Reverse "rape of the ratepayer"

Consumer group retracts opinion regarding San Onofre shutdown

Michael Picker and Michael Peevey
  • Michael Picker and Michael Peevey

In a strongly worded statement, San Francisco–based consumer group TURN (The Utility Reform Network) asked the California Public Utilities Commission to set aside its decision to stick ratepayers with an almost $3.3 billion bill for the shutting down of the San Onofre nuclear power plant.

TURN had been one of four entities that had originally proposed the settlement, which the Reader has named the "rape of the ratepayer." The other three were the utility commission's Office of Ratepayer Advocates, and utilities San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison.

In demanding a reopening of the decision, TURN joined the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility. San Diego attorneys Mike Aguirre and Maria Severson have battled the commission's decision, pointing out that ratepayers would get stuck with the bill without getting any power in return, and that the failure of the nuclear plant resulted from management blunders, for which shareholders should take the hit.

In the filing, the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility says the "failure of [Edison] to disclose its extensive communications with former president [Michael] Peevey represents fraud by concealment" that influenced TURN to go along with the settlement that "unfairly disadvantaged TURN and the Office of Ratepayer Advocates in the settlement negotiations."

As previously reported by the Reader, Union-Tribune, and other media, Peevey, a former president of Edison, drew up an outline for a possible settlement at a secret meeting with an Edison official in Warsaw, Poland. There were also numerous sub rosa meetings between Peevey and other commission officials and Edison.

"TURN agrees that recent disclosures detailing extensive communications between [Edison] and CPUC decisionmakers during the pendency of this proceeding are very troubling," says the filing, taking note that Peevey is under federal and state criminal investigation for his role in clandestine meetings that basically gave such a generous settlement to the utilities and fleeced consumers.

"TURN said reopening the case could go a long way toward restoring the commission's credibility, which sank to an all-time low under Peevey," said TURN in a news release.

Matt Freedman, attorney for TURN, said, "Ongoing federal and state investigations that caused the disclosure of the Warsaw note may lead to criminal indictments."

TURN executive director Mark Toney said, "The reign of terror at the CPUC is over."

However, many who watch commission activities are not convinced that it is on the road to reform. Peevey's replacement, Michael Picker, seems cut from the same cloth, and the commission has not yet disciplined staff members who participated in the back-channel activities favoring utility profits over consumer fairness.

Stock of Edison International, parent of Southern California Edison, dropped 2.71 percent today (June 24) and Sempra Energy, parent of San Diego Gas & Electric, declined 1.51 percent. However, the overall market was down sharply.

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Every single government agency should disclose automatically, continuously updated, all income, status, and outgo of all public moneys, directly and indirectly, where it comes from and where it goes. Nothing less will do if there is ever to be democracy. There should be no quasi-government agencies, and certainly no fiefdoms like the PUC and the Port District.

Well sure but that's not the way it's going is it?

Just look at the San Diego City Council authorizing hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend the City Attorney from disclosing his emails concerning city business. Open and honest?

MichaelValentine: Of course. That is a disgrace. The city attorney should be forced to reveal ALL of those emails. It wiould open a lot of eyes, particularly on the lynching of Filner and the manipulation of the press in that process. That's why the pols don't want the emails released. Best, Don Bauder

Twister: Amen. I have followed this CPUC corruption for about four years. I watched as nobody did anything about it -- particularly Peevey's autocratic and dishonest reign. Best, Don Bauder

It looks like TURN is covering it's tracks to give credibility to the reform in it's title. Michael Picker seems as suspect as Peevey and as you say the same old staff is in place.

MichaelValentine: Admittedly, TURN's action does look like ass-covering. Best, Don Bauder

Peevey looks like the guy that was on the TV ad squeezing Charmin bathroom tissue.

AlexClarke: What worries me is that state and federal investigators will just stall and stall, hoping the public will forget about the regulatory agency stealing ratepayers' money to bolster utility profits.

