Chargers in Inglewood? Looks like it

Could all or part of the team be sold?

Artist's rendering of proposed Inglewood stadium
  • Artist's rendering of proposed Inglewood stadium

Channel 10 is reporting tonight that the plans for Stan Kroenke's stadium in Inglewood have separate locker rooms for two home teams and two separate owners' boxes. Ergo, two National Football League teams will occupy the stadium. (The Giants and Jets share a New Jersey stadium.)

A source told Channel 10 that the two teams will be the St. Louis Rams (owned by Kroenke) and the Chargers.

This makes sense. The behavior of Chargers spokesman Mark Fabiani has suggested for some time that the team is doing its best to get out of San Diego, if it has the funds to do so.

A question is whether the Spanos family has the money that Kroenke would likely demand for a second team occupying his stadium.

There are several ways this problem could be solved. The Chargers — or a significant percentage of the team — could be sold. After all, the value of the franchise will rise sharply if it moves into the juicy Los Angeles market. If the Los Angeles Clippers are worth $2 billion, what would a percentage (or all) of the Chargers be worth? Or the Chargers may permit Kroenke to take a large chunk of revenue from luxury seats, boxes, seat licenses, ad and naming rights, and the like. And there could be other avenues.

If the two-team Inglewood scenario is likely, there are more questions: 1. Has the joint task force been informed of this? 2. Has it suspected it? 3. Are there some moneybags waiting to grab rich acreage in San Diego that was supposed to go for a football stadium?

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This report will increase the hysteria of keeping the Spanos gang's team in SD. It would be so nice to have them depart, and take the gun away from the head of the local pols who keep telling the voters that they will do anything to keep the team here. Then the city and county could get on to the business of providing for the public safety of the city and county, and forget about trying to buy off the black-mailing NFL team and its shakedown.

Don, we can only hope that your speculations are correct. This long-running and painful shakedown by Spanos and his gang has diverted attention from far more pressing needs on the part of local government, has been pointless, and is a disgrace. If these die-hard Charger fans have to enjoy a local team, let them move to LA. All these years of fights about a new and unaffordable stadium have been a local disgrace, and even the hard core Charger fans must be getting tired of it all. I'm surely tired of the whole thing. Let it be over!

I'll second that! All in favor, please vote!!!

Twister: Make mine a third vote for Visduh's suggestion. Best, Don Bauder

Paul Regis: It was not on the 7-7:30 news and is not on the website. It was on at about 5:20 p.m. My source heard it and called me. He is extremely reliable. I called Channel 10 and got confirmation -- in fact, I was read the quote from the source who said the Chargers would be the second team there. My source called separately and got confirmation. Best, Don Bauder

Bill Becker: I stand by Visduh. He DOES know what he is talking about. Best, Don Bauder

I'm glad I don't twit. Or face no %^#&! book!

Twister: You don't twit, but how would you like to be called a twit all day, as I am? Best, Don Bauder

Other rumors (heard on XTRA sports) suggest Philip Rivers does not want to move to L.A. Speculation is that the Chargers could trade Rivers to Tennessee to be able to get the #2 draft pick. Tennessee gets a pro-bowl level QB, Chargers get to draft Marcus Mariotta to start at QB for them in LA.

ImJustABill I don't see a Tennessee giving a a franchise QB for a 34 yr old QB. As bad as they need a QB now such a move would only put them back in the exact same place they are now 3-5 yrs down the road.

Just my opinion.

Opinions vary.

danfogel: Your analysis sounds logical to me. Why give up a top draft choice for an aging quarterback? Of course, some quarterbacks play into their late 30s and even their 40s. Still, I go with your view. Best, Don Bauder

Don Bauder, It's not about playing, it's about playing well and WINNING. I would rather have a prospect like Marcus Mariotta for the next 15 yrs.

Just my opinion.

