Nuke storage by the sea

Aguirre equates Southern California Edison to "drunken frat boys"

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
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Concerns over nuclear waste generated by the now-defunct San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station expressed by environmental activists for years took another turn in the spotlight on Monday (July 20), as local activist attorney Mike Aguirre called attention to what he terms "SCUD," or Southern California Uranium Dump.

Today, July 21, county supervisors are considering a $1.6 million agreement with San Onofre operator Southern California Edison to provide offsite emergency planning in the event of an on-site catastrophe. The specter for such an event looms as long as spent nuclear fuel, which remains highly volatile for millions of years, remains stored at the former power-generating facility.

Concerns about the San Onofre site as a long-term waste-storage site include several nearby earthquake faults. Experts have called for the fuel to be stored in dry casks after an initial five years' cooling-off period in open pools of water, which Edison officials say they'll do. Still, the casks are only expected to safely contain radioactive waste for about 25 years, though no long-term waste-storage facility exists and, even if one were cleared for construction immediately, it could be decades before waste is ready to leave the seaside locale near a public beach and within a potential evacuation zone that could displace millions of residents in a worst-case scenario.

“It is ludicrous that the same company that created the disaster by skirting safety rules is now responsible for the cleanup," decried Aguirre in a release Monday afternoon. "They have behaved like drunken frat boys, leaving a mess on the beach for the adults to clean up. Can we really trust them to do it properly?"

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Uranium dump by the sea.... the electricity came and went, but the spent fuel rods will sit in a tsunami zone waiting to be innudated by rising sea levels.

There are no places to safely move the spent fuel rods to.

Aguirre once again proves that he is a great attorney and a fearless fighter. San Diego had a great City Attorney. Look at what replaced him.

Diogenes - Yes, San Diego is now being RUN by the Wealthy who control both the Media and City Hall. Without the San Diego Reader we would be subjected to non-stop Corp. $ponsored Propaganda.

Imagine seeing Headlines like these in the UT, the Voice of San Diego or on the TV News:

GO (Away) Chargers

$DG&E Raises Rates Again On The Poor

Small Water Users Rates Go Up Yet Big Water Users Rates Go Down

City Tells Developers Enough Is Enough, No More Density

Mayor, City & Council To Turn Over All Emails

Are they out of their minds? If the County Supervisors have anything to do with this madness we should recall then tar and feather them. 1.6 million for disaster planning of an on site emergency? Such a disaster would and the damage to our beloved county uncalculated billions of dollars.

Oh hell no.

Has anyone attempted to calculate the true cost of the once-promoted cheap Nuclear energy? I'll bet the cost of the energy produced plus the 25 years of shut down of SONGS and the forever storage of nuclear waste will result in an incredible Kwh rate.

The SD Board of Supervisors voted to accept the "Planning" money but also added wording that made it very clear that they did not want any Nuclear Waste in San Diego County.

They and they Staff will work to formulate a plan to get the Waste relocated away from the beach and out of the County ASAP.

Salute to Supervisors Diane Jacobs and Dave Roberts for being very Vocal on the issue and really listening to all those that spoke against the $5 Billion debacle what has happened at San Onofre!

#SanOnofreGate The new hashtag that will allow you to keep up to date on the ongoing investigation into the multi-billion $ SCE-CPUC ripoff.

More background Info: http://m.sandiegoreader.com/news/2015/jul/20/ticker-voice-reason-union-tribune-san-onofre/#c189165

While the debacle at San Onofre is very important I would like to see some focus on the other SDGE ripoff currently in the works. There latest request for a rate increase approved by the CPUC seeks to punish conservation by charging higher rates for low power users and residential solar customers. Just a few years ago SDGE was busy installing "Smart Meters" at ratepayer expense and saying that electricity should be more costly during the day to encourage conservation. Now we are told that those that have conserved are the problem. Who were the big users that lobbied SDGE for the rate reductions? Were there any? Perhaps there should just be one rate for all users, the more you use the more you pay. Meanwhile there have been no brownouts/blackouts since San Onofre was mothballed due to increased residential solar and conservation.

Dennis - I agree 100%

This is yet another move to make residential Solar "less" of a good deal since it further extends the Solar payback period.

BTW: Have you noticed the Anti-Solar articles being done by Voice of San Diego that seek to convince their readership that it is far better to buy your Solar energy from your Utility... I bet you can figure out who is behind that train of thought.

Big Utilities are using their considerable political clout to remove all solar incentives for Residential Solar while keeping the Utility Solar incentives, yet another sign that Big Utilities are scared of Residential Solar, since it offers a pathway toward "Energy Freedom" (once the Solar investment is repaid).

Residential Solar also offers its Owners the option to use their generated Energy for electric vehicles (eVehicles), which then eliminates having to pay for diesel or gasoline at the pump which includes large amounts of taxes. As an example, you can now buy a number of electric motorcycles that have a top speed over 80 mph, only cost about a penny a mile to operate and can be driven on the highway over 150 miles between charges! http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/motorcycles/ Larger eVehicles will also provide some Energy Storage options that were unheard of just a few years ago, since Energy Storage technology is now just beginning to become commonplace and it will also help revolutionize how ratepayers manage the energy they generate themselves.


We purchased our Solar system in 2006 and never looked back. After we saw what the Enron debacle did to electricity rates we determined that we would not be held hostage to their constant rate hikes. Since installing our system our electricity costs have averaged about $60 per year and we typically generate excess power during the year. The first 2-3 years SDGE paid us nothing for the excess power and now only about 3.4 cents for KWH while charging non solar users 24 cents kwh. So much for the theory that solar is being subsidized by other ratepayers.

Ask and you shall receive:

There are a few others, but yes, we are watching this one closely as well...

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