The CPUC is already doing this. It is not getting rid of employees who participated in the clandestine meetings with utilities that led to the disgraceful decision. Courts do not want to interfere with decisions of government agencies -- even, it appears, when those agencies are engaging in illegal activities. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder The CPUC has been enabling, if not down right aiding, the utilities in not just screwing the rate payers, but in some cases killing them, for at least 60 yrs that I know of. And the state has been complicit in theses activities. Anyone who thinks these recent developments will end up going differently is surely on a fool's arrand.

Just my opinion.

Opinions vary.

danfogel: The terms "enabling" and "downright aiding" are too soft for what was going on in the Peevey years. As I have pointed out in previous columns and blogs, Peevey was trying, successfully, to run the publicly-held utilities, particular Edison.

While president of Edison, he had lost an internal power struggle. I suspect that was part of his motivation for trying to dominate the company. Peevey was supposed to be a regulator. But he was secretly calling the shots on important matters. This is far outside a regulator's mandate and illegal. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder,

Well, of course that is all true. However, as I believe I made clear in my comment, I was not limiting much condemnation of the PUC to Peevey's time as it's President.

The point is that this corrupt activity has been going on within the PUC, with the state being complicit, if not out right colluding with them, to allow not just the electric utilities, but ALL of them, to both figuratively and literally get away with murder. The pragmatic view remains that based on past history of these "indiscretions" within the PUC and by it's sitting commissioners, it's difficult to believe that any of them will suffer anything of consequence, legal or otherwise, for their actions, the efficacy of Aguirre's efforts not withstanding.

Just my opinion.

Opinions vary.

danfogel: You may well be right that the CPUC staff, and other commissioners, will get away with this corruption. Peevey may, too. Law enforcement and the courts have let the CPUC get away with fraud for a very long time, as you point out. Best, Don Bauder

he's the guy hiding in his gated community after squeezing the rate payers.

maybe if he ventures out someone will recognize him and have a chat with him/

Murphyjunk: Peevey lives in the L.A. area. The subject is not followed closely by the media there. My guess is that he can walk around without being noticed.

Why have L.A. media not followed this obvious CPUC corruption so closely? The reporter who was following the story (not that closely) has now left. It could be a matter of interest, now that the U-T is managed by those running the L.A. Times. Keep your eye on this. Best, Don Bauder

Don, outside of a few folks like yourself who delve into these complicated financial corruption topics because you actually do get in there and do the hard-core digging, most journalists seem to like to much more shallow, less controversial hit pieces. Who funds extended investigative pieces and sticks to the story no matter which side of the political aisle is skewered? Not major news outlets here in San Diego. that is for sure.

Wabbitsd: First, San Diego has never been a location conducive to investigative reporting. The journalist who wants to step on important toes in San Diego encounters roadblocks getting the story, and then more roadblocks trying to get the truth into the local media. Best, Don Bauder

Let's not forget that LA has its own utility scandal, one that has been running for a couple decades. The LA Department of Water and Power is deeply corrupt, and none of the "strong" mayors there has done much to make it right. So, the LA Times has plenty on its utility scandal plate already. I'm not saying that the Times could not do a better job with this Edison/San Onofre mess, but the really local scandal there is the LA DWP.

Visduh: The last I looked, San Diego's water authority was in good shape in its suit against the LA water department. I wrote about it some time ago but should pick it up again. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder Except that SDCWA's lawsuit is against MWD, nor DWP. Phase 2 ended 2 months ago and the ruling will determine the amount of damages the SDCWA should be awarded as a result of MWD’s breach of its contractual obligation to set legal rates. It will also determine whether or not MWD miscalculates SDCWA's legal entitlement to a percentage of MWD’s available water supplies. The ruling is expected this week.

Yeah, except where he lives in La Canada Flintridge is not in a gated community. So you can feel free to go see him and have a chat with him.

danfogel: Except that he is not talking to the press. Best, Don Bauder

danfogel: I thought my sin was cynicism, not sarcasm. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder Uh, no. I was referring to my own comment as being sarcasm: "So you can feel free to go see him and have a chat with him."

danfogel: Once again, I missed your sarcasm. Oh dear... Best, Don Bauder

If you can get past his bodyguards.

