You wish we'd shut up, Peevey

Attorney general seeks documents from Edison executive, CPUC official

Michael Peevey
  • Michael Peevey

On June 5, the attorney general's office demanded documents from the California Public Utilities Commission related to the so-called settlement when it was decided that ratepayers would pick up the tab for more than $3 billion of the decommissioning costs of the San Onofre nuclear plant.

The AG's office seeks "any and all records from January 31, 2012 until January 31, 2015, involving the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station closure settlement agreement, the 2013 meeting between Stephen Pickett and Michael Peevey in Poland," and other matters, including those related to the squelching of the required investigation of what happened to force the closure of San Onofre.

Stephen Pickett

Stephen Pickett

Mike Florio

Mike Florio

Melanie Darling

Melanie Darling

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The AG's office wants emails and other communications of Ted Craver, chief executive of Edison International; Ron Litzinger, former president of Southern California Edison; Stephen Pickett, who was at the secret meeting with Peevey in Poland; Peevey; Mike Florio, commissioner who handled the matter until he was abruptly removed from the case, and Melanie Darling, the CPUC administrative law judge who was handling the matter.

The demand for information on Darling could be quite significant.

In May of 2014, San Diego attorney Mike Aguirre said at a public CPUC meeting that the settlement taking money from ratepayers was a result of secret meetings between CPUC commissioners and Edison executives. Peevey blew up, told Aguirre to "Shut up! Shut up!" and said he would not answer Aguirre's "goddamned questions." It has since come out that there were, indeed, secret, unreported meetings between commission officials and Edison executives on the very issues that were recommended in the settlement and later affirmed by vote of the commissioners.

Some in the media, including the Reader, have opined that the attorney general's office was not serious in its investigation, because attorney general Kamala Harris is running for U.S. Senate and doesn't want to upset governor Jerry Brown. These search warrants may or may not suggest otherwise.

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There is cause for optimism that the Atty Gen will act on the results of this investigation. As you have pointed out, in No Cal, this scandal is bigger news than here and LA. We might be heartened to know that the FBI is looking into it also. It is unlikely that both of these agencies will just drop the whole thing, and hope for it to go away. But, I've been surprised before, and could be again. Just not this time, I pray!

Visduh: I hope this is good news -- an indication the AG will really investigate this. But, of course, it could be a head fake to make the public think the AG is on it. As for the federal government investigation, I have heard nothing recently, other than that it is still going on.

It is clear to any intelligent person that the corruption at the CPUC is rancid. Its officials have committed worse crimes than private sector crooks that get sentenced to prison. If this investigation is dropped, or simply evanesces, people have a right to be very bitter, and to vote out legislators who let this happen. Best, Don Bauder

as I noted long ago, they had lots of time to hide/destroy/fabricate records up to now.

Murphyjunk: Yes, but look at all the emails that have already surfaced. They conclusively prove that the CPUC is corrupt -- engaging in illegal practices to boost the utilities and screw the consumers. Best, Don Bauder

I'll give odds on the fake. But see if any heads actually roll. I'll give odds that they won't.

Y'all are all right. And logical too.

Twister: Even if law enforcement and the courts prove unable to do anything about CPUC/utility corruption -- as has been true in the past -- at least the CPUC's internal corruption is there for the public to see. It will be a very long time before these three utilities -- Edison, SDG&E, PG&E -- will be able to convince people that they are truly public-minded, as utilities are supposed to be. Best, Don Bauder

Don - This request for documents should be expanded to SDG&E since they as 20% owners of San Onofre had to be "IN" on any settlement discussion/agreement. It is my belief that they used a process known as a "daisy chain*" to communicate in order that no one person would be forced to admit that they had been talking to all the key players.

CaptD: Yes, SDG&E should be included in any document search. Just recently, the company said it believes the CPUC's San Onofre decision should stand. After all the deceit and corruption that is out in the open, this tells you all you need to know about SDG&E. Best, Don Bauder

Don - Another key issue is why has Melanie Darling's boss Karen Clopton, Chief ALJ of the CPUC (https://shar.es/1qQoHH) not started her own internal investigation into all the mistakes that were made in the State mandated investigation into the "reasonableness" of the San Onofre Replacement Steam Generator Project, in which Melanie Darling refused to allow "discovery" thereby halting the entire investigation!

CaptD: The illegal killing of the investigation is one of the most important parts of this San Onofre trail of corruption. It should be investigated thoroughly. The NRC should play a role in that. Best, Don Bauder

CaptD, Ms. Clopton probably has not seen her own name in print in any media linking her to this mess. She has a somewhat distinguished background, and if she does not step in, she appears to the public as an outsider who has spent a lot of time talking about ethics and "corporate governance," but not willing to step up and do anything about it. They both should be doing a lot of talking about their roles in this mess.

Wabbitsd - Agreed, she and SDG&E are both "laying low" trying to not get their names involved in the public's demand for a much wider investigation into what I call San Onofre Gate*; but I believe that time will show that they both are not only already involved but they failed the public trust by not speaking out when they first learned of the illegal behavior of both their CPUC colleagues and their counterparts at the Utilities, who the CPUC is charged with regulating!

  • SanOnofreGate The new twitter hashtag that will allow you to keep up to date on the ongoing investigation into the multi-billion $ SCE-CPUC ripoff.

CaptD: Yes, she and other ALJs are hiding in the bushes, praying. Best, Don Bauder

Don - I heard from a trusted source that Ms. Clopton is "cooperating" with the Investigation, which I call San Onofre Gate ( #SanOnofreGate ) which I believe is causing major changes in the CPUC as well as the way they have been conducting business with any true oversight!

Also, when SDG&E gets added to the corruption investigation I bet we will begin to see employees of SCE, SDG&E and even the CPUC start talking in trade for being exempt from prosecution; then the axes will begin to fall, despite all the high priced lawyers...

Wabbitsd: Amen. The CPUC was thoroughly corrupt for the 12 years Peevey headed it. Administrative law judges greased the skids for that era of corruption. They should be investigated. Best, Don Bauder

Hope they are dumb enough to sue you for libel.

Twister: Since the CPUC is under state and federal criminal investigation, and is a governmental body, I doubt a libel suit would be very wise. Best, Don Bauder

The whole San Onfre affair was rigged by Edison/Sempra and Peevey. Personally i hope Feds go after Peevey and the others with a RICO suit.

rshimizu12: I don't know that it would be RICO charges, but some criminal charges have to come out of this. Will they? They won't if the investigators really don't want to pursue this case to its conclusion, and are just stalling. And that's possible. Maybe probable. Best, Don Bauder

Don - You might be very interested to learn that Pomerantz LLP is now involved in San Onofre Gate:

Edison sued over secret Poland talks Shareholder says company erred in not disclosing



The lawsuit filed Monday at the U.S. District Court in San Diego alleges that Craver and Scilacci were personally motivated to make false statements and omit information about the settlement from Edison’s earlier financial reports in order to benefit from the sale of Edison stock in their own portfolios.

Days after the settlement proposal was announced in March 2014, Craver exercised stock options worth at least $5.6 million and Executive Vice President James Scilacci took home $3.7 million, according to federal filings by Edison.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a representative shareholder, Harold Eng, by the New York-based securities law firm Pomerantz LLP, with offices in Beverly Hills. Attorneys handling the lawsuit did not respond to emails or phone calls.

(Web address http://pomerantzlawfirm.com/ added for clarity)

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