Fired — and not liking it at all

Former head of Tri-City Healthcare sues for unlawful termination

Larry Anderson, who was fired as head of Oceanside's Tri-City Healthcare District on October 17 of 2013, filed suit in federal court on March 25, claiming the medical center violated his 14th Amendment rights, among several alleged offenses.

In his complaint, Anderson claims that his employment agreement contains mandatory severance provisions in the event that he might be terminated without cause. Anderson, who originally took his position in early 2009, says there were only limited conditions under which his employment could be terminated without severance payments to him. He says that in September of 2013 Tri-City's board put him on paid leave. He says he was given no explanation of why.

On September 5, 2013, Anderson says he was told that he would not be reimbursed for his attorney fees. He says that, to date, Tri-City refuses to provide a defense for him.

On November 4, 2013, the U-T printed a story listing 14 reasons why Tri-City fired Anderson, including the charge that he pressured the former finance officer to misstate financial reserves and conducted an inappropriate investigation of the Carlsbad mayor. At the time, Anderson denied the charges. The information was given to the public and the press at the same time Anderson received it, he complains. Anderson says his employment was terminated "without notice, without hearing, or the constitutionally required due process or procedure."

Tri City suffered turmoil during Anderson's incumbency. Anderson's lawyer, George Rikos, did not respond to a call and email sent early today (March 30). A Tri-City spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Considering all that Larry Anderson did, he should be feeling relief he hasn't been charged with massive counts. Just another toxic SD personality, I guess.

eastlaker: During Anderson's reign, Tri-City was regularly in the news for Anderson's alleged misbehavior. Best, Don Bauder

There was that one event from his previous employment wherein he "allegedly" planted a gun in the car of a doctor who had the nerve to disagree with Mr. Anderson--and then there was a call to the police about the weapon. All to get the doc to back down and shut up. Mr. Anderson allegedly does not play by any known rules, unless you count "by any means necessary". One sick cookie, allegedly.

eastlaker: I am glad you used that word "allegedly" twice. I have heard stories of Anderson's misbehavior, but we have to be sure. Best, Don Bauder

Yes, well, that was only partially tongue in cheek!

The turmoil in that district was an ongoing scandal for years. Anderson was hired after a change in board membership resulted in a mass firing of top-level administrators, most of whom sued and won awards. The whole series of hirings and firings was shrouded in secrecy and payoffs. That Tri-City board was noted for its feuds and inability to function properly for at least twenty years. It went through about two changes of membership, each a "reform" to the previous one, and yet the dysfunctional behavior continued until it became a local disgrace. (I could go into details here, but there's a 3000 word limit to comments, and the details could fill a big book.) Anderson's termination was just the most recent episode in a long-running saga of No County's "General Hospital". There is now some hope that the board will actually get back to running a hospital. There are some apparently-responsible members of the board with track records of successful public service.

But wait, the big controversy now is whether Tri-City should sell out/affiliate with some big medical operation such as Sharp or Scripps or . . .

I have no particular opinion of Anderson; he was just another one of those grossly overpaid hospital execs to me. But I'd really like to see him and his fellow-travelers depart No County, shut up, and let the hospital be run for the benefit of local residents, such as myself, and be a place in which we can have some confidence.

Visduh: Your opinion is shared by a number of North County residents. Best, Don Bauder

Employment agreement for him but I'll bet he is against employment agreements for the workers. High level management knows the value of an employment agreement but they never believe that their powerless hourly workers or anyone else but them should have any binding employment agreement. LMAO

AlexClarke: The phenomenon you describe is widespread around the country. I don't know if Anderson opposed employment agreements for workers, but I would not be surprised if he did. Best, Don Bauder

"constitutionally required due process " There is no constitutionally required due process for firing someone. There might be a contractually required due process depending on what was in his employment contract - but certainly no constitutionally required due process.

ImJustABill: Anderson has demanded a jury trial, so a jury may have to rule on that. Best, Don Bauder

That could be a mistake. Jurors see the need for jury trials in criminal matters, but many get resentful when called to adjudicate civil disputes, especially between rich parties. Anderson likely doesn't come across as a white knight or even a moderately nice guy. Jury verdicts often have a big emotional basis, and a bad guy suing a hospital district for firing him could have a big job ahead of him to prevail. He'll probably end up with a negotiated settlement, maybe just prior to the scheduled trial.

Visduh: It's possible there will be a negotiated settlement right before the trial is to begin. That happens often. I do agree Anderson may have a tough time on this one. Best, Don Bauder

Too many "opinions," not enough facts.

Twister: That is often the case before a trial, and after a firing. Best, Don Bauder

TJ Applegate: Well, at least we know where you stand. Best, Don Bauder

Kathleen Sterling: Sigh. That question about Dumanis has been posed a number of times. Best, Don Bauder

Unless I'm very mistaken, Sterling was a member of that dysfunctional board during some of the worst times. She was censured by the rest of the board, and actually had a judicial restraining order preventing her from entering the property while she was serving. Take her complaints with several grains of salt.

