Tame Impala's new Currents

Australian psych-rockers squeeze fresh juice from synths

Psych-rockers' latest is retro but remarkably modern, relevant.
  • Psych-rockers' latest is retro but remarkably modern, relevant.

Back with John Lennon-esque vocals and dreamy, psychedelic overtones, Tame Impala returns with their third LP, Currents.

The Australian natives have a knack for creating music that is both retro and remarkably modern and relevant. A hefty hand on the synthesizers along with Kevin Parker’s spellbinding vocals dominate the album, making Currents feel like a trance.

"'Cause I'm a Man"

...off of Tame Impala's latest, <em>Currents</em>

...off of Tame Impala's latest, Currents

Ringing true is “Let it Happen.” Its an inspirational nightmare that contains Tame Impala’s paraphernalia of hypnotic grooves that twist and turn the listener’s psyche, driven by retreating vocals and cosmic bridges that fill the eight-minute adventure. A bit heavier is “Eventually,” as it kicks in, guns loaded, along with spacious thump-bass that almost becomes gangster. “Past Lives” takes you into space with robotic commentaries and euphoric instrumentals. Even more juicy, "’Cause I’m A Man,” rubs you the right way with a smooth, aphrodisiac appeal.

Tame Impala seems to have grown more confident on this release. As a whole, the album grooves a bit more than its predecessors — where Lonerism had a dirtier rock-feel, Currents owns a slightly fuller sound. Still, heavy reverb and phasing remains present, recapturing the psych-rock sound that makes Tame Impala irresistible.

  • Record: Currents
  • Artist: Tame Impala
  • Label: Interscope
  • Songs: (1) “Let It Happen” (2) “Nangs” (3) “The Moment” (4) “Yes I’m Changing” (5) “Eventually” (6) “Gossip” (7) “The Less I Know the Better” (8) “Past Life” (9) “Disciples” (10) “‘Cause I’m a Man” (11) “Reality in Motion” (12) “Love/Paranoia” (13) “New Person, Same Old Mistakes”

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