Disappointed with the Reader as a whole

Overtly Belittling

Walter Mencken’s July 17, 2015 article regarding Del Mar’s opening day is sexist and degrading to women, with no purpose but to objectify and criticize those featured in the photograph.

While the objectification of women is all too normal in today’s society, I find the criteria Mr. Mencken used for his overtly belittling and disgusting article particularly disturbing. The women featured in the photo are described with the language one would only use to describe the horses racing. I understand that the pageantry is simply part of the Del Mar Races, but when an article solely objectifies women and contains absolutely no substance I believe a line is severely crossed.

San Diego is a progressive community and the San Diego Reader is an asset to the people of San Diego. To say the least, I am strongly disappointed and insulted by this article, and the Reader as a whole. I hope you will take the appropriate action by removing this piece and reprimanding Mr. Mencken accordingly.

  • Emily Hearton
  • Chula Vista

Move ASAP? Love to!

This is in reply to Don Glessing’s letter titled “Move ASAP,” from the July 17 issue.

I know, Mr. Glessing, the truth hurts, doesn’t it? But the truth shall set you free. And the truth is, San Diego is a sunshine and lollipop backwater.

No, Mr. Glessing, I wasn’t bored in Chicago, New York, or San Francisco. But then, they are real cities, with great amenities, unlike this sad burg. No, let me take that back. San Diego has football, fire pits, and fish tacos. So, all is not lost.

As for your juvenile term, “asshole,” as long as you are living here, there will always be one in San Diego.

  • Rico G.
  • via voicemail

Never Be the Same

Great article in April 23 issue (“You Love Me Now, but Will You When I’m Four?”).

I still can’t write very well. Pair of pits who attacked me were not taken out of state as Animal Control had [led] me to believe. They are now in L.A.! I’m going after the property owner who knew of ongoing repeated problems. Animal Control nice, but enabling to property owner who rents to endless persons on probation, drug dealers, etc.

I’m 71. Will never be the same again.

  • S.H.
  • via snail mail

The Right to Write

I see you’ve received more letters from former inhabitants of psychiatric wards defending pit bulls. I have to make a snap diagnosis. Obviously, these persons need help.

If a citizen goes around, waving a revolver in public, we would immediately take action to stop him or commit him. In the case of pit bull owners, we allow them to write letters to the Reader praising pit bulls. And sometimes turning their dogs loose on passersby.

  • Name Withheld
  • via voicemail

One Critic’s Pick

A “critic’s pick” rating from one David Dixon (who?) can’t carry nearly the same weight as the same rating from your esteemed theatre critic, Jeff Smith. So, please give the rookie theater reviewer(s) another rating scale to use.

I’m a Jeff Smith review-trusting reader only.

  • Name withheld
  • via snail mail

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Ms. Hearton, What was I thinking? It's not like the good people at Del Mar are using pretty girls in stripper heels to sell their horse races.

Or using open-mouthed hotties and flirtatious taglines like "Another Hot Summer."

My bad. Cheers, Walter

Somebody get her some water...for that buuuuuuuurn.

Not exactly contrite, Mr. Snippy, but you are observant. Good you ran these ads to prove your point.

Aw, you're right. I should be sweet. But I did include an ad with the original story.

Emily Hearton - So I guess we won't be seeing you at next year's Opening Day?

God, I love it when people carp about how San Diego isn't a "real city", that we aren't into sports enough, that things are so much better somewhere else. But... why are they still here, trying to convince us? Or are they trying to convince themselves?

San Diego is an AWESOME city. It's the only place in California I would consider living in. This is the only place with enough pluses to make putting up with the California-Sacramaneto-San Francisco insanity worth it. Lots of states I'd far rather live in, but none of them have San Diego.

I highly encourage those who are unhappy to go. Why suffer? Why help to clog up the roads and push up housing prices? Go, fly, be free! Let us dolts stay here and wallow in our misery!

Dear Emily Hearton, it is misandristic comments like yours that perpetuates the distrust between the sexes. Look at the article for what it is: Women wearing big hats, lots of make up, and very tight clothing. These women are play acting; they are seeking attention. Like any actor or famous person, they will be subject to ridicule as well as praise.

But to imply that this commentary, for better or worse, applies to all women is absurd. It applies to women who wear big hats, lots of make up and tight clothing. Some people are just exhibitionists and as such, they can handle the complements along with the mockery.

Every time a reader of The Reader complains about Walter Mencken in here, I picture a God unmercifully killing a kitten somewhere in a heaven that never existed in the World of H.L. Satirists are apparently very under-appreciated on this planet. No wonder H.L. was famous in Baltimore, that had to have been hell enough for one self-described non-believer. But he could write a little.

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