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Re: Diary of a Diva, “GroundFrog Day,” February 12 — Shouldn’t it have been: “that she croakcheted the night before”? ;-)

  • W. Kang
  • Austin, Texas

Stop for a Cold One

Kudos to Els Hekkenberg for highlighting the delights of the town of Leuven in Flemish-speaking Belgium (also known as Lovain in French). Stunning architecture, easily walkable, and only a 30-minute train ride directly from the Brussels airport. When visiting Belgium, of course don’t miss Brussels, Ghent, and Brugges, but for a twist add Leuven to your itinerary.

For those into the beer culture, though, there was one tiny oversight in the article. While craft beers are fine and all that, it would be sinful for anyone to visit Leuven without stopping in at the Stella Artois flagship brewery. You can smell the aroma from a kilometer away, so you might as well tour the facility and drink a cold one. Bottoms up!

  • Karl Lawson
  • Oxnard, CA

Give Us Back Our Movie Times

I’m calling to support the guy from La Mesa who wrote about you guys no longer publishing movie times (Letters, February 5). I don’t know why you guys did that. Not everyone wants to do everything online these days. We pick up your magazine because we want to read articles on paper. We also want to see movie times!

Are you guys trying to make room for more advertisements or something? I tell you what: I’m not going to go online to your site for movie times. If I’m looking to see what’s going on in San Diego, whether it’s food, or culture, or art, or music, movies — what was it, like half a page? Put the movie times back in, for Christ’s sake! It really doesn’t make any sense. I’m not going to go online for showtimes; I want to read it in the paper. I wonder how many other people support being able to look at movie times on paper somewhere.

Considering that you put all this other stuff going on in San Diego on paper, give us back our movie times! It’s the least you can do. It’s half a page — come on!

Otherwise, in your paper, I think you guys could use more syndicated columns like Savage Love and Free Will Astrology ­— things like that, instead of all the breast augmentation and plastic surgery ads. If you could maybe devote a page to syndicated columns and the movie times, that would be great. Otherwise, no comment.

  • Name Withheld
  • via voicemail

The Johnny Knoxville of the Vegan Community

I’m writing to express my sincere thanks for your Blog Diego article titled “Vegan in the Steakhouse.” Man, what a conversation starter! My friends and I have been obsessing for a full week over this piece.

This author is quite a find for your publication. I mean, who on earth goes into a great steak house like Donovan’s armed with gift cards, homemade tofu sour cream, and fake butter, and orders steamed vegetables? She’s a complete kook! The Johnny Knoxville of the vegan community.

She initially earned my attention from her repeated use of the word servant in reference to her wait staff. Excerpt from the article: “I raved to the servant that my potato was really good with my tofu sour cream!” Servant? Seriously? Yes, she was serious; she was not attempting to be funny or ironic. LOL! Unbelievable.

So, I immediately posted a link to your site on Facebook, and the hilarity ensued. Many of your readers may not realize this, but vegans already have quite a reputation for being incredibly picky, fussy, demanding, and annoying dining partners. This was the focus of over 50 posts. One of my favorites: “How do you know you are sitting down to eat with a vegan? They’ve already told you five times.” And “Did you know vegans don’t have a word for ‘menu’?”

Initially I was puzzled by the posts from my friends who are vegetarians. I expected admonishment for the miles and miles of anti-author diatribes (“Leave her alone, just because she’s a vegan doesn’t mean she’s some lonely cat lady!”). But I received none. In fact, the vegetarians piled on. And hard! They made sure to describe the hard line that separates their tribe from that “annoying vegan” community. (Suggestion for an article: Does the SD social hierarchy resemble the food chain?)

In the end we all agreed on one thing. There is one quote that proved to us all beyond a shadow of a doubt that the author is, in fact, a complete douche nozzle: “I was impressed that a fat girl sitting behind me had ordered the same exact lunch.” What a disgusting and disgraceful thing to say!

This author may be a horrible person but she’s a highly amusing author. We give her an A+.

  • Unrepentant Carnivore and Former Servant,
  • Chris Comorat
  • Encinitas

The Nouveau Rich

Regarding the January 8 cover story, “Thank You, Matthew McConaughey,” about that character who made the sunglasses and became a multimillionaire, and all those goodies.

Not to take away from him, or his efforts, or his success, but now that he has become a success, he doesn’t want to talk to the smaller people who have suggestions, or may have the next multimillionaire suggestion for his company. There are people I know whom are very versatile, very eloquent, and very smart in what they do. They don’t have ulterior motives other than to get a few dollars for themselves for the sale.

I feel that these knockaround people — Adam Moyer, in particular — have gotten to a place where their heads are big and their egos are bigger, and now they would much rather sit around acting like the nouveau rich — the new guys on the block sitting around with their dark glasses on, playing pinball. They don’t have a clue as to what real life might be.

  • Harold
  • National City

Unresolved Real Estate

Your news team reported that all the legal issues were resolved with the mobile home park (“City to Retake De Anza Cove Real Estate,” News Ticker). This is far from the truth.

If you go to, you will see that there is still an open legal part of the park not resolved for residents to move out and get proper compensation. The city of San Diego has the case on stay and it is not resolved. They are hiding this from the public for some reason. Thought your news reporters would like to update the story.

  • Name Withheld
  • via email

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