Get a passport to increase your fishing chances

It's been a bit slow on the bite for the local fleet while adjusting to their clientele with no passports. Not to say they aren't trying — it's their bread and butter to put folks on the fish.

June 7 dock totals

12 bluefin tuna were caught aboard the Pacific Queen 1.5 day trip carrying 35 anglers.

The Condor 1.5 day trip with 18 anglers aboard returned to the dock with 5 bluefin tuna in the hold.

12 anglers aboard the Fisherman III 3/4 day run boated 6 bonito, 25 rockfish and 3 yellowtail.

6 anglers aboard Joanna on a 3/4 day run caught 45 rockfish.

21 anglers aboard the Legend 2 day trip had to make do with only 1 bluefin tuna, 1 yellowfin tuna and 2 bonito.

Out on a 1.5 day run with 21 anglers aboard, the Ocean Odyssey called in 15 yellowtail and 1 yellowfin tuna as the total catch.

9 bluefin tuna were caught aboard the Producer 1.5 day trip with 23 anglers aboard.

7 bluefin tuna and 1 yellowtail were caught from the Top Gun 80 out on a 2.5 day trip with 24 anglers aboard.

15 anglers aboard the Malihini 3/4 day run boated 22 bocaccio, 83 rockfish and 5 calico bass.

The Premier 1/2 day morning run with 37 anglers aboard returned to the dock with 2 sculpin, 3 lingcod and 40 rockfish in the sacks, while their pm 1/2 day run with 41 anglers at the rail reported 1 calico bass, 6 sculpin, 1 lingcod, 1 halibut and 80 rockfish caught.

El Capitan, with 18 anglers aboard for a 1.5 day trip, returned to the dock with 18 bluefin tuna in the hold.

42 rockfish, 2 sculpin and 11 sanddab were caught aboard Daily Double 1/2 day am run by 19 anglers. Their afternoon run with 31 anglers aboard returned to the dock with 1 sculpin and 62 rockfish.

17 anglers aboard the Pacific Voyager 3 day trip boated 24 bluefin tuna, 5 bonito, 9 yellowtail and 6 yellowfin tuna.

Only 1 yellowtail for the 25 anglers aboard the Aztec overnight trip.

The Dominator 2 day run with 12 anglers at the rail reported 2 yellowfin tuna and 17 yellowtail caught.

37 anglers aboard the Sea Watch 1/2 day am run released 61 undersized calico bass while sacking up 11 larger calicos along with 31 rockfish.

33 anglers aboard the New Seaforth 1/2 day am run hauled in 150 rockfish and 1 yellowtail. Their afternoon 1/2 day run with 78 anglers elbow to elbow reported 1 barracuda, 6 rockfish 1 yellowtail, 1 lingcod and 124 calico bass caught, 103 of which were released. Out a third time for their twilight trip with 19 anglers at the rail called in 47 rockfish, 1 whitefish and 1 sculpin.

6 anglers aboard El Gato Dos on a 3/4 day run to the kelp boated 11 rockfish, 1 lingcod, 23 calico bass and 2 sheephead. 21 of the calico bass were released.

1 yellowtail was caught aboard the Outer Limits overnight carrying 20 anglers.

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