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A mani-pedi for Easter? Why the heck not?

Madeira lace eggs
  • Madeira lace eggs

“One Easter our family challenged each other to design eggs to look like celebrities,” said Terry. “We took blown eggs and created people out of them. There was an Abe Lincoln, a Groucho Marx, a Babe Ruth. The winner was my daughter’s Three Stooges.”

“Blown eggs for us meant a confetti war,” replied Samantha. “For weeks ahead of Easter, we blew eggs and painstakingly filled them with confetti for a huge battle Easter afternoon.”

My yoga group reminisced about Easters past as we lingered over Jamba Juice. Cheryl was looking for some new gift ideas for the baskets for her family. I offered to poll some pals for new ideas. “I was hoping you’d say that,” she smiled.

“I always appreciate something handmade in my basket,” answered Meg. “It could be something from the farmers’ market or Spanish Village in Balboa Park. The handiwork always inspires me. There is an Etsy site called ‘MyAuntieEva’ that sells gorgeous Madeira Easter eggs [$15.99 each]. Hand-blown chicken eggs that have little holes in them to look like Madeira lace...just gorgeous. I hope the Easter bunny puts one of them in my basket,” she smiled.

“I like the chocolate-truffle-filled eggs from Williams-Sonoma,” said Nancy ($14.95 for 6 ounces, around 24 eggs, at williams-sonoma.com). They come packaged in a springtime-themed oval box.

Williams-Sonoma nest with truffle eggs

Williams-Sonoma nest with truffle eggs

“I’m giving my boss a Williams-Sonoma nest with truffle eggs,” she added. “It will make a lovely Easter brunch centerpiece.” For $39.96, it’s an 11-inch nest of lavender, moss, oregano, with a center filled with truffles, white chocolate candy shell around champagne, amaretto, and kirsch-scented truffles.

“I would love the papier-mâché eggs from Cost Plus World Market,” answered Mindy ($41.88 for a set of 12). “Handcrafted in India, the brightly colored eggs make our mantel so festive over Easter.”

“Chuao Chocolatier, even better than See’s,” smiled John. “My wife likes the dark chocolate chocopod gift set. Chocolate mini bars, only 50 calories each, but with different kicks. She especially loves the Spicy Maya. It has pasilla chili, cinnamon, and cayenne in with the chocolate [$9.95 for eight mini bars at chuaochocolatier.com].”

“I always include some cheese in the baskets from the Venissimo shop in Mission Hills,” offered Tom. “They carry goat, sheep, cow, buffalo cheeses, a treat for any cheese lover. The Cheese Lover Gift Basket, artisanal crackers along with cow-, goat-, and sheep-cheese wedges runs $50 [venissimo.com].”

“Jelly Belly jelly beans, Bordeaux eggs, and Scotchmallow eggs,” offered Sande ($6.20 for the 4-ounce Bordeaux egg at See’s; $6.35 for the 5.4-ounce egg).

“My cousin does a fun thing for her grandchildren,” Sande added. “Instead of a basket, she does a theme each year. One year it was a bucket with swimsuits, beach towels, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Another year it was a treasure chest with pirate dress-up items and booty. I’m going to steal that idea when I have grandkids.”

“A bag of See’s Jelly Bird Eggs,” replied Sophie. “The lemon, lime, and cherry fruit jellies run $4.50 for 12 ounces.”

“My five-year-old is getting a chocolate dinosaur egg,” stated Pat. “When he cracks it open, inside he will find baby dinosaurs in white, dark, and milk chocolate [$16.98 for 10 ounces at hearthsong.com].”

“Something to get the kids ready for spring and summer — gardening gloves, beach buckets, flip-flops,” offered Faith. “For me, I wouldn’t balk at some chocolates. My mother-in-law sometimes gives me a mani/pedi.”

“I am putting a box of cereal into each kids’ basket,” explained Bernice. “I rarely buy sugary cereal and when I do, they fight over it. Problem solved: they each get a cereal box in their basket. My teen daughter will also get a Ukrainian egg-decorating kit and her favorite beauty product.” Hearth Song sells a Ukrainian Egg Decorating Kit for $26.98 (hearthsong.com).

“For my basket,” said Julie, “I am hoping the Easter bunny brings me new lingerie, chocolate, coffee, tickets to concerts, and housecleaners, all in that order.”

Me, too, Julie.

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