Opinions vary.

danfogel: Elway and Manning played well into their late 30s. (Manning still playing.) Was Warren Moon (who played into his 40s) that good? Blanda was better at kicking than at passing, wasn't he? I go with you: youth, even though many of these picks backfire. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder, all fair points, except for one thing. Philip Rivers has never been as good, or as successful as those you mentioned. Moon actually played until he was 44, with his last couple of seasons as a backup. Moon had 3 or 4 good years in the NFL, but by and large he was fairly mediocre, probably due in part to playing on some teams to which being described as mediocre would be a generous exaggeration. There are exceptions to every rule. Guys like Elway, Favre and Manning are certainly exceptions. But my point is that Rivers is not one of those guys at 33 and he's not going to be at 30-40 either. Here's another though. Do you think Tennessee would give up the rights to Marcus Mariotta in an even swap for Rivers,? I don't. No way ANY team gives up the second pick in the draft for 1guy, not even if his name is Rogers. They are going to want a lot more. Maybe not Herschel Walker more, but way more than just an even trade. So are the Chargers willing to give up Rivers and several other players just to get one guy, even if it is Marcus Mariotta? Then on the other side of the equation, would the Chargers accept just Marcus Mariotta for Rivers or would they want more. My guess is the think a "proven" QB is worth more than a rookie, even if is name is Marcus Mariotta. And don't forget about Rivers. He's only got 1 year left on his contract. After 11 years in San Diego, would he be willing to uproot his wife and seven kids and relocate and would ANY team be willing to trade for him unless he agrees to sign a new contract as part of the deal. Read Rivers' quote and you can see where he is at:

danfogel: Here is one you can answer. Would any astute pro team these days give up a bunch of valuable draft choices to get one player? Or a bunch of good players to get one player? Ryan Leaf and Herschel Walker come to mind. I faintly remember that Mike Ditka as a coach gave up a bunch of draft choices for a running back. Did it work out? I need your insight on this. Best, Don Bauder

Don Bauder I'll answer in two parts since i dont have the time to tackle your question on the draft right now. The Saints trade to put them in a spot to draft Ricky Williams would take way too long to explain, but this does a real good job:
I would say it worked out for the Saints. They went from 15-33 for three seasons under Ditka, to 42-38 next 4 seasons, including their first ever playoff win. And the Herschel Walker deal? Well, the Cowboys ended up being able to move around using the draft picks they received and draft both Emmit Smith and Darren Woodson. So IMHO that alone , irrespective of anything else that happened in the transaction, means it worked out for the Cowboys. For Minnesota and, to a lesser degree, San Diego, not so much. The Ryan Leaf deal would have been nothing IF Leaf had come even close to the hype. According to Wiki, a second round pick, a third round pick, a future first round pick, and a player gave the Chargers the chance to pick either Leaf or Manning, whomever did not go as first pick.In my opinion, no big deal. If Baltimore take Leaf and the Chargers get Manning, today it's called one of the best trades ever for San Diego and they probably have been to the Super Bowl multiple times. The reason people say the trade sucked is because Leaf sucked. But that's on the San Diego Chargers entirely. A lot of other people saw the signs, which means they could have, and should have, too. They saw the big arm and didn't(apparently) see or care about anything else. OOPS

danfogel: Interesting that Ditka's ploy worked. I didn't know about that. Certainly the Walker and Ryan Leaf ploys did not work. I have heard the Leaf maneuver called the worst draft choice in history. I have also heard that some people in Washington knew of his drug habits. That could be a rumor, though. Best, Don Bauder

Yeah I think this is one of those hypothetical trades that would work out well for the Chargers (get new promising QB) and Rivers (gets to avoid LA and finish his career close to his Alabama family) but wouldn't necessarily work out for the Titans who aren't yet to the point of being a good QB away from contention.

ImJustABill: I guess you have to weigh the variables. Many teams take a hot young quarterback and are disappointed. Anyone ever heard of Ryan Leaf? Rivers is really good and could last another 5 or 7 years. Take your pick. Best, Don Bauder

Yeah, I guess if the Chargers are pushing for this trade they can always tell the Titans, "Well, look what happened the last time WE drafted a #2 pick for QB" - far from a sure thing.

I think with Mariota NFL teams are more worried about his lack of experience with pro-style NFL offense than his character - all reports are that his character is very solid. So sort of the opposite from Leaf who had unquestionable physical abilities but lacked character.

ImJustABill: I have never heard the final reckoning on why the Chargers -- I believe Beathard was handling the deal -- did not do adequate homework on Leaf and his possible problems. Best, Don Bauder

ImJustABill: There are plenty of rumors floating around. 'Twas ever thus. Best, Don Bauder

Don Bauder A couple of comments.

First, the details of the 2 team design were first made public on March 22, so I guess it takes a little while for such things to make it to San Diego.

