Less Anna and Hans, more Anna and Elsa

Spurned on V-day

Mr. Hipster:

My girlfriend spent a significant portion of Valentine’s Day with one of her friends. She said it was important to show some solidarity for a single girlfriend, and that it should be more of a “love holiday” anyways, and I guess she loves her friend. I had stuff to do during the day, but it still kind of bugged me that she abandoned me to the wilds of my apartment. Should I be pissed off over this total Hallmark holiday or should I just let it go?

— Hector

Do I have to make a Frozen reference to convince you here? Do I? Please don’t make me. I don’t want to. I just got the damn song out of my head after 14 months.

Aaaaand now it’s too late. Thanks. I hope I’ve made my point.

Equilibrium trailer

In all fairness, I may not be the one to ask here. I celebrated Valentine’s Day as I usually do, with a celebratory listening of Loveless and an ironic viewing of underappreciated, Fahrenheit 451–inspired, Matrix-clone, Equilibrium; in which emotions (including love!) have been outlawed in favor of Christian Bale’s stone-faced killing ability. I like to call it, “The best Hong Kong–style gun fu movie ever written and directed by an American, and shot in Germany.” Pro tip: the gun kata sequences make for a refreshing shot of old-school fight choreography, a perfect antidote for anyone who got lost in the high-speed CGI hijinks of Jupiter Ascending.

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