Visduh: I can't comment on that because i don't know about it. Best, Don Bauder

While I am not a true expert in the matter, I believe it is safe to say that Larry Anderson went out of his way to make Ms. Sterling look bad in the eyes of the public--and he did so using illegal maneuvers and cruel tactics, eventually being called on his behavior--but that was long after damage had been done. If there is a good thing that can be said for Larry Anderson, I will let you know--when that day comes. But don't postpone doing anything while waiting. Just another opinion from the gallery.

eastlaker: It is obvious that Larry Anderson has enemies. I know from interviews that I had that others in Tri-City administration had enemies, too. Many were enemies of their colleagues. Best, Don Bauder

eastlaker, maybe I was one of those who was influenced by the "lamestream" media in No County. But I do know that for too many years that board was populated by weirdos, phonies, and some truly dysfunctional folks. Go back and read what I said. I didn't attack her, just passed some facts.

Visduh: No question. The ugly drama at Tri-City has gone on for a long time. Best, Don Bauder

I do think that there was a very bad pattern of driving people to distraction or near distraction as a means of discrediting their legitimate concerns, and many people didn't realize how manipulative Mr. Anderson and his cohorts were.

eastlaker: Sounds like a bunch of manipulators manipulating each other. Best, Don Bauder

No Complaints - I prevailed and the expose is not complete as long as Larry Anderson and his crew are in the courts Visduh. By the way, Judge Mills in his finding of fact did not allow the over the top 8 temporary restraining orders go forward, and indicated he believed that I was injured. Besides being improperly, TC orchestrated the press release with the Channel 10 news who shows up to rudely, bang on the front window of my modest home at 9:00 pm to publicly shame me - I think few would be able to stand up under some abhorrent scrutiny unless they held a personal conviction with a moral compass. During those events - Corruption - continued as the litigious individuals discharged fabrications. I know too much about the deals cut amongst the medical doctors, the kickbacks, conflict of interests, cooked books, bonds, and more. Shame on the Procopio law firm partners and associates whom I'm told generated $1.2 billable hours guided by TC Board's General Counsel Gregory V. Moser et. al. and CEO Larry Anderson with the former Chair(s) of the Board RoseMarie Reno and Larry Schallock. Know these characters well and the legal cartel at the public trough. Moser has been involved for a long time in the healthcare insurance industry, as he was the General Counsel for several of the hospital / healthcare districts in California, giving advice to their CEOs, and GC for the consortium of District Hospitals California's self insured program for risk and directors & officers liability by a public joint powers authority called BETA Health.

Yes, Anderson will trip up. . . again . . . for this is what he appears to be an expert . . . typical MO for guilty people who end up in prison, it's just a matter of time!

If you're on Facebook, I've uploaded some interesting background information which may help commenters who may not be fully apprised. Also I uploaded on Matt Potter's Facebook for the Reader.

The history of Tri City was abysmal long before I was elected in 1998, a commitment I took quite serious enough to expose the whole truth. I had just finished my tour of duty as a VISTA Volunteer engaged in the local effort of Rebuild LA after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. Yes, I became a member of an already dubbed in 1990, dysfunctional board on my first attempt to public office who unseated a 16 year incumbent, because my credentials were the most qualified. Naive to believe we were involved with making Tri City the best since it was the only one in our federally designated area, thoughtful decisions were expected to be made for the collective good, the constituents who elected us as their representatives to protect, provide, and serve them. Asking appropriate questions, within a short period of time I became the target of the status quo, a den of snakes running a self interest enterprise with proposing public policy for their personal benefit.

Throughout my 30 some years experience in public policy of health and medical care representing Consumer, Tri City was unbelievable for any reasonable person. However the "hired guns" to suppress the peoples right to know may not be uncommon after all, especially for the San Diego regional political and legal cartel scene.

Tri City is a tax supported public agency similar to school, city, and county structure who hires a manager, although capable of running an enterprise system. In this instance, a full expose will be forthcoming about the individuals (some individual board members, CEO(s) and their troupe(s) via racket on the public dole applying strategies with filthy and evil political posturing.

There's many basic questions about about how democracy functions with Special District local governments e.g., water, hospital or healthcare, fire, and their self-insurance programs - for these are our instruments we created with our tax dollars through multiple sources e.g., Medicare, 3rd party insurance, Consumers, Property Taxes, with more questions to be asked, although you have to go to the public meetings. Keep the light on for the partially new board of Tri City is still helping to clean up the filth, and sediment of those who crossed the line with illicit acts against the constituents who elected me for three terms.

Here is Larry B. Anderson's Termination letter for cause:


What's that Jim Croce line again? "Meaner than a junkyard dog"? Larry Anderson and Leroy Brown would have made a great team.

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