Visduh: I wonder if the taxpayers and ratepayers are paying for Peevey's protectors. Best, Don Bauder

I highly doubt Peevey has bodyguards unless he higher them himself.

danfogel: Well, in a sense, the staff of the CPUC served as Peevey's bodyguards while he was in charge -- that is, they knew that what he was doing was against CPUC rules, but they protected him. The investigations should not stop with Peevey. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder Well, yes you could say that. But that is not what was being commented on.

Don, Have you read the decision? I haven't read it but the media descriptions of the decision last fall said the utilities cover the San Onofre costs after the date of the shutdown and the ratepayers cover the cost of the power purchased to replace what would have been generated by San Onofre. How should it be structured so that it is fair?

Sheckie: In my judgment, the utility shareholders should pick up the entire cost. The shutdown was caused by management blunders. Shareholders should pick up such costs. I realize that will never happen. The best we can hope for is shareholders picking up a much larger part of the cost than was outlined in the decision. Best, Don Bauder

Jeannie Presler: Wow! I know it is the largest nuclear cleanup job, but I didn't know potential costs are that high. Best, Don Bauder

Don - I think that TURN is trying to do some "damage control" in order to keep their CPUC income stream from being stopped, by just playing along with the CPUC by providing some "poor me" press!

TURN knew about this back door "deal" and never said a word about it, choosing instead to be a party to the "phony settlement" in order to collect fees from the CPUC. Their Rep. Even spoke up during one of the CPUC meetings saying in so many words that TURN felt it was best for ratepayers to put this behind them... And now we all know what he really meant! Now TURN is the one wanting this to be put behind them...

TURN is no different than UCAN, both are shills collecting money from ratepayers in order to "protect them" from Utility abuse, when in fact both Organizations are helping the Utilities continue to ripoff ratepayers by playing along with both the CPUC and the Utilities.

Until Michael Aguirre & Serverson get paid for their efforts, you can be sure that this entire $5 Billion Debacle is not yet fairly settled.

TURN supported the settlement. Now, they claim that they only did so because they did not know the full details of the deal made in Warsaw? What a gravy train! Get on board!

Aguirre and Severson cannot be bought off. There is damaging data being covered up that will show the public safety was compromised. A loss of coolant event leading to a meltdown was prevented; the rest is about sticking it to ratepayers. The premature settlement hid the incriminating data and shifted a multi-billion dollar loss to ratepayers by avoiding a full judicial-style inquiry into whose fault it was that the replacement steam generator tubes were failing.

The skeletons are buried in the data being withheld by SCE that will prove lack of prudence and placing profits over public safety.

There is now a public outcry for release of that data and the issues surrounding the avoidance of relicensing hearings before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

This is what was "fixed" in Warsaw, Poland - shift the loss and hide the damaging data by premature settlement.

I told the PUC in May of 2014 at the public hearing that only production of the documents and depositions of the authors of the documents would create a record that would support a settlement. They hung their heads in shame. Who "ran the red light" must be decided before allocating loses. They all know this.

Diogenes: Yours are very wise statements. The premature settlement did hide the data. An objective study of who was to blame was underway. It was killed.

And yes, the only issue is not the ratepayers getting screwed. There are safety issues that must be addressed. Keep at it. Best, Don Bauder

CaptD: As I said above, this is definitely a bit of ass-covering by TURN. It claims it did not know about the secret Warsaw meeting. No doubt this assertion is being met by a great deal of cynicism.

Yes, TURN and UCAN feasted on intervenor fees, granted by the CPUC in gratitude for playing ball with the CPUC leaders, particularly Peevey.

Yes, Aguirre and Severson should get paid. They get the credit for bringing this all to the surface, and continuing to hammer away. Many remember Peevey shouting, telling Aguirre at a public meeting to shut up, he was not going to answer Aguirre's "Goddamned questions!"

