Touching donors

The hiring of Ann Spira Campbell, ex-wife of former San Diego Opera honcho Ian Campbell as a UCSD fundraising executive was just the beginning. She has been tasked to hit up $1 million-plus donors. Now the school is seeking a “director of development, donor relations” to ride herd on the charitable givers Campbell scares up. Duties will include inventing “creative, integrated, and highly-collaborative donor relations programming for key donor cohorts.” Meanwhile, the university is also looking to hire a new public relations person for its international relations and social sciences program with a “proven ability to understand differing points of view on controversial subjects and to work diplomatically with persons inside the university and with the press and public.”

As city-council candidates including Joe LaCava and Barbara Bry line up to run for La Jolla’s seat on the San Diego City Council, a former council hopeful is still owed some big cash from his own campaign committee. Republican flying-school maven Phil Thalheimer struck out in his 2004 council bid against Democrat Sherri Lightner; as of the end of last year, the most recent reporting period, Thalheimer for City Council owed him $1,102,058 on cash loans he made to the group.

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How many big donor hand holders can be hired at a single UC campus? When is Governor Brown going to intervene and put an end to this gilding-the-lily at taxpayers' expense? Let the Legislature restore some of UC's funding. Get rid of UC President Janet Napolitano. Hold the line on further undergraduate tuition increases. Restore to Californians at least 10% of the over 20% of admission spots that now go to out-of-staters and foreigners.

Didn't this lady coochi-coo the opera manager TO GET A JOB (she couldn't handle) ... I mean if you can't even bilk rich bitch trophy wives any more, what are you really good at? SO THIS POLITICAL PATRONAGE IS REALLY HER FIRST JOB! We must ponder: What will selling off of the naming rights for every building, fountain, bench, bus shelter, fire hydrant, porta potty, lunch counter, foyer, umbrella stand, atrium, LBGT center, and staircase achieve? The Ultimate. Finally. It will permanently memorialize the state of envy these phonies love to live in... And! They get paid to turn the UCSD campus into a legitimate sponsorship whorehouse...Ruining its dignity. But, as the great Ian Campbell said "I thought we could close with dignity. But then I remembered where I live".... Is New York Big enough for a water head like this? Hell . . . Gotta at least be better bars to drink at. And he's rid of her... Winner winner chicken dinner


by Breslin

Breslin, maybe the toxicity level won't be as bad as Ian and Anna are not together. But as to which one of them wins the medal for the greater purveyor of untruths, half-truths and outright spinning of lies, I'd have to go with Mr. Campbell on that one.

Ian Campbell made Harold Hill in "The Music Man" look like an amateur con man!

Harold Hill actually learned something and became a better person. I don't suppose we could completely rule that out in Mr. Campbell's case, but I'd say it is rather unlikely.

Maybe there is a final act being written!

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