Salty Samaritanism

Consider this the equivalent of pink walking shoes and light blue sweatbands

It's supposed to taste salty and tart
  • It's supposed to taste salty and tart

If you’ve been following the Lupus Foundation of Southern California’s Beer to the Rescue campaign throughout the year, you’ve probably noticed that a number of the ales produced in support of the cause have incorporated orange peel. While a flavorful ingredient lending a zesty vibrancy to a range of beer styles, orange is also the official color of the fight against lupus. Consider these beers the equivalent of pink walking shoes and light blue sweatbands.

When I initially talked to the crew at Coronado Brewing Company about crafting a beer for the campaign, I suggested orange as a primary flavor addition. They were receptive. Ditto the style of beer I suggested — Gose, a low-alcohol, tart beer flavored with salt to match the water in the Goslar region of Germany from which this style of ale hails. For those who’ve never had a Gose-style ale, they sound a bit odd but are highly drinkable and, as with food, salinity helps amplify their flavors.

The most time-consuming part of this beer’s conceptualization was deciding on a name. I’d pitched Going Orange, but it proved a swing and a miss. Fortunately, the folks at Coronado Brewing are much cleverer than I am. Art and design manager Kyle Chapman wrestled with the challenging beer before coming up with one of my favorite names of any of the beers in the campaign so far — Gose to Charity. Marvel at his moniker-making prowess and this highly quaffable beer anytime today during the second half of its two-day weekend release.

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