The reason is that Aguirre announced at the meeting that he believed that the so-called compromise arose from a bunch of secret meetings with Edison in which Peevey and other CPUC officials participated. That set Peevey off, because it was true. The CPUC hates truth. Best, Don Bauder

The questions will continue because this is not just about shifting corporate losses to shareholders; this is about public safety. A Fukushima-style meltdown on the beaches of Southern California is what was being risked. There are several other lawfirms working to for the disclosure of the hidden data.

SCE will not release the data relating to the replacement steam generator tubes because it is "proprietary" and SCE is "too busy" decommissioning.

SCE potentially endangered 8 million people and the entire US economy. Chernobyl ended the Soviet Union. We already have Hanford threatening the Columbia River.

Diogenes: Good points. Do we know that the nuclear waste there now is being taken care of properly? Best, Don Bauder

In the interests of openness and full disclosure, I think Mr. Bauder should reveal all emails and correspondence with Mike Aguirre and Maria Severson.

For one, please point out in these articles that Aguirre is a former city attorney and mayoral candidate, not just "San Diego attorney." He's a politician who craves attention, and that ought to be addressed.

Reading this and many other Bauder articles, there's always a gratuitous mention of Aguirre (and often Severson, to boot). Sometimes, Bauder even throws in that Aguirre isn't getting paid. He never mentions that Aguirre wants to be mayor.

Quite possibly the reason this issue/situation with CPUC doesn't attract the media attention it deserves is that most reporters have tuned out Aguirre, though Bauder seems to be carrying water for him.

Yes, this is a significant issue bordering on scandal, and I'm sure Aguirre and Severson have done good work. The problem is every time I read an article in the Reader about it, it reads like a press release from their firm.

Petezanko - Your comment is just "silly" since you are asking that "Mr. Bauder should reveal all emails and correspondence with Mike Aguirre and Maria Severson" when the CPUC, SCE (and SDG&E) are doing everything they can to keep the operational records of Unit 2 and Unit 3 secret, which is nothing more than SCE thumbing their noses at all the ratepayers of southern California who are going to get stuck with the $5 Billion bill for the San Onofre Debacle. As it turns out Aguirre and Severson are just about the only ones "doing good work" so why should they not get a "tip of the hat" by Don Bauder?

The operational records will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that SCE was operating Unit 3 over its "redline" in an unauthorized "experiment" as an attempt to reduce the number of vibrational signals coming from the device that monitored each of the steam generators and its 9,747 steam generator tubes that carried reactor core coolant; that is why the operational records are such a big deal.

BTW: The data that was given to the NRC by SCE, was used to establish the over "redline" calculations as mentioned above, but now SCE is saying that the NRC Accident Investigation Team data was incorrect; so I guess SCE wants us all take their word for it without having seeing the actual data logs...

Want more info, please Google #SanOnofreGate or input #sanonofregate into Tweeter's search box. This Twitter hashtag will allow you to keep up to date on all the articles relating to the ongoing investigation into the multi-billion $ SCE-CPUC ripoff.

CaptD: All the facts have not come out. We still need to know, for example, how the CPUC was able to stop an objective, required study of what happened at San Onofre. Best, Don Bauder

Don - The CPUC ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) Darling (who was choose by Peevey to hear the San Onofre case) simply choose not to allow ANY "discovery" into the reasonableness of how SCE handled the Replacement Steam Generator Project, an investigation required by State law since San Onofre Unit 2 and Unit 3 were off-line for more than 9 months, which is the time specified in the CPUC code that an investigation must be initiated. Her "opinion" kept Aguirre and Severson from asking SCE employees for data and testimony "on the record". She singlehandedly derailed the entire "investigation" and I predict that time will show that she played a pivotal role in the inner group that worked behind the scenes and off the record, to limit the scope of the investigation and/or promote the one sided Pro-Utility settlement. You have already written about her "conversations" with SCE officials, I believe that is just the tip of the iceberg, and now all of her emails should be released and analyzed.

