Monsters and swingers

The Monster Squad
  • The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad is Goonies meets every Universal Monster movie, and it doesn’t apologize for how it deals with it. It’s a combination of the macabre and the genre of kids getting shit done, with a splash of “fuck it.” It parodies slasher flicks and proposes, “What if?”

Swingers is the epitome of indie filmmaking. The filmmakers and actors set up scenes where they didn’t have permission but shot anyway. It was a shoot first, ask-for-forgiveness later production, and it made me do the same on the no-budget/low-budget projects I worked on. I felt an excitement that “I could do that too” when I watched that movie. And I felt a kindred spirit to it when I would write.

— Dominic Valiente, Independent filmmaker/teacher,

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