so much happening on the screen that one may miss Crowe’s very original style using sound effects in a soulful, provocative, and totally original way.

No doubt, this feature is a whole family affair, not just for old chaps. Don’t wait too long, as it’s never too soon to learn about compassion, forgiveness, transformation, courage, love, integrity, and history, or to become open and inspired to learn what the difference is between hell and “healing from a suffering.” We need to see, hear, and reflect — as humans and as a nation.

  • Jaruska Solyova, M.A.RYT
  • La Jolla

Lick You to Death

The article on pit bull terriers is completely false. Bill Manson is a fool.

I’ve owned pit terriers my entire life. My current dog would lick you to death before biting. I was recently at the Quart Yard dog park and two beagles attacked my nine-month-old pit terrier pup. My well-trained, “vicious” pit stood there as the two beagles gnawed into her face.

Bill Manson is completely uneducated when it comes to this breed of dog. It is people like Bill Manson that give this amazing breed a bad name.

  • Mike
  • Bay Park

Blame the Owners

Your article, “You Love Me Now, but Will You When I’m Four?” (April 23 cover), is a disgrace to the city of San Diego. One of the reasons my family considered living in San Diego was because it seemed like a very pet-friendly city.

This article is based on fear tactics and false information and is completely disgusting and hurtful to families who own these dogs and people who spend their time and money trying to change this stereotype. As a professional publication, this article is absolutely a disgrace to itself, as well as a disgrace to the city of San Diego.

You would never publish an article about Mexicans coming across the border, causing an increase in violent crime, and blaming Mexicans for every violent behavior. However, this is exactly what you’ve done in this article with pit bulls.

Pit bulls are not the problem. Owners are the problem.

I have a pit bull and a lab mix as part of my family, and they would never ever hurt anyone or anything. However, I have also spent time and money training them.

Dogs are not inherently bad. You need to do your research on dog attacks, and the actual temperament of bully breeds. You also need to hire better writers who actually have a conscience, and would not be comfortable discriminating against an entire population, using fear tactics to further propagate a stereotype that is completely false to begin with. I recommend looking at standupforpits.us for real information about this breed instead of writing hateful articles about a dog breed that has never done anything wrong.

If you want to blame someone, blame the owners. And blame every owner of a small or large dog of any breed who walks their dog off leash (when not allowed), who doesn’t train their dog, who doesn’t know how to read the body language of their dog — these are the people to blame. I’m sick and tired of people discriminating against my family and writing articles that are false and full of hate. I expect an apology. And San Diego expects an apology. This is unacceptable.

  • Corinne
  • Mission Valley

Non-native Animals

Re: “You Love Me Now, but Will You When I’m Four?” (April 23 cover). This is an ongoing Letters series, I guess.

I have been a cat owner. My children have been dog owners. Any responsible person will keep their dog or cat in the house, unless it’s leashed and accompanied. I have had my cats live for ages because they’re kept in the house. They’re not native animals here, and they should be kept inside.

Dogs on a leash have been attacked by dogs that weren’t on leash. Then the owners whose dogs were off-leash will blame the owners whose dogs were on the leash!

The person who wrote the letter in the April 30 issue (“Opinion Piece”) was correct, and I agree. I don’t think people realize that neither dogs nor cats are native here, and should be attended at all times.

  • Name Withheld
  • via voicemail

The Best Breed

Re: “You Love Me Now, but Will You When I’m Four?” (April 23 cover)

I am furious with this article! I cannot believe this was allowed to be published. Pits get a bad reputation because of people who create these articles. Pits are amazing, loyal, loving, caring dogs.

This article needs to be taken down immediately. I have never been so angry reading something in my life. The author is using sources that have inaccurate information. I cannot even clearly think to write this article because you have pissed me off so badly. This article is complete bullshit. Seriously, fuck you. You need to understand this is not allowed.

You cannot single out a breed. The best breed, at that. You are so ignorant. I hope you realize the uproar you have caused. You are, and will be, hearing from many pit bull advocates. We stand up for our breed and will not put up with this ignorance. Stand up for pits!

  • Megan
  • Tehachapi

Shaming from Texas

You Love Me Now, but Will You When I’m Four?” (April 23 cover) was written with extreme bias, and fails to present a valid argument and credible sources regarding the “pit bull” breed. I have owned nothing but pitbulls all my life and they have all been sweethearts. They lived a happy life; coinciding with humans and other animals peacefully. All it takes is responsible ownership. I have raised her with nothing but love. So, she returns that love to everyone.

It’s unfair for this article to make it seem like all pit bulls are demons, because that’s not the case. Respectfully, I have chosen to not read anymore articles from the San Diego Reader because of this article, and the fact that it was even published. Shame on the author and shame on the Reader for publishing it.

  • Paola Rosales
  • Houston, Texas

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