Perhaps the next step is for Aguirre and Severson to officially request that Karen Clopton, the Chief ALJ to initiate an investigation into how the entire San Onofre Investigation was conducted, I am sure that will provide some much needed "daylight" being shed upon this in this $5 Billion ratepayer ripoff investigation, which has already had far too much back room dealings revealed to the public.

http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/PUC/aboutus/Divisions/ALJ+Division/clopton.htm Snip: Karen V. Clopton is the first African American Chief Administrative Law Judge for the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and manages the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Division, including over 40 judges. She served as the CPUC’s Interim General Counsel from March 1, 2014 until February 28, 2015 managing over 70 attorneys and implementing best legal and human resource management practices; improving accountability, timeliness, efficiency, continuing legal education, and ethical considerations. The Board of Trustees for the State Bar of California appointed Chief Judge Clopton on January 28, 2015 to the Commission on the Rules of Professional Conduct to assist in reviewing and revising the ethical code of conduct for California attorneys for submission to the California Supreme Court in 2017.

CaptD: This is an excellent suggestion. Administrative Law Judge Darling must be examined under oath for her role in this shockingly dishonest story. Perhaps Karen Clopton can be the one to initiate such an examination. Best, Don Bauder

petezanko: Obviously, I disagree. Aguirre and Severson are not getting the credit they deserve in the U-T. That's because the U-T engineered a completely dishonest hate campaign against Aguirre when he was city attorney. In doing so, the U-T was carrying water for the corporate welfare crowd. It is still doing so. The U-T doesn't want to sound like it is doing a mea culpa for past baldface lying.

This issue is "BORDERING on scandal?" Come now. it is a horrible scandal that should put some people behind bars, but probably won't. Best, Don Bauder


How does one get to be Mayor of San Diego after losing so badly last time by attacking the CPUC? Do you really believe that Aguirre and Severson crave minor publicity in the Reader so badly that they would work tirelessly for years on a case with a very low probability of success?

Maybe your crystal ball is cracked.

If you understood what is at stake is billions of dollars and public safety, maybe you could appreciate what is being done by not only Aguirre and Severson, but thousands of others on your behalf. If you think that you are safe and not being bilked by public utilities, you are living in a dream world.

Look what happened at Fukushima. Look at Enron.

Mindreading can be annoying. Do you have facts that SONGS was safe or that the settlement was fair? Attacking Aguirre is not an argument that is persuasive. If you have some facts, I would like to hear them.

Diogenes: There are still a lot of people who were swayed by the U-T's hate propaganda when Aguirre was city attorney. I don't know whether this applies to petezanko or not. There are also a lot of shills for the corporate welfare crowd. I don't know if this applies to petezanko. Best, Don Bauder


There are some who are brain-washed; others are paid shills. It is hard to tell which are which.

I can state to a very high degree of certainty that you are not engineering a rerun of Michael Aguirre for Mayor.

Michael Aguirre uses the press very effectively in some of his causes. I would not see this as seeking personal attention. That is part of the job of advocacy. Some people do not like him because he is so smart. Rather than arguing with him on the facts, they attack him personally, often behind his back.

Aguirre told us to get ready for a major drought two years ago, for example. He helped the City avoid bankruptcy with the pension mess. He nailed tbe crooks at the PUC. I have known him since 1987. I am always impressed with his abilities and performance. I told him this a few months ago and he was actually embarrassed. So I do not see him as an ego maniac.

Diogenes - I heard Michael Aguirre speak at the last CPUC meeting held in San Diego where he was not only eloquent but after calling out all those that were using their speakers time to recite SDG&E PR material, he praised the many hard working and honest employees of the CPUC and asked them to help him call out those at the CPUC that have taken advantage of ratepayers by making a mockery of the CPUC. Hopefully some employees of the CPUC will step forward and do just that.

CaptD: I haven't come across many hard-working and honest employees of the CPUC, but I have only dealt with a limited number of them. Best, Don Bauder

Diogenes: I can hardly imagine anything less likely than a Michael Aguirre for Mayor campaign. Look how he did in the last two elections. Unfortunately, San Diegans are very easily swayed by media (particularly U-T) smears.

