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  • Control

If you’re a Gen Xer as I am, chances are your life has been greatly influenced by Ian Curtis. Control is a film directed by photographer-turned-filmmaker Anton Corbijn. He brilliantly depicts troubled life, rise to fame, and death of the man behind Joy Division. If you’re a fan of the band you’ll love the film. If not, the film stands good on its own.

I often daydream of fun things I’ll do when I retire, and then Sexy Beast comes to mind. Imagine your life as a gangster is behind you and you’re able to hang up your guns and live it up: a villa in Spain, great weather, sipping wine by the pool. All that comes to a screeching halt and turns to unimaginable nightmare when Don Logan (played by Ben Kingsley) shows up.

  • Sexy Beast (England), 2000, Twentieth Century Fox
  • Available on VUDU and Google Play

— Mike Von der Kret, cofounder of the Standard Print;

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