Second, while I firmly believe that the Spanos plan doesn't have pot to piss in when it come to the financial means to equitably participate in the building of a stadium, I believe that "renting" is a viable option. Keep in mind, that the NFL TV contract alone pays each team in the neighborhood of $150 million per season thru 2022. I don't see "making rent" as an issue.

Just my opinion.

Opinions vary.

danfogel: I respect your opinion. I feel, as you do, that the Chargers don't have the funds to put a significant pot of money (say, $100 million) into a new stadium in L.A., San Diego, or someplace else, unless the team would be counting on a big gain in its value. But there are ways the Chargers could get to L.A. For one, if Kroenke took the bulk of the Chargers' take from ticket sales, luxury seats and suites, seat licenses, ad and naming rights, etc, the Chargers still might come out ahead because of the increase in the team's value. TV revenue could help, as you note.

Best, Don Bauder

Paul Regis: Again, two of us checked it with Channel 10 last night, but we did not get a link. Best, Don Bauder

Last year I would have bet that Manchester & co would have taxpayers pouring hundreds of millions into the stadium and a convention center expansion. Now it seems we may have a windfall.

What would be the best use of that money? Road & bridge repairs? Other infrastructure such as water & sewer pipe maintenance? New City Hall? More desalination plants? Municipal WiFi? Homeless housing? Waterfront improvements? New developments at the old stadium site? What's on your list?

Of course there won't be a windfall. The money was never there in the first place. But what if ...

Your comment about the money never having been there in the first place really belongs in caps. While I can't speak for other cities and counties in California and the nation, it is for sure that the city of SD and the county of SD do not have any surplus funds to blow on a new, costly, and ill-sited stadium. There is a screaming need for all the things you mentioned, and even if every dollar available were spent on those things, many needs would go unmet. Faulconer made a big deal in his campaign about infrastructural repairs, and then fell silent until just recently. Now he has a proposal to actually make some headway on that promise. But all of that would soon be out the window if the city had to start financing a new stadium.

Visduh: Did you believe Faulconer's pitch for infrastructure? I had my doubts.

If I were Faulconer, I would look at it this way: yes, one would not want to be mayor when the pro team left. But one would also not want to be mayor when the city went broke, the pension system went dry, a big bridge collapsed, etc. Best, Don Bauder

swell: Water is probably the most critical issue. More desalination plants might be the best alternative. The following would not be expensive, but urgently necessary: severe water restrictions are long overdue. Best, Don Bauder

all these committees and groups is getting ridiculous

I'm supprised they did not hire a phrenologist yet ( if they could get Spanos to co operate)

Murphyjunk: Of course, as I know you realize, sending items to a committee is an ideal way to stall reality. Best, Don Bauder

"A camel is a horse designed by a committee." --author unknown

Another example of Don Bauder reporting on things he know very little about. Mr. Bauder consistently tells half truths and is misinformed. Most of his ramblings are half baked. It just might be time for an early retirement Don!

Carlos Don has been reporting on stadium issues in San Diego for as long as I can remember (at least 20 years probably longer).

His reporting has consistently been accurate for anything he reports as facts and he has always been clear that some speculation is involved whenever he states anything which isn't a 100% proven verified fact.

Do you have any specific claims Don has made which are actually "half-truths"

ImJustABill: I started reporting on stadium subsidy issues in 1996. And plenty of people like Carlos Becerra have said I was half-witted. I don't have the Olympian detachment to make such a judgment. Best, Don Bauder

Do you really want a bullet point list of dates and times over the last thirty years where Don's reporting only included half of the truth. I simple don't have time to make a spreadsheet that large.

Carlos Becerra: If your spreadsheet only covers the last 30 years, you are missing out on an extra dozen years I have been covering San Diego. I arrived in 1973 with San Diego Union. Best, Don Bauder

Carlos Becerra: You seem to be saying that when we are young, we go off half-cocked, but when we are old, we tell half-truths and spout theories that are half-baked. Best, Don Bauder

Well, at least it's never been reported that Don Bauder is under criminal investigation.

danfogel: I haven't been under criminal investigation, but I have had a number of corporation-hired private eyes looking into me. Best, Don Bauder

Carlos - apparently you are fully baked. Leave the writing to the big kids.

shirleyberan: On the other hand, Mozart was writing great music when he was ten years old (and younger). Best, Don Bauder

Yes, your quip does seem like it came from one of the big kids.