The mainstream media (particularly the U-T) are beholden to the corporate welfare mendicants. We have a word for that: "kept." Best, Don Bauder

Don - I think you will be very interested in this story about the CPUC, since it provides more insight into the wide spread "problem" of CPUC Officials, (and as we now know, their Staff and even CPUC Judges) having improper relationships with those they "regulate," which is just another way to say that the CPUC is a State Regulatory Body "run amuck":

Former Top CPUC Director "Disgusted" by Behavior of Leadership http://www.nbcbayarea.com/investigations/Former-Top-CPUC-Director-Disgusted-by-Behavior-of-Leadership-309634001.html

Snip: Emails between former president Michael Peevey, CPUC staffers and top PG&E leaders have exposed what insiders have called a potentially unethical business relationship. Peevey walked out of the CPUC under a cloud of controversy and PG&E fired three top executives. The state’s Attorney General and the United States Attorney are now investigating. In an email from February 2011, now former PG&E executive Brian Cherry asked for a private meeting “one on one” with Clark at a time when the commission was considering a multi-million dollar penalty against the utility for a fatal pipeline explosion in Rancho Cordova in 2008. Clark said the request was “absolutely improper.” “My message was I don’t meet with utility reps one on one,” he said. “I’m not negotiating.”

CaptD: The information provided by Clark is one more shocking episode in a whole series of ethically repugnant actions by the CPUC under Peevey and perhaps under its current president, Michael Picker.

Peevey's constant concern about Wall Street's response raises some important questions: who on the CPUC staff holds or held stock in the three publicly-held utilities (PG&E, Edison, Sempra) -- and are they held in secret offshore caches? Best, Don Bauder

Don - RE: "who on the CPUC staff holds or held stock in the three publicly-held utilities (PG&E, Edison, Sempra) -- and are they held in secret offshore caches?"

I think the stock accounts of the families (of all those you mentioned) should also be examined, since their accounts would be the "safest" place for insiders to acquire stocks that would benefit from their "insider trading," while allowing them to deny that they held the stock themselves! I bet the SEC has forensic auditors that could spot these and many other "tricks" should it be required during the investigation.

CaptD: However, an examination of CPUC top officials' real (not reported) stock holdings is not possible now because of offshore institutions' secrecy. Best, Don Bauder

You claim "The state’s Attorney General and the United States Attorney are now investigating." Is that so? To date, we've heard nothing about Kamala doing anything about this. And after all, she's running for the US senate, and has bigger things to do than prosecuting wrongdoing. So, if those agencies are truly investigating this, can you provide the references to reports or admissions or claims?

Visduh: I have never believed that the AG would actually investigate Peevey. She is running for the U.S. Senate, and needs Jerry Brown's support. Brown and Peevey have been buddies for decades. However, officially, the AG is looking into CPUC corruption.

Federal investigators do have a probe going. Whether it will dig into the CPUC/Edison corruption is still a question. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder If you want to know whether or not the CPUC/Edison corruption will be truly investigated, by anyone, try looking up PG&E and Hinkley, Ca.. Not the Hollywood BS version from the Julia Roberts movie, but the actual true non-fiction story. The state, thru or with the PUC were complicit in allowing, if not aiding PG&E thru their inaction, in contaminating the ground water, killing several and sickening hundreds. Then, after looking at the true story, tell me again whether there is any question in your mind . As I said on another thread, the PUC has been allowing the utilities to get away with murder, literally, for my entire lifetime, almost 60 yrs. I see absolutely no signs of it stopping anytime soon, if at all.

danfogel: I suspect you are right, although there were periods when Wall Street was contemptuous of California's consumer-oriented regulation. Best, Don Bauder

Don - It is not even April Fools Day yet but asking the CPUC to CYA for SCE (and SDG&E) is N☢ JOKE. What is the real joke here is that if the CPUC does not let the deal stand then the CPUC itself will also take a huge hit, since they are completely entwined with the Utilities they are supposed to Regulate, instead of being impartial as the law requires! "San Onofre Gate" is starting to get bigger by the day.

