The age of quasi-ironic movie remakes

Hollywood’s equivalent of an Instagram filter

What year is it, anyway?
  • What year is it, anyway?

Dear Hipster:

Look at your local movie theater and coming attractions. Terminator!? Jurassic Park!? Mad Max!? Star Wars!? What year is it? What does this all mean, and why am I so excited?

— Danny

It means you’re getting old, Danny. You remember some kick-ass action movies, and it thrills you to relive your childhood all over again. Go with it. You’re still enough of an action-movie-loving kid that you probably got all choked up when they played the OG theme music in Jurassic World. I’m not judging. This is either every hipster’s cinematic dream — vintage thrills touched with the hoary blue and beta-carotene orange of 21st-century color grading, which is Hollywood’s equivalent of an Instagram filter — or novel ideas are being abandoned in favor of quasi-ironic remakes in the manner of, “Wouldn’t it be funny to make another Terminator movie, except Arnold’s really old?!” Either way, it’s a great time to be a hipster at the cinema.

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