Carlos Becerra: Shirleyberan has been contributing here for some time. Best, Don Bauder

Or maybe you are also SanDiegoGuru:
Your profile there also lists as your website Interesting that you(SanDiegoGuru) are now following me.

danfogel: Carlos Becerra has an intense interest in keeping pro sports in San Diego. Best, Don Bauder

Carlos Becerra: Yes, but there are other clippings about your alleged activities. See below. Best, Don Bauder

Billy Becker - this ain't your playground.

I think Bill Becker is a troll - an embarrassment to Bills everywhere! From this Bill I think Visduh knows A LOT and has made many great contributions to these comment boards.

ImJustABill: Visduh is one of our stars. Best, Don Bauder

Visduh: No need to blush. Just keep giving us your views. Best, Don Bauder

That's easy. I can't keep my opinions to myself.

Visduh: Have you ever considered running for political office? Best, Don Bauder

Considered it? Yes, but promptly ran the other direction. Some folks are cut out for it, but I'm not one of them.

Visduh: You would get tired of dodging those slings and arrows? Invective arrows, I mean. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: But Becker has every right to express himself, as does Carlos Becerra. Best, Don Bauder

It sound to me like nothing more than extortion. More taxpayer money to subsidize the wealthy.

AlexClarke: Barack Obama would like to end this stadium extortion game, but the Republicans, who profess to believe in free enterprise and small government, won't let him. Best, Don Bauder

Don - and you need to stop encouraging stupid people.

shirleyberan: And all this time I thought I was denigrating stupid people, not encouraging them. Best, Don Bauder

Don - Seems you have history covering past histrionics of "Carlos".

shirleyberan: I don't believe I had heard of Carlos until we started having these exchanges. Correct me if I am wrong. I have been at this more than 50 years, and sometimes the memory fogs. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder Now here is something interesting. If you look at Carlos Becerra's profile, it now touts his talents as a Venezuelan photographer. Up until a couple of hours ago, it described his company WSA Distributing, Inc.,that he was born in Mexico, but his family moved to California when he was 3 years old, and his activities to support the Hispanic and local San Diego communities. Even his previous icon was from his company website:

Interesting that in only a few hours, he has gone from being a Mexican born entrepreneur who sold a wireless company to, a good friend of NFL star Marshall Faulk, and someone who's publicly stated goal was to keep an NFL franchise in San Diego, to now a Venezuelan photographer whose work has been work " has been published by Amnesty International, CNN, Washington Post, The Guardian, among others."

BTW, freelance photographer Carlos Becerra is based in Caracas, not San Diego. Interesting that the current picture in "Carlos'" profile, at least to me looks nothing like the "Carlos" pictured in this story from the UT: or the one pictured on the Carlos Becerra/WSA Dist. Web site, which was previously listed in his reader profile:
Something definitely fishy going on here.

danfogel: I looked up Carlos Becerra, too, and found several of them, or at least thought I did. So I quickly aborted the search. Best, Don Bauder

I find that an interesting comment. So you are not this Carlos Becerra?
Because this is the bio that was previously referenced on your reader profile page. And this is the Carlos Becerra of Parq restaurant: Or maybe this one: Looks like the same guy to me.

danfogel: You are the master sleuth, as well as the sports expert. Best, Don Bauder

Carlos Becerra: Other questions arise. Best, Don Bauder

I don't know who the heck he is. I googled carlos becerra criminal investigation and got an article of yours from March 11, 2014 "Embezzling; Forging one's way into Rancho Santa Fe". Alfonso Fierro Jr., controller of WSA Distributing...

shirleyberan: Sure enough, in the article of March 11, 2014, Ponzi, one of our regular and wisest contributors, mentioned that Carlos Becerra owned a company in which an executive embezzled a bundle of money. I wrote the item about the embezzlement. Then Ponzi posted some items about Becerra being in trouble with the law on several fronts.