Utilities: Let San Onofre deal stand

Edison, SDG&E, say $4.7 billion pact is in the public interest



CaptD: Yes, Edison and SDG&E want that wholly-biased and fraudulently-constructed commission vote on the rape of the ratepayer to remain in force. San Diegans should scream at SDG&E. Best, Don Bauder

Don - Most San Diegans don't even realize that SDG&E is a 20% Owner of San Onofre but you can be sure that both SDG&E and its parent Sempra are doing every thing they can to use their considerable influence to limit, if not stifle, any discussion about this $5 Billion Debacle in the MSM, hoping that all their local San Diego ratepayers are mislead into thinking that since this is happening far away from San Diego, there is nothing they can do about it, since it does not affect them!

CaptD: I have been disappointed that San Diego ratepayers, fleeced for many years, have not risen up and demanded reform.

Consistently, SDG&E has the highest rates in the nation. But because power is not used that much in the San Diego climate, people seem apathetic. I hope I am wrong. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder When it comes to the PUC and the utilities, not just electric but all of them, for decades the vast majority of those in San Diego don't care enough to even reach the level of apathy.

danfogel: You may be right on that. I sure hope not. Those apathetic San Diegans' pockets are being picked for big bucks. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder I've yet to see signs to the contrary.

danfogel: True. There are very few signs of a rebellion among the raped ratepayers. Best, Don Bauder

This conversation continues with the latest updates on #SanOnofreGate*


  • The new hashtag that will allow you to keep up to date on the ongoing investigation into the multi-billion $ SCE-CPUC ripoff.

CaptD: Keep after 'em. Best, Don Bauder

Yes, we all need to keep after them.

I cannot imagine what these so-called "leaders of industry" are thinking, unless they are thinking that they will be dead and gone when the polar ice caps have melted, and all our cities that were on the ocean have been submerged, so that it doesn't really matter. To them.

A society that does not think about the future and plan for the future--has no future.

We cannot allow these walking piles of corporate stink to simply ruin our world.

If they do not have the vision of contributing in a way that allows civilization to continue, they should not be in a decision-making capacity.

Otherwise, we can look upon them as the lemmings that encourage all other lemmings to run toward the cliff and fall. (For quibblers, I am aware that more recent lemming research points to the traditional view of lemmings as being simplistic and not wholly accurate...I refer to the traditional story as a literary device).

I don't read the U-T. I was not swayed by the U-T propaganda machine or whatever you're talking about. What I'm swayed by, Mr. Bauder, is your little crush on Aguirre. Why would you assume I'm on the old U-T's side of things? What does the U-T have to do with anything? The problem here is not the U-T, it's your embrace of Aguirre without full disclosure about who exactly he is and the positions he holds and has held. Mr. Bauder, instead of responding with "Yeah, maybe I should mention that he used to be city attorney, ran for mayor and has made lots of influential enemies over the years," you responded with the implication that I'm some sort of plant for CPUC or a dolt who was swayed by the "mainstream media." No, Mr. Bauder, I am not a dolt, just a reader. Likewise, you're not a reporter, just a polemicist.

How dare you?

Mr. Bauder,

I was laid off by the NCT just before they were bought by the U-T. Your rants about the mainstream media are music to my ears even as they fall deaf to them. Mostly, they're just rants, the sad outlet for sad old reporters.

Firstly, you didn't answer the breadth of my accusation, which was that you're Aguirre's spokesperson, thus I will conclude that the substance of my accusation is true. You carry water for a fringe politician, and veil it poorly.

Secondly, the insult you hurled my way by suggesting that I was a product of a U-T smear campaign is the type of insult I can only answer with, "You're a shitty writer and a sucky journalist." Which you are.

So f^^k you, and move back to San Diego so I can say that to your face.

But before all that, own up to your Aguirre love. It was a "smear campaign," obviously. And San Diegans only listen to the U-T, obviously. And you're relevant, obviously.

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