San Diego Planned Parenthood addresses fetal organ controversy through updated board game

"Get 'em while they're young."

It takes a very $teady hand…
  • It takes a very $teady hand…

Kate Bradshaw, President of Planned Parenthood San Diego, is angry. "Everybody knows that if a woman wants to donate her kidney to someone who needs a kidney, she is free to do that. It's a praiseworthy thing to do. And if she wants to donate her fetus's kidney, she's free to do that, too. The fetus isn't exactly her, but it's definitely hers — her property, to dispose of as she wishes in accordance with the law. But try telling that to the nimrods who released that video of [Planned Parenthood senior director of medical services Deborah] Nucatola."

Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts

By the Center for Medical Progress

By the Center for Medical Progress

Bradshaw is referring to the video released by the Center for Medical Progress, which shows Nucatola discussing the harvesting of fetal organs, and also the money associated with those organs. The video has stirred considerable upset, and has even led to an investigation by Congressional Republicans. But Bradshaw isn't backing down. Instead, she and her Executive Board have responded by creating a new board game, Abortion, based on the popular Operation game owned by Hasbro.

"A lot of the problem with that video comes from the fact that we're not controlling the narrative. Nothing Nucatola said was false or problematic in and of itself. Yes, we harvest fetal organs, which is totally legal. Yes, we charge administrative and transport fees for those organs, which is totally legal. Yes, the successful harvesting of fetal organs requires our medical staff to take certain precautions while extracting fetal tissue during an abortion, which, again, is totally legal. But because the other side was telling the story — breaking the news, as it were — we came out looking like the bad guys. They can't get it through their heads that if it's legal, it's right, and that's the end of it. So, they make all these misleading appeals to sentiment, trying to stir the outrage pot. And I'll admit it: they played this one well. They made it clear that we need to step up our game in the ongoing battle to protect a woman's reproductive freedom, and also to further the invaluable medical research that's being made possible through fetal tissue donation. So that's what we're doing."

Bradshaw continued, "Not many people know this, but the original Operation game was developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Health. It was part of an effort to acclimate children to the idea of surgery in particular, and hospitals in general. In the early part of the 20th Century, there was still a lot of suspicion surrounding hospitals. People saw them as places full of disease and danger, where you were just as likely to get worse as you were to get better. That kind of blinkered prejudice can be hard to eradicate in a grownup, but kids are a different story. Simply put, making surgery into a game removed much of the fear and negativity surrounding it. And making the children themselves the agents in the procedure was equally crucial. When the time came to go under the knife themselves, they were able to identify with the surgeons. This made them feel like active participants in their own health care. Really, it was brilliant.

The life it saves could be someone else's.

The life it saves could be someone else's.

"So we're doing the same thing here. Kids who play Abortion won't be horrified by the money attached to the exchange of fetal organs, because they will have been playing at it themselves for years. And they will be better equipped than their parents to understand the notion that a harvested leg-bone is valuable, not simply for the cash it provides through administration and transport fees, but also for its potential benefit to humanity. We're really proud of the game; we think it's going to help."

Abortion will be provided free to day-care facilities and libraries nationwide, but will also retail for $25, said Bradshaw, and should be available by Christmas.

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"we came out looking like the bad guys. They can't get it through their heads that if it's legal, it's right, and that's the end of it" - Kate Bradshaw, Planned Parenthood of San Diego.

Maybe you look like the bad guys because you are the bad guys?

Laws can in fact be immmoral and that is exactly what makes this so "wrong". Killing pre-born babies and selling their body parts is a heinous crime, a crime that is illegal under federal statute.

Ms. Bradshaw needs to be reminded of a time when Fugitive Slave Laws made "lawful" that which was unlawful - the taking of a human life - and forbid as "unlawful" that which is right - the rescue of the unborn child". Quote from Richard Exley, author pastor.

We believe that a congressional investigation is exactly what is needed here.

If we listen to Kate Bradshaw, she attempts to turn evil into something that will be acceptable to children. How disgusting is that? Who would want to teach our children that it is okay that pre-born babies can be torn apart and sold by "mothers"? This is beyond belief !

Ms. Bradshaw rationalizes to herself that selling baby parts is an acceptable practice because pre-born baby organs may save lives? How awful is it to kill pre-born babies so that their organs and limbs can be sold?

People have been deceived into believing that fetuses were just "globs of cells without feelings". Babies cry out from the pain and anguish Ms. Bradshaw. It takes a monster to do such evil.

Ms. Bradshaw no doubt earns a high income salary for using deceptive words to cover up evil. It is high time that a Congressional Investigation be conducted into the practices of Planned Parenthood and the entire abortion industry.

Cats and dogs receive better treatment!

Shame on you Ms. Bradshaw, President of San Diego's Planned Parenthood.

Using organs, limbs, and cells from unborn fetuses provides benefits on many levels. This is and should be legal. These are unborn fetuses, they have been aborted, they are not alive...again, NOT ALIVE.

Hhps60 and some of his/her friends are seriously confused. Abortions are legal, you are in the minority, not just with US citizens but citizens the world over. HHPS60 states "How awful is it to kill pre-born babies so that their organs and limbs can be sold?"....really? This is the best statement you can come up with...ridiculous, people are definitely not having abortions so they can sell organs and limbs...this is preposterous.

Lets not waste more taxpayers $'s on criminal investigations for conspiracy's that do not exist, as suggested. It's time to let go and accept a ruling made 40+ years ago, that again, is accepted the world over. A ruling that Americans have deemed moral. I'm not sure the motivation to do otherwise, except perhaps religion (we should also try to keep separate church and state) or individuals with a perceived moral superiority, but neither appear to have survived this topic or have a place in politics, these people are like little chihuahuas that keeping nipping at your ankles, very annoying.

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