Hillary's $335,000 Qualcomm speech

Company paid Clinton more than Bernie Sanders's recent net worth

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Freebeacon.com has reported that just one of Hillary Clinton's speeches last year provided her with more money than the total net worth of her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, in 2013.

The numbers: Hillary got $335,000 for the speech. Sanders's net worth two years ago: $330,507.

Hillary gave the speech for San Diego–based Qualcomm, according to freebeacon.com. Qualcomm has also given generously to the Clinton Foundation, the publication reports. I asked Qualcomm about the speech but got no reply.

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Don't expect any reply; then you won't be disappointed.

Visduh: I asked for a reply Friday. It is mid-day Saturday and I haven't received one. Yes, I don't expect one.

Incidentally, Matt Potter posted an item about Hillary's $335,000 speech at Qualcomm last May. I must have forgotten it. It is excellent. I think this one can stay up because it has the comparison with Sanders's 2013 net worth, which is less than Hillary got for one speech. Best, Don

Hillary rakes in the bucks, talks a proletarian game and literally lassos the unruly press at public events to keep journalists far far away. The woman is totally corporate.

monaghan: No argument from me on that. It's true of her husband, too, and was true while he was president. Best, Don Bauder

How many children's surgeries would that buy...?

ggpark1: That's the question that should be posed to all billionaires. Best, Don Bauder

My worst presidential election: Bush / Clinton.

AlexClarke: A Bush/Clinton race -- quite possible -- would smack of a monarchy, not a democracy. Best, Don Bauder

I heard that speech. It was totally unremarkable. BTW, it was given to Clinton's personal account, not campaign. I would consider that as an advance bribe by Qualcomm in case she ever became president.

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