Becerra said on this blog that I am a half-wit. Maybe he has something. I did not remember that I had ever written anything about Becerra. But I had mentioned him and had no doubt read the entry by Ponzi. So maybe I am not even a half-wit. Just a no-wit. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan this might help. Here's the website link originally listed in this guy's profile, before he changed it today:
Here's the website link for the profile of SanDiegoGuru:
Look familiar? They are the same guy posting under 2 names This is the guy in the story you referenced. But after "Carlos" changed his profile today, he apparently now is an independent Venezuelan photographer.

danfogel: I am sure Chargers fans are happy to have Carlos representing their interests. Best, Don Bauder

It's all good Don. Your wit runneth over. He's a guy holding a grudge.

shirleyberan: Give the detective credit to danfogel. Best, Don Bauder

danfogel - He doesn't remember his antagonizing remarks early this morning either.

shirleyberan: Maybe Faulconer will put Carlos on the Chargers task force. Best, Don Bauder

Don - maybe him and his partners will create a brand new San Diego team for the imaginary new football stadium. They can call it San Diego Gurus or something else he feels strongly about, although I thought I read he lived in New Jersey.

shirleyberan: Somehow, I don't think local football lovers will think the name San Diego Gurus is appropriate. Best, Don Bauder

Lawence Yoo: As I have said before, I DO write opinion pieces. Best, Don Bauder

Don't correct my English (dwbat) He (Carlos B) and his forthright ultra-legitimate partners would fit in with the hunter-gatherer (other people's money) NFL Gamers, don't ya think?

shirleyberan: Carlos does seem to have the same qualities as NFL owners. I doubt that he has the same kind of money. Best, Don Bauder

(I was only trying to kid with dwbat but I think he doesn't like my sense of humor)

shirleyberan: dwbat is sensitive. Best, Don Bauder

That's what I thought and thank you for confirming. DWBAT doesn't sound like David b.....

shirleyberan: dwbat has revealed his identity before. Maybe he will do so again. Best, Don Bauder

My identity is well known here, to anyone who pays attention. I've contributed legit news articles (never opinion pieces) to the READER for 5 years.

Paul Regis - it was "leave the Writing to the big kids" because Carlos was acting like a jerk. We still can't understand why you are so pissed in your many comments. Are you ready to make sense yet? Who cares if channel 10 web is messed up. If you think Don is lying, you don't know Don.

shirleyberan: Well, I was lying in a hospital bed for nine days a little bit ago. That doesn't make me a liar, though. Ain't the English language great? My mother was an English teacher. She loved teaching Chaucer. Best, Don Bauder

Hey Paul Regis. It's been WIDELY REPORTED that Stan Kroenke's stadium proposal plan includes the ability for two teams to share it. Apparently, you're just too lazy to look for your self, so I'll help you out. You can start with this one from March 21st:
If that's to tough for you to comprehend, here's another, from March 22nd:

Nothin' to see here.

Time to move along.

danfogel: Don't ever second-guess danfogel. I have learned that lesson. Best, Don Bauder

I looked up that spelling and gave up; still doesn't feel right. Sorry about all that lying around. I'm not lie-ing. Gotta love danfogel. His last part is a Star Wars reference Don. I used to listen to Dan Fogelberg music. Wonder if there's any relation.

shirleyberan Not a Star Wars reference. It's a pretty standard line in a lot of police movies, especially olser ones. In this case, I was thinking of Detective Frank Drebin.

danfogel: I have never heard of Detective Frank Drebin either. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder Pop culture reference. I doubt anyone here would think you would know of Frank Drebin. That would be like turning it up to 11.


by dwbat

He was portrayed by the funny actor Leslie Nielsen.

shirleyberan: Dan Fogelberg? Sorry. Never heard of him. Best, Don Bauder

Don, you don't need to keep telling us that you know nothing about pop culture figures! We KNOW that.

Gary Whaley: Some lawyers I know have been thinking about suits against the Chargers if they leave. After all, they promised to stay until 2020. It appears unlikely that they will. So there is another possibility, besides the ones you mentioned. Best, Don Bauder

paul regis No I am not the one who told don bauder about seeing a report on the news. If you actually read the comments posted, you would find that I commented that the stadium design, including separate facilities for 2 teams, was made public on March 22nd. And since I don't live in San Diego, it would be a little difficult for me to have seen anything on the San Diego news.

San Diego TV stations have websites + Facebook + smartphone apps. ;-)

I understand The Forum in Inglewood [I saw the Stones there once.] is installing a large electric car charging section in its parking lot. Their ad agency has chosen this marketing campaign: "Chargers coming to Inglewood soon. For Real!"

Wow, not even ONE chuckle for my effort?

Problem is, it was too good. I actually had to read it a couple of times before I got that it was a joke.

I get that a lot with my satire! ;-)

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