Lukasz Szczedanek lands lake lunker

Lukasz Szczedanek with 17 lb 8 oz rainbow trout caught in Lake Cuyamaca
  • Lukasz Szczedanek with 17 lb 8 oz rainbow trout caught in Lake Cuyamaca

A 17-pound 8-ounce rainbow trout was caught on Sunday afternoon at Lake Cuyamaca by San Diego's Lukasz Szczedanek. Szczedanek was using an inflated night crawler when the monster rainbow hit at Heron Point around 3pm. The fish was one from the recent plant on St. Patrick's Day from Mt. Lassen Hatchery.

As reported by, Lake Ranger Butch Paddock said, "The recent stock included, by far, the largest trout stocked at Lake Cuyamaca in recent history. We are happy to say that several 10 pounders have also been caught from that stock, and there might even be a larger rainbow in the lake right now."

That wasn't the only large fish pulled from the local fresh water fisheries this past week. Ryan Crandell caught an estimated 17-lb largemouth bass on Monday up at Skinner, the day after a 16.1 pounder was caught by Ryan Block.

No trips out yesterday other than 1/2 day local and 3/4 day to the Coronado Islands. The yellowtail off the La Jolla canyon have gone and the fishing is at a more normal pace for rockfish and bass. On the other hand, it doesn't look like the yellowtail at the Islands are going anywhere soon, as boats making the 20 mile trip South are finding them every trip. Here are the dock totals from yesterday, March 25:

Fisherman's Landing hosted 35 anglers on 2 boats for a total catch of 12 sculpin, 1 sand bass, 58 rockfish and 14 calico bass, with 40 calico bass released.

H&M Landing sent out 76 anglers aboard 3 boats who caught 18 barracuda, 26 yellowtail, 1 sculpin, 1 sand bass, 6 rockfish, 1 halibut, 26 calico bass, 5 bonito, with 126 calico bass released.

Helgren's Oceanside Sportfishing put 28 anglers on 1 boat and reported 2 sheephead, 5 sculpin, 25 vermilion rockfish, 12 calico bass and 1 whitefish caught

Point Loma Sportfishing reported 17 anglers aboard 1 boat caught 2 whitefish, 1 sculpin, 27 rockfish and 1 bonito.

100 anglers aboard 3 boats out of Seaforth Sportfishing put 4 whitefish, 81 vermilion rockfish, 4 sculpin, 104 rockfish, 93 yellowtail, 3 sheephead and 1 lingcod in their gunnysacks.

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They are stocking the lakes with 17 lb. trout? My, how things have changed. It used to be they stocked the lakes with fingerlings-- 6 ozs tops! At $6.99/lb, that is a $118 fish! Where the hell